Chapter 99: Team 2 Will Follow Up on West Gate’s Case (Part two)

Wu Gang was just going to say “it’s fine”, but who would have thought that Xu Cheng would walk forward into Li Dazhuang’s face and say to him with no room for negotiation, “I’m the one telling you to apologize to him.”

The colleagues beside Li Dazhuang felt like these words were so familiar.
Wait a second, wasn’t this basically the scene where Li Dazhuang wanted to force Xu Cheng to apologize to Ran Jing, and then Xu Cheng asked Ran Jing if she needed his apology, and Li Dazhuang still tried to make him apologize?

It was just that, their roles seemed to have changed.

Li Dazhuang lifted his eyebrows and looked at Xu Cheng. “Who are you? Are you representing him? You should ask him if he’s letting you in the first place.”

“I’m his boss,” Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes and said to Li Dazhuang, “We are a team, so remember, you offending him is offending me. This should be a harmonious society here, there’s no need to make it unpleasant for everyone.”

Then, Xu Cheng patted Wu Gang on the shoulder, and then he headed towards the place that was handing out food.

The way he protected his subordinates shocked everyone around, and it also gave Li Chao and the rest of Team 2 a strange and subtle feeling.

How should they put it?

This new team captain was pretty domineering!

On the second floor on the fenced deck seats, an old policeman was leaning by the fence and looking at the scene below. He curiously asked, “This guy looks quite fresh, is he new?”

His colleague eating beside him nodded. “That’s the guy that killed Gate Master Yan.”

The policeman lifted his brows. “I think he won’t have a good time if he’s this reckless and impulsive.”

The guy eating also smiled. “Yeah, newcomers should follow the rules after they get to a new area. Him just suddenly taking down North Gate broke many teams’ plans. He basically snatched the bone that the other teams had been eyeing for years. I heard that when he was still a patrol officer, he also offended a bunch of young masters. The police force’s connection with the business world became a little stiff and awkward after that, so there are still a lot of people that don’t like him.”

The police officer by the fence sneered. “Let’s bet on whether he’s going to get dragged down by Team 2, or he will bring great change to Team 2.”

The guy eating immediately agreed. “Sure, and I heard a rumor that some people want to make things difficult for the guy.”

“Oh? Tell me.”

“It’s temporarily confidential, but it will be revealed later today at the department meeting.”

After eating, Xu Cheng was told by other officers in the hall to go to a department meeting.

When he came to the meeting room, he saw Ran Jing sitting inside and faintly smiling at him. “I saw you bringing your team to lunch today, looks like you are doing pretty well.”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “Just like in the army, you just need to overawe their hearts first.”

During the two’s conversation, the other team captains arrived one after another. Besides Ran Jing, all the other captains were males, and then Ran Jing shot Xu Cheng a prideful smile.

When the deputy department director came with his stack of documents, he first introduced Xu Cheng to everyone.

“This is Xu Cheng who will be in charge of Team 2 from now on. We will all be working together from now on.“

Other than Ran Jing, Xu Cheng shook hands with the other eight captains. For the first encounter, everyone was pretty nice and greeted Xu Cheng with smiles.

After that, the director said very straightforwardly, “So today, I will mention a few points. Ran Jing, temporarily put your team on hold for the West Gate case, and fully focus on the East Gate’s port’s smuggling case.”

Originally in a good mood, Ran Jing’s face suddenly changed as she looked up at the supervisor, “Deputy Department Director, whether it’s West Gate or East Gate, I’ve been on those cases for more than six months now. Wouldn’t it be counterproductive to suddenly drop it?”

The higher-up’s face didn’t change as he said, “Because of what happened to North Gate, the other three Gates are particularly vigilant, so it will be a lot harder for you to reach a breakthrough when splitting your resources on both cases. So, I want to get a new group to get on the West Gate case.”

Ran Jing was a bit unhappy, but after all, the deputy department director was her higher up, so she unwillingly asked, “Which group do you want to follow this case?”

Deputy Director: “How about this, let Team 2’s Captain Xu take over for now.”

Ran Jing: “No! Sir, his identity is still too sensitive right now. At this time, if he were to be on any case related to the three Gates, those people may be setting traps up to get rid of him. You must remember he was the one that plucked up North Gate by himself, so right now the other three Gates are probably wishing for him to walk right into their traps!”

Before, Ran Jing didn’t want Xu Cheng to touch the three Gates’ cases because of this reason. Right now, all three Gates were probably hoping for Xu Cheng to go after them again so they could set him up or toy with him.

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