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[HTK] Ayyy only a little bit over 2 hours and 34 minutes late

Last regular chapter of last week.

HTK Chapter 233.1

HTK Chapter 233.2

[HTK] Second one this week

Wooooooooo we gonna do all 3~

HTK Chapter 232.1

HTK Chapter 232.2

[HTK] First regular this week

HTK Chapter 231.1

HTK Chapter 231.2

[HTK] Last Chapter this Week

Ayyy we made it on time

HTK Chapter 230.1

HTK Chapter 230.2

[HTK] Second Regular for this week

Last one coming tomorrow.

HTK Chapter 229.1

HTK Chapter 229.2

[HTK] Here comes this week’s regular chapters

This week’s first regular chapter. The others will be released tomorrow and the day after.

HTK Chapter 228.1

HTK Chapter 228.2

[HTK] Oops sorry for the delay

This is the third regular chapter from last week.

HTK Chapter 227.1

HTK Chapter 227.2

[HTK] Second Regular of the week

And one more regular for this week before bonus chapters.

HTK Chapter 226.1

HTK Chapter 226.2

[HTK] Happy Boxing day, the true Holiday

This is the first regular chapter of the week wooooooo~~~~

HTK Chapter 225.1

HTK Chapter 225.2

[HTK] Oboi another bonus chapter?

This is the second one of our HTK bonus chapters from our 2 weeks off done.

HTK Chapter 224.1

HTK Chapter 224.2

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