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[HTK] some more chapters

Here’s 2 more chapters

HTK 124

HTK 125

[HTK] 120

Regular chapter for the day.

HTK 120

[HTK] exams sux

Finally some more HTK chapters

Unfortunately, I have an exam this weekend, so the next HTK chapters will have to come either at the end of the weekend or next week.

HTK Chapter 112

HTK Chapter 113

[HTK] Chapter finally came out

yey finally sum HTK

HTK 110

[HTK] yey one more

one more chapter to celebrate the new year

HTK 109

[HTK] happy new years

woo its a new year

HTK Chapter 108

[GDN][HTK] odank we posted a day late

coz we took a 4 hr nap, so i guess we’re not sleping tonite

GDN Chapter 207

HTK Chapter 101

[HTK] finally a chapter

woo cucumber strips finally stopped being lazy and translated an HTK chapter, so here it is

HTK Chapter 99

[HTK] Oops I did it again

I made you believe we’re more than just friends, oh baby. – this is the lyrics of the song black bean sauce has been forcing me to listen to. Anyways,¬†sorry for not being able to edit this chapter today, was busying at the gym getting those gains with black bean sauce

HTK Chapter 92 Unedited

[HTK] Chapter 89, Chapter 90 Unedited

Here is the promised 2 chapters today, but unfortunately I don’t have time to finish editing chapter 90 (will edit that and chapter 88 ASAP)

HTK Chapter 89

HTK Chapter 90 Unedited

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