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Black Knight – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Dark Night (II)

Wu Qi’s brows knit to a frown. He wondered, who the heck would bother him at this ungodly hour? Could it be An Yi? He walked to the door, wearing only a black tank and shorts.

“Who’s there?” he asked coldly behind the door.

“Would you like some services, Master?” A woman’s voice came from the other side of the door. The hoarse voice was deliberately raised to a higher pitch to sound feminine.

Wu Qi pondered for a second. The eyes of the children that were hiding in abandoned cars came to his mind. He turned the doorknob and opened the door ajar. A cold wind came through the door, and the woman’s slender arms were trying their hardest to push the door open even wider.

A ghastly-looking woman came to his sight. Her hungry, worn-down body from years of hardship was all skin and bones, there weren’t many fleshy parts left. Her tanned skin was not smooth but rather coarse. The white shirt that she never washed was now dirtied into a grey color. Her deep, sunken eyes were like two pebbles under a murky pond.

She tried to lengthen her neck and stick out her generous bosom. Her slender fingers played over her chest to make herself seem more desirable.

“Can I help you?” Wu Qi appeared indifferent. Ruorong, who took care of him, came to his mind when he saw this woman. The difference between them was night and day.

The woman was a little timid, but hunger forced her to be bold. She said, “Master, if you could spare me some food and water, I can stay with you for one night, or two, or three.”

“I don’t need it.” Wu Qi’s face was expressionless. There was no way he would let a dangerous human who came out of nowhere into his “den” and sleep with him.

The woman felt the coldness from Wu Qi. But as she looked past Wu Qi’s muscular body and saw the food and water on the table, her eyes instantly glowed, as if she caught the savior. She grabbed Wu Qi’s wrists and sank in his chest.

Wu Qi’s body was hard and powerful. Every inch of his muscles was honed and roughened from fighting for his own survival. The muscles on his body were perfectly chiseled with the force of life and unique wildness. If the woman’s body was a cold pile of mud, then Wu Qi’s body was a scorching fire. She fell to him but was getting burned in turn.

The warmth inside the room, Wu Qi’s body, and the tempting food all drove the woman to cling onto Wu Qi’s body like an octopus. She smashed the door closed and used all of her energy to press Wu Qi against the wall.

“Please, master. If you could spare me some food, then you can do whatever you want to me tonight. I can… do anything.”

In the darkness, the woman’s neck rested against Wu Qi’s shoulder, her mouth gently blew at his ear that tickled him. One hand grabbed Wu Qi’s arm and landed it on her butt, the other hand traveled to his stomach, then slowly sank into his shorts.

Wu Qi had never experienced something like this. But once the woman’s cold body touched his private parts, disgust was his first reaction.

“Get lost!” Wu Qi growled and shook the woman away. Perhaps his force was too strong, the woman shot back and hit the wall, then slowly slid down and knelt on the ground. The moonlight came through the window reflected off the woman’s face. Her eyes were wide open with fear.

Wu Qi looked at this beggar woman who tried to seduce him with nonchalance. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand what she was doing because Ruorong did not skip on sex education.

He just strongly disliked the woman’s scent, gestures, and gaze.

Dislike, but also a hint of empathy. The same empathy he felt when he saw the family of dead red foxes.

Wu Qi turned around silently. He took a box of food and half a bottle of water and placed it in front of the woman: “Take these and leave. I’m not a nice person. There will not be a second time.”

The woman stared at the food in shock. For a while, she didn’t grasp the meaning of that. When Wu Qi told her to leave again, she gathered the food and water and got up. Her eyes were filled with grateful tears. She kept on bowing and thanking him before finally leaving.

Wu Qi had no more drowsiness left after all that. He sat on the couch in the living room and closed his eyes. The hungry people lying on the streets, the children hiding in abandoned cars, the women who were willing to trade their bodies for a meager amount of food, the mercenaries who ruled the safe zone with armed force but also had to fight against mutated animals…

This was the current condition of human residence. It was like a broken rose that fell to the ground, trampled, and dirtied with filth.

Wu Qi was ready to go back to bed. He stroked July’s shaking head and tucked its furry body to his chest.

Suddenly, a loud bang came to his ear! Wu Qi got defensive right away. He shot up and took the leather-sheathed long blade that was leaning near the door within half a second. July was awake too, Wu Qi patted its cheek to keep it quiet.

Boom, boom, boom! Loud banging noises kept on coming from the door. With a screeching cracking sound, the lock on the door was broken in half, the door was kicked down, dust flying everywhere.

Then, four men holding knives in their hands came to the living room. The ringleader was about 1.7 meters tall, wearing an old cotton coat and ripped pants. His face had stubbles and menacing features, and he looked extremely rude and scary. The other members were an old man with grey hair and yellow teeth, a middle-aged man with only one eye, and a skinny man with a monkey-like face. They all held machetes in their hands. When they saw the food and water on the living room table, they were like robbers that saw buried treasures.

The ringleader’s eyes were glowing like a wolf. He kicked the bedroom door open with another loud crash. Two men went into the bedroom and flipped the blankets, but there was no one under there.

“Boss, we can’t find this guy!”

The ringleader shouted, “Impossible, that guy is definitely in this room. Find him and kill him, then we take away all the food!”

As the man spoke, he did not notice Wu Qi, who was creeping above the bedroom door like a gecko in the corner of the ceiling. He held the blade in his mouth and held his breath.

Wu Qi’s eyes flashed with an arc the color of moonlight. Then, he jumped down in complete silence with the long blade in his hand. At that instant, he turned into a beast ready to attack. He aimed at the neck of the ringleader and fiercely hacked towards it!

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  1. Maxim Kelchtermans

    An other stupid Mc He may be isolated and only 16 but he let an unkown woman get close to him and touch him everywhere. HE could have been killed doesn’t seem like someone who lived in the wilderness for 10 years. And he shares his food with her to come on. His he going to give food to every one. Might as well have gotten her services. And see what happened after wards he got sold out immediately but oh well he will learn from this and never make the same mistake again. 99.99 % he will do exactly the same thing again with some woman or little boy..

  2. ce

    thanks for translating this novel. the start was a bit slow, but now it starting to pick up and being fun.

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