Chapter 11:  Dark Night (III)

Swoosh! The sharp long blade sliced past the ringleader’s neck. Blood came gushing from his arteries as his head splattered to the ground. The blood also splashed onto the faces of the other three robbers, and they started waving their machetes in complete shock and fear. Little did they know, once Wu Qi’s foot touched the ground, they wouldn’t even get to see his movements in this dark room.

Enemies that trespassed his property must all suffer and die! The three-feet-long wavy blade sliced through the air then impaled the left chest of a person at a precise angle before pulling out, like a cheetah licking its teeth before attacking its next prey.

Two seconds later, all the robbers that were in his room were down on the ground, soaking in their blood. The cause of death was a weapon to the heart, except for the ringleader, who got his head chopped off. Their eyes no longer had the cruelness of robbers. Instead, they were coated with confusion and terror.

Wu Qi stood in among these bodies quietly. July’s agile body came from under the bed, holding a rag in its mouth. Wu Qi took over the rag and wiped away the blood on his long knife again and again until it was pristine.

Afterward, Wu Qi cleaned up the blood on the floor and dumped all the dead bodies downstairs. As those chunky or skinny bodies fell to the concrete floor, Wu Qi caught the sight of a woman’s curled-up dead body at the corner of the street.

An empty water bottle and an empty food container fell beside her. The grey shirt she wore was torn up. The beaten and scarred body exposed in the cold winds with no movements. Silent desperation was written all over her dry, sallow face.

She was no longer breathing.

Wu Qi silently looked at the woman’s dead body for a second, then returned to his room.

The next morning was cloudy. Downstairs at the building, a group of hungry civilians gathered around some dead bodies. Normally, they wouldn’t be surprised by some dead bodies on the streets, but today, they were utterly shocked by the three that were pierced through the heart and another that was decapitated.

Half the discipline-maintaining mercenary squad was there, including Zhou Qing, Old Kang, Big Yong, and Bing.

Clad in an old leather jacket and carrying a shotgun, An Yi hurried to the scene. The four squad members all looked at him.

“Captain…” Zhou Qing licked his dry lips and called to him like he just saw a ghost.

An Yi looked at the four bodies on the ground and recognized them. They were the douchebags that raped the woman in the alley and were scared off by his gun Colt King Cobra.

Then, he looked to the left and saw room 202 and the door that collapsed on the ground. He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “May I come in, Wu Qi?” asked An Yi. He knocked on the wall as he stood in front of room 202 with Zhou Qing.

Wu Qi’s gentle voice came from the inside. “Please.”

The two entered the living room. They saw Wu Qi sitting on the couch in a lotus position with his eyes closed. Sitting beside him, July the little red fox was quietly resting with its paws crossed. The strong odor of human blood hit their noses when they stepped inside. Zhou Qing frowned and pinched his nostrils with his thumb and index finger. An Yi pretended to cough, then put on a stern, interrogating demeanor.

“Wu Qi, are you responsible for those four dead bodies on the street?”

Wu Qi opened his eyes slowly. His shoulders did not tighten at all as he said carelessly, “They were the robbers that broke in and wanted to kill me, I had the right to kill them. Besides, these scumbags have done too much evil, I did everyone a favor by killing them.”

An Yi said, “I knew you were going to say that. But your actions have caused mass panic in the safe zone. In order to maintain social discipline in the safe zone, our mercenary squad is the one and only symbol of military force here. We would not allow the existence of any other powerful beings who are capable of violence!”

Then, An Yi’s right hand went to his waist and took out the Colt King Cobra. He turned the safe and aimed at Wu Qi’s head. The revolver’s body had smooth lines, its muzzle was pitch black. If An Yi gently pulled this trigger, a loud bang would come from the revolver, resulting in a crimson gunshot wound at Wu Qi’s temple.

But Wu Qi was not moved. He just kept staring at the area in front of him. The two of them were at an impasse. The longer it took, the longer An Yi seemed awkward because Wu Qi was not the least bit scared of his muzzle. A while later, Wu Qi turned his face around to examine An Yi and the revolver that was pointing at him.

“You wouldn’t pull the trigger because I don’t sense the killing intent from you. Tell me the real reason for your visit,” Wu Qi said quietly as if he knew everything.

An Yi was pissed and amused at the same time. His half-smiled and grunted before retrieving his treasured revolver. He made his assistant Zhou Qing very nervous, and now he could finally breathe in peace.

“It’s easy. Join our mercenary squad and be one of the people enforcing the laws,” An Yi said. It was why he brought Zhou Qing along because major decisions like this cannot be made alone.

“And you’d kill me if I don’t?” Wu Qi questioned.

“At least we can’t let you stay in the safe zone any longer,” Assistant Zhou Qing spoke for An Yi. His right hand was also placed on his holster. If Wu Qi were to cause trouble, then with his position behind An Yi, he could make a shot.

“Let me confirm again. If I join your squad of mercenaries, you will give me whatever you could, and all I need to do is to show up with you and fight when the mutated animals attack the safe zone?” Wu Qi said.

An Yi and Zhou Qing looked at each other. An Yi did not get what the first half of Wu Qi’s sentence was referring to, but the guy was smart enough to get what he meant. To that, An Yi was pleased.


“Then I have no reason to refuse.” Wu Qi answered. The way he said it made it seem like An Yi was inviting rather than forcing him to join their squad.

Then, Wu Qi extended his legs from the lotus position. He got up on his feet and faced An Yi, then pointed to Zhou Qing, who was standing behind An Yi.

“If so, Captain An, I need to discuss something with you. Please ask your assistant to step aside.”

Zhou Qing was a little riled up. An Yi gestured to Zhou Qing so he left quietly.

There were only two people in the room. Both Wu Qi and An Yi have eased up and sat back on the couch. An Yi also bounced his butt on the couch.

Wu Qi took out a piece of paper that was yellowed with age. A woman’s portrait was sketched on the paper. Her features and her expressions were pretty much the same as Ruorong’s. Although it was an old sketch, it still shocked An Yi. He had never met a woman with beautiful features like that. If the yellowed paper was changed to a snow white tone, then she would be as beautiful as a fairy.

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