Chapter 12: Revenge of the Wolf King (I)

 “You drew this? She’s as beautiful as celebrities during the civilized age,” An Yi praised.

“She had a pair of vivid blue eyes and soft, chestnut-colored hair. Very pretty. I lost touch with her three years ago after she left without saying goodbye. The whole reason I came to the human residence area is to find her.” Wu Qi’s childish face of sixteen years was tinged with vicissitude that did not belong with that age. He crossed his fingers and placed them under his chin. His black obsidian eyes twinkled, so whimsical and bright as if he saw the Ruorong in his memories.

The corners of An Yi’s lips turned upward. He chuckled and responded, “On a journey to find your beloved at such a tender age. How marveling.”

Wu Qi lifted his brows and said oddly: “She’s the big sister that took care of me growing up. She disappeared so I have to find her.”

“Oh, I see.” Separating from your family was nothing new in a chaotic world that just saw the dawn after darkness. An Yi also separated from his family, but now they were probably separated by life and death.

He understood Wu Qi’s emotions.

“If she had ever came to the safe zone, please let me know where she went,” Wu Qi pled.

“Of course, I will ask my teammates, who are now your brothers, to ask the civilians in the safe zone. A beautiful woman like that will surely make a long-lasting impression,” An Yi promised.

Time flew by quickly. When midnight came, the safe zone was once again covered in complete silence.

The crescent moon was high in the sky of shimmering stars. At the base of the mountain two kilometers north of the safe zone, the moon reflected on a stream that ran quietly. Pebbles that were polished and smoothed by the running water were at the bottom and the side of the stream, shrubs grew on the banks. Following the stream to the south was the road to leave the mountains, into a deserted wilderness, and even further to the south was the safe zone where humans lived.

Right now, a giant monster stood on a huge rock. It looked up to the moon and howled. The muscles on its paws were strong and muscular, its wolf claws were the length of a human’s fingers, its greyish brown fur was thick as could be, its tail was extremely large, and its height and width were twice the size of an average wild wolf. Following its howl, the bushes on the stream bank moved surreptitiously. One by one, dreadwolves came out from both sides of the stream. Within ten minutes, thirty middle-sized dreadwolves were standing on the bank. They all surrounded and looked to the wolf king that stood on the rock.

The dreadwolf king twitched its sharp ears, its eerie green eyes reflected the moonlight. With its head held high, it smacked the rock and howled a commanding order to all the dreadwolves. A second later, all the dreadwolves started moving towards the south!

It was two in the morning. Under the command of the dreadwolf king, the pack of thirty wolves dashed through the lifeless wilderness. The moonlight was dim, the dark night was a natural veil for the pack of dreadwolves, helping them to advance to the safe zone’s outpost quietly.

A mercenary was standing as a sentry on the outpost. Under the pale yellow light from the oil lamp, he was carrying a shotgun in his arms, his hat covering half of his face to the tip of his nose. He was sound asleep. However, the pack of dreadwolves was already at the bottom of the iron door.

The dreadwolf king that led the pack crouched down a little. Then, the explosive force from the limbs of its much-stronger body helped it to jump over the iron door, allowing it to hook its two front paws onto the edge of the outpost tower. The light from the oil lamp shone on the dreadwolf king’s intelligent eyes. The sleeping mercenary was awakened by a loud noise, he shook his head and opened his eyes.

Suddenly, a human and a wolf were looking into each other’s eyes. The dreadwolf king raised its sharp paw and clawed at the mercenary’s horror-struck face.

Spash! Blood splattered everywhere. The mercenary’s lifeless body collapsed. He didn’t have time to jump up and attack, but his right hand reached to where the alarm bell button was at and hit the button in his fall.

The safe zone’s alarm bell was struck. It was a vintage alarm bell from the civilized age, and the piercing sound echoed through the streets near the mercenary team. Two minutes later, all members of the mercenary squad were fully uniformed and armed. They stood on the street in one team. Everyone except the sentry was there, including the captain, An Yi.

An Yi was livid. His eyes were still sleepy and droopy a few seconds ago. Anyone who was awakened from their sleep at two in the morning must have looked damned spacey. But, as the captain and as a genetically-enhanced human, his body condition was much better than his team members’, and he was able to enter a highly-alert state a lot faster.

He held his long Winchester shotgun in one hand and used the other hand to wave at all of his teammates. He screamed at the top of his lungs amid the screeching alarm bell.

“Big Yong and Bing will go to the town entrance via the streets on the east, Old Li and Old Kang will take the west. Zhou Qing, you go to residence district C and notify Wu Qi immediately. Everyone else comes with me, we head to the town entrance right now!”

“We’re in a crisis, we don’t know if it’s the attack from mutated beasts or something else. Everyone must be extra cautious!  If we survive this, we’ll meet up in the morning! Take care, let’s move!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Then, An Yi and two other mercenaries headed to the town entrance straight away. His genetically-enhanced body moved faster than his other two teammates. He was ten meters ahead of them within a short time. The town’s entrance was getting nearer, and under the hazy moonlight, he saw the iron door wasn’t opened.

All of a sudden, his teammate shouted from behind: “Cap, look out!”

An Yi reacted instantly. A gigantic silhouette jumped out from a small alley at the street corner, a pair of powerful front legs and a bloody mouth with sharp teeth leaped at him from the left. An Yi didn’t have time to hide, he only used his shotgun to brace against the attack. The stronger dreadwolf that overpowered humans landed its paws on An Yi’s arms and shoulders. It threw him back three steps or four, and his old boots dragged a dusty five-meter trail on the street.

He heard the continuous sound of shotguns firing behind him. An Yi glanced back at the corner of his eyes and saw his two teammates, as well as at least six atrocious dreadwolves dashing out from alleyways like they were the boss of these streets.

The pack of dreadwolves had entered the town’s inside!

“This was planned revenge! F**k y’all dreadwolves!” An Yi’s eyes were bloodshot, the capillaries in his eyeballs were about to burst.

So many dreadwolves have entered the inside of the safe zone, which meant they were able to freely attack any human in sight. Tonight, there was bound to be a bloodbath. All of this happened because of their negligence.

An Yi bit his lips so hard that they bled from the deep-seared wrath. Crimson blood dripped down from his lips, fires of fury raged in his heart. He yelled to the teammates that he saw as brothers:

“Brothers, we must survive this!”


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