Chapter 13: Revenge of the Wolf King (II)

 “Bang!” The shotgun roared. The dreadwolf rubbed its sharp claw against the brick pavement and howled ferociously. A gunfight between humans and dreadwolves had begun, the moon tonight was destined to be painted with blood.

On the other side of the town, Zhou Qing pressed his hand against his temple as he ran, trying his best to ignite his ability to sense danger. He sensed quite a few bone-chilling signals that came from different origins and purposely avoided them. He finally came to the downstairs of residence district C.

Zhou Qing looked at room 202. The teenager was standing outside the door, he wore black long-sleeves and pants on the inside and a brown coat made from beast skin. He carried a fully-packed travel bag and a long blade that reflected the moonlight in his right hand.

“Get down here, Wu Qi! We are in danger!” Zhou Qing yelled.

Wu Qi supported him on the handrails with one hand, jumped down from the second floor, and landed on the ground steadily. His nose twitched a little, then he quickly got down and lied his ear against the ground to detect the sounds.

“What are you doing, Wu Qi? Come with me to the town’s entrance via the streets. We don’t know what the situation is.” Zhou Qing urged.

“Every one of them weights about 130 to 150 kilograms. There are around thirty of them. One of them is bigger than the rest, over 200 kilograms. They are all moving on four legs, scattered around the east, west, northwest, and northeast. The north winds smell like them, I recognize this smell, I smelled it yesterday. Dreadwolves.”

Wu Qi shot up and quickly reported that information in one breath. Zhou Qing was flabbergasted.

“I have enhanced abilities to sense danger and I couldn’t even get those, how did you… Wait, you’re saying the dreadwolves have invaded the streets?!” Zhou Qing’s dumbfounded eyes were wide open.

“Exactly. Follow me if you want to keep the casualties at a minimum!” Wu Qi’s voice was like sunken ice in the ocean, completely emotionless. The way he reported the information about the data and directions of the intruders was like an experienced hunter detecting and analyzing everything mechanically.

His sixteen-year-old body had the robustness of a cheetah that sprinted with powerful energy. Zhou Qing took out his shotgun and followed Wu Qi behind, but he was ten meters behind within three breaths.

“So fast! I’ve lost some weight but I’m still a true mercenary. Why is his physical fitness so scary!” Zhou Qing was sweating as he followed. The tip of the iceberg that was Wu Qi’s ability continued to shock him.

In fact, that wasn’t even enough to be counted as the tip of an iceberg.

Soon enough, Wu Qi noticed Zhou Qing couldn’t keep up with him so he slowed down. Before Zhou Qing understood why Wu Qi slowed down his pace, he saw Wu Qi turning into an alleyway on the right.

Zhou Qing followed Wu Qi in those twists and turns and ran for a minute in the dark and damp alleyway. Along the way, Zhou Qing didn’t forget to use his abilities to sense those dangerous creatures around the area. What surprised him was Wu Qi’s path completely avoided those creatures that surrounded them.

When Wu Qi turned right again, a heart-wrenching cry came from the alleyway to Zhou Qing’s left, followed by a bone-chilling wolf howl. Zhou Qing’s face petrified and stopped his fleeting speed immediately.

Zhou Qing shouted to Wu Qi: “Stop! Some people are getting attacked by dreadwolves on the other side, we must help them, or else they’ll die!”

Wu Qi did not hesitate. He said emotionlessly: “It’s impossible for a few mercenaries and me to annihilate all the dreadwolves that invaded this town. These bastards are sneaky and they bully the weak but fear the strong. They’ll hide once they see hunters and hunt once they see prey. If we want to keep casualties to a minimum, we must kill their leader, it’s the only way.”

“But,” Zhou Qing’s forehead was dripping with sweat. He struggled, “just leave them there to die is too…”

Wu Qi was picking up his pace again and said: “You could go alone if you wish, but you going there alone could most likely mean death from attacked by a pack of dreadwolves.”

Wu Qi was about to disappear from Zhou Qing’s sight if he didn’t follow faster. Zhou Qing was left in a tough dilemma, but eventually, he clenched his teeth and chased after Wu Qi.

A moment later, they finally exited the alleyways and came to the wide streets. A tragic scene immediately met their eyes: the messy streets were filled with dead bodies of civilians and beggars that were torn-up by the dreadwolves. Some of them had missing limbs, just lying in a river of blood, emanating a repulsive smell. All of them died with their eyes wide open. Their expressions looked like they saw something even more terrifying than hell.

Zhou Qing’s stomach turned with disgust. He wanted to vomit. Albeit he was used to seeing dead bodies, that was the first time he saw a scene filled with dead bodies that were torn to pieces by dreadwolves. He saw two of the dead bodies that fell to the side of a streetlamp yesterday. A bone-skinny mother and a swarthy boy who didn’t have enough to eat but worked hard. He saw them at the town square during food rationing. After the last time they fought off the attack from dreadwolves, he even helped them with his own portion of food.

But now, the boy’s stomach had a bloody gush that was slit by a dreadwolf. His mother protected her child with her weak arms, but her neck was broken from being bitten by a dreadwolf.

“Damn these sons of bitches, ugh!” Zhou Qing clenched his fists and screamed. Veins popped out from his arms and his head. He wished to have come here a few minutes earlier so he could kill the dreadwolf that attacked the mother and her son.

Wu Qi was also in this mountain of bloody bodies. A puddle of blood seeped beneath his crocodile leather boots, but the expression on his face stayed about the same. He had seen way too many dead bodies all over the mountains during his life of hunting and gathering. Humans were just another different species.

Even so, Wu Qi still felt bad. He held his breath and filtered out all the noise from his surroundings. He went deeply into a realm of wild senses that came from long term training.

The moment Wu Qi located the target, he sprung from the ground without any warning and landed on the second floor of a building. His long blade pointed at the windows on the balcony. The French window was still intact other than the five faint scratch marks on the window frames. Any other person wouldn’t even notice that under the dim light.

Suddenly, the hairs on Wu Qi’s body stood up. He jumped back out of instinct. At the same time, a huge silhouette jumped through the glass window on the balcony and its fierce paws aimed at Wu Qi’s neck! Both of them were in the air for a second. Wu Qi quickly defended himself with the long blade, the steel-hard wolf claws scratched against Wu Qi’s long blade, the screeching sound pierced through the ears. Both of them bounced off from the force and landed on the ground at the same time.

Zhou Qing was amazed by Wu Qi’s acute senses once again, but he was even more shocked by the intelligence of the huge dreadwolf that hid on the second floor, planning its sneak attack. The level of intelligence behind those wolf eyes was able to compete with that of a human. This was the leader of the wolf pack that invaded the safe zone tonight!

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