Chapter 14    Broken Bodies Everywhere (I)

“Die, b-----d!” Zhou Qing could not suppress his vindictive urges any further. He raised his shotgun and shot at the dreadwolf king. Forceful bullets that dissociated into pellets rained in the wolf king’s direction, but the wolf king moved to the right with incredible speed and avoided those pellets, then came back and jumped towards Zhou Qing.

Suddenly, Wu Qing’s body caught up with the speed of the dreadwolf king. He stopped in the path that the wolf king was bound to cross as it jumped at Zhou Qing. He blocked the wolf king’s attack with his long blade, and then he stepped back and swung the blade to draw an arc in the air, he aimed at the wolf king’s neck and quickly smacked down. The blade did not slice off the dreadwolf king’s head when it landed on its neck, instead, it was hindered for a split second by the thick coat of fur. And that split second was enough for the agile dreadwolf king to avoid most of the attack from the long blade.

Wu Qi missed his attack. The dreadwolf king had the chance to raise its strong front legs and aim at Wu Qi’s head from the top down. Wu Qi blocked it with his long blade, but he didn’t expect the muscles on the dreadwolf king’s shoulders and front legs to strengthen at that instant. The hill-like muscles peaked from its body, the snake-like tendons generated an explosive force that was three times more than their usual. The wolf king overpowered Wu Qi’s movements and opened its bloody, sharp teeth and bit at Wu Qi’s face!

A foul smell came from the bloody mouth. The dark night reflected in Wu Qi’s eyes, every muscle in his body was about to fire up with explosive energy. At that critical moment, a pair of arms surrounded Wu Qi’s torso. Zhou Qing used all his energy to pull Wu Qi off to his right, helping the “immobilized” Wu Qi to escape from the dreadwolf king’s bite that could’ve killed him.

Wu Qi was speechless as he fell to the ground. He roughly pried away Zhou Qing’s “life-saving hug,” his flexible body flipped up and got back on his feet.

However, even with Wu Qi aiming his long blade at the dreadwolf king, with at least two meters of social distancing between them, and with the scariness coming from him, they were still in a pickle. Because within the past few seconds, at least ten dreadwolves came over for backup. More than forty wolf paws smacked at the pavements from around the safe zone, more than twenty wolf eyes glowed with an eerie green light. It was as if they were in a dark forest, surrounded by a pack of wolves.

Zhou Qing fell to the ground hard. He rolled up and saw the dreadwolves surrounded them and immediately started to panic. His body was weak and soft from fear, and even as he clenched his fists with all his might, the fear coming from his heart was eating him away. Surrounded by a pack of dreadwolves with no reinforcements from their team, they were bound to die.

“Tsk.” Even the normally emotionless Wu Qi clicked his tongue. Sulky anger raised in his chest, then it was suppressed by the harsh orders of the hunter inside him.

He took a closer look at this dreadwolf king. It was humongified to over 100%, its level of intelligence became much higher with evolution, and it also had the superpower of muscle rampage. Two superpowers and more than ten dreadwolves as backup were enough to fully engage Wu Qi’s defense mechanisms.

After all, he learned one simple rule in the nine-year of hunting experience——the roles of hunter and prey were often exchanged within a few seconds.

A second later, the dreadwolf king howled at the sky before stepping back. Ten dreadwolves advanced from all directions and attacked at Zhou Qing and Wu Qi that were trapped in the center!

It was very difficult to decapitate the wolf king, not to mention that Wu Qi didn’t believe Zhou Qing wouldn’t get attacked to death after he advanced. Wu Qi waved his blade at a dreadwolf that came at him.

The long blade was held upwards, the bleak moonlight reflected off of the three-feet-long wavy iron. Wu Qi had the eyes of a calm, collected hunter that were filled with the intent to kill his prey. He jumped up, waved his blade, and sliced downward from the head!

Whoosh! A huge dreadwolf head was split in half. Hot wolf blood splattered on Wu Qi’s leather coat. His expression did not change as he watched other dreadwolves from the corners of his eyes.

“Bang! Bang!” At the same time, Zhou Qing was firing his shotgun behind him. Those dreadwolves kind of knew the shotgun in Zhou Qing’s hands had the ability to kill them, as well as the fatal flaw of needing to reload the bullets. After Zhou Qing shot a dreadwolf to death with two shots, four dreadwolves even organized a siege. Once Zhou Qing used up five bullets, they attacked him for real.

Zhou Qing reloaded as quickly as he could, but realized he was already too late. His ability to sense danger wasn’t much of a help compared to enhanced strength, defense, or agility. He prepared to die of a slow, painful death in desperation.

Just then, Wu Qi turned around and grabbed the clothes material on Zhou Qing’s left shoulder and dragged him behind. He swung around 180 degrees and sliced open the mouth of the four dreadwolves that attacked Zhou Qing!

The long blade that was already dirtied with wolf blood was dirtied even more. Four dead bodies fell to the ground. Wu Qi glanced at the other dreadwolves calmly. The savageness behind those black obsidian eyes somehow triggered fear in the hearts of those dreadwolves and they stopped advancing.

Zhou Qing was losing his head as he stood where Wu Qi was. He was so shocked that he stopped reloading his shotgun when he saw what was in front of his eyes. All the dreadwolves were dead from one fatal cut, and the cut was big enough to slice off their body parts. The scenery was just too…

Who exactly was this Wu Qi that An Yi brought in?

They were almost at an impasse. The dreadwolves on the outside did not continue with their attack, they only bared their teeth and glowered at Wu Qi, who was covered in wolf blood. Wu Qi’s nonchalant gaze was like a needle that pieced into their hearts. If their leader was not there, they probably would’ve run away already.

On the other side, a thunderstorm raged in the wolf king’s eyes. Its intelligence was telling it that the human holding a blade in his hand was neither food that wouldn’t fight back, nor a hunter that used shotguns to kill them. His scent, his gaze, he was more like a beast like them than a hunter.

But there was no way they would flee. There were thirty members of its pack, some may be dead, but they had what it took to fight!

“Owoooooo——!” The dreadwolf king howled again, summoning all the dreadwolves in town and giving the order to attack.

But, once the dreadwolves stepped forward, they were shaken by Wu Qi’s gaze – stepping forward meant death!

The ambiance became strange as it turned from battling to bluffing. Zhou Qing reloaded his shotgun, perked himself up, and was ready to fight against Wu Qi with his life.

All of a sudden, the sound of shotguns firing continuously ignited the silent battlefield. A storm of bullets was pouring from their side! Wu Qi and Zhou Qing looked to the back of the street in shock. A small pack of wolves appeared from the corner, then they were hit by a shower of bullets that chased after them and fell to the ground. Dead.

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