Chapter 15    Broken Bodies Everywhere (II)

Motor sounds of a heavy-duty vehicle replaced the sounds of gunshots. A black armored truck slowly emerged from the corners. Ten menacing soldiers stood on the truck, and they were armed to the nines holding assault rifles in their hands. When the armored truck drove to this location, the soldiers shifted their gaze to Wu Qi and the dreadwolf king’s battlefield.

“Stay clear!” the leader took off the face shield on his military helmet and shouted. His savage square face had the looks of a warrior, his threatening eyes came from experiencing countless slaughter battles. As he shouted, Wu Qi sensed something and his hair all stood up. He quickly grabbed Zhou Qing’s arm and dragged him into an alley!

The leader waved his arms forward and the soldiers behind him positioned their HK416 assault rifles or MP5 submachine guns instantly. They strafed the pack of wolves, including the dreadwolf king, with continuous fires. The metal bullets that danced through the air were like Death’s Scythe. Even the pack of dreadwolves that had well-developed muscles from training in the wild couldn’t escape the speed of those bullets. Soon enough, they were all shot one after one except the thicker-skinned dreadwolf king that ran faster and was able to avoid most of the bullets, only getting hit by the first few shots.

The wounds weren’t deep though, mostly bleeding from the surface. Its pace became even faster, and it even learned to run in zigzag. It used the telephone poles and collapsed fixtures as covers, sprinting a few hundred meters away within a couple of seconds. It looked like it was about to enter an alleyway and escape.

“Gao Yuan.” the leader calmly called a name. A soldier with a slender face and eyes of empty sky stepped forward from the troops armed with either assault rifles or submachine guns.

Gao Yuan took down a long and rough-looking lethal weapon carried on his back – a JS 12.7mm sniper rifle. He quickly assembled the sniper rifle at the top of the armored truck and completely got into a sniping position, focusing intently. The dreadwolf king’s body fled quickly in the sighting telescope under 4x zooming. Ripple-like changes appeared in Gao Yuan’s brown eyes.

Superior dynamic visual acuity that came with second-level “enhanced vision” and strengthened body coordination skills from first-level “precise coordination” made the sniper named Gao Yuan the overlord of this medium-range combat. He adjusted the sight bead to keep the dreadwolf king’s movements under control.

He pulled the trigger! As a loud bang exploded from the JS 12.7mm, a long, golden trail sliced through the distance and connected the sniper rifle’s muzzle to the dreadwolf king’s loins, impaling its body!

Countless muscle tissues and bones were shattered instantly. The strong force was enough to blow the dreadwolf king’s huge body off its feet. The tungsten heart APDS that could penetrate the steel exterior of the armored truck went through the thickened fur of the humongified dreadwolf king like a breeze.

The dreadwolf king fell to the ground in pain, and the unbearable agony spread through every inch of its body. Its limbs struggled, attempting to escape on its final breath. But, a second later, a merciless bullet storm rained down on its body. Its body lowered little by little, then finally collapsed.

All the dreadwolves on the street were annihilated by the troops on the armored truck.

There were no more battling sounds, and Wu Qi dragged Zhou Qing out of the alley. The leader hopped off the armored truck from the back while holding his rifle in his chest. Two other soldiers jumped off the truck with him.

His voice was filled with pride. “Get the leader of your safe zone here!”

Wu Qi didn’t move. His eyes focused on the stuck-up leader and carefully studied every inch of him like a hunter. Wu Qi’s disregard and sharp gaze hurt the leader’s pride. He was outraged, then, he aimed his rifle to Wu Qi’s forehead.

“How dare you look at me like that! Do you want to die?!”

Zhou Qing jumped forward to stop him as he was about to pull the trigger: “Please, Bro, don’t shoot, don’t shoot. We’re all humans. We’re all a big family.”

“Who the fack is your family, f**k off!” The arrogant leader shifted the muzzle to Zhou Qing’s chest, and Zhou Qing swallowed his saliva nervously.

Wu Qi pulled Zhou Qing to his back in silence, then positioned his long blade ready. The man’s attitude was different from the rest. With the huge rifle in his arms, he posed as an even bigger threat than the dreadwolf king.

An Yi, Big Yong, Old Kang, and five other mercenaries rushed here from the street corners. Every single one of them had bloody cuts on their bodies, and their faces and clothes made them look like they had been rolling in blood and mud. They looked like they didn’t face only one blood bath, but rather climbing out from a mountain of dead bodies.

An Yi ran out of breath and leaned against a streetlamp. He peeked at the street where Wu Qi was at from the corner of his eyes and saw Wu Qi, Zhou Qing, and a team of fully-armed troops, and the armored truck that he saw a few minutes ago.

“Finally found them.” An Yi walked up to face the leader.

An Yi put on an apple-polishing smile and held his hand out from the distance, trying to shake the leader’s hand. “Thank you, brother, for providing the timely help. We will remember this in our hearts as we are forever grateful to you. My name is An Yi, head of safe zone SW0304 and leader of the mercenary squad. May I get your name, please?”

The leader shook An Yi’s hand carelessly through his glove. The arrogance on his face did not diminish one bit. “Wang Sheng of the G011 military base, leader of the second-level elite mercenary team, the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team.”

Wang Sheng’s words shocked An Yi and Zhou Qing to their cores. Second-level elite mercenary team, which meant there are many badasses who possessed second-level gene-enhancing abilities on the team, and on top of that, a truckload of equipment that is enough to kill any beasts with first-order mutation! Most importantly, he came from a much safer “military base” that was abundant with resources and not a poor-azz “safe zone”!

An Yi felt like a militia meeting a regular force, or like a villager meeting the mayor. He was so nervous that his hands and legs went limp.

But as the person with the highest responsibility, An Yi must do his job. He bowed down slightly and asked with the brown-nosing skills that he had neglected for several years, “May I ask, Big Brother Wang, why did you arrive at our desolate safe zone?”

Wang Sheng realized what An Yi was doing and smiled. “We were on a mission nearby. Besides, don’t just say you’re grateful, show that you are.”

An Yi kept bowing and said, “Yes, yes. Please, brothers, come on in. We’ll accommodate you.”

The members of the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team withdrew their weapons, and the ambiance of the streets finally started to ease up. An Yi bowed and scraped to Wang Sheng and kept sweet-talking him. Wu Qi, who was standing on the side, watched Wang Sheng’s side for a few seconds, then looked away.

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