Chapter 18    Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team (II)

Wang Sheng said, “Mercenaries of SW0304, your squad leader, An Yi, had discussed with me and we have made the decision that you and our Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team would work on an exploration mission together in the north about three kilometers away from here. This will be your town’s payback to our rescue. Maps and GPS will be provided in the mission, you may face some battles, but there is a good chance you won’t. Any objections?”

The Black Blunderbuss mercenaries turned around to look at the mercenary squad with mockery and obvious disdain.

The reason being every single person on the mercenary squad was a purebred human except An Yi and Zhou Qing who were genetically enhanced. They only had basic shotgun and pistols as firearm equipment. The ten members of the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team all had multiple powers from first-level gene enhancement, half of them even had second-level gene enhancement,

Zhou Qing and his teammates looked at each other. Exploration mission was tantamount to unknown danger, but there was no compensation in this cooperation. An Yi was their delegate in this negotiation. Zhou Qing looked at the much-shorter An Yi near Wang Sheng and noticed his gaze was nowhere as sharp as before. He realized, An Yi probably didn’t have any other choice.

After all, they rescued their a---s from the dreadwolf calamity. If it weren’t for the Black Blunderbuss Team, the entire mercenary squad and the citizens of this town would have become the midnight snacks for the dreadwolf king and the pack of dreadwolves. Therefore, they should do something to return the favor. On top of that, they didn’t dare to refuse any demands, they also didn’t have the guts to refuse their demands. An HK416 could riddle all the squad members’ bodies with holes.

“No objections.” Zhou Qing spoke for all the squad members, who exchanged looks with each other.

“Do I have to go too?”  Wu Qi asked. As the only naysayer, all eyes focused on Wu Qi immediately.

Wang Sheng stared at Wu Qi with his eyes wide open. A mysterious smile appeared on his rugged square face. An Yi had mentioned Wu Qi to him before. A boy who came from the mountains, owned a pet red fox, and had Ironclad Brown Bear and other various mutated beasts’ skins. The only weapon he carried was a three-feet long blade. If he killed the mutated animals all by himself, then it was safe to say this boy’s abilities were no less the genetically enhanced humans with first-level or even second-level powers.

Young, unclear if injected with gene-enhancing drugs, unclear if possessed superpowers, Wang Sheng concluded from the given information and his rich experience that this was no ordinary boy, and his abilities were superior to An Yi’s.

But his abilities were nothing in Wang Sheng’s eyes. When it came to physical force, Wang Sheng believed his Black Blunderbuss Team could easily knock out fifty or even a hundred guys like Wu Qi. They could also easily knock out mutated beasts with first-level superpowers and rip them to pieces.

Wang Sheng asked scornfully: “You don’t wish to cooperate, kid?”

Wu Qi heard the scorn in Wang Sheng’s tone, the same haughtiness from when they first met. He kept his expressions stoic despite the dislike in his heart. He already learned the man’s physical fitness from his gait and breathing. Wang Sheng was not weak. He was much, much stronger than An Yi or other members of the Black Blunderbuss team, but he was not invincible.

In other words, he was not invincible… against those assault rifles.

An Yi and Zhou Qing saw Wu Qi’s calmness. His lips weren’t even twitching. They were nervous for Wu Qi, especially Zhou Qing. He saw the ice-cold Wu Qi and remembered the harsh judgement, the heightened senses, and the brutal fighting skills he exhibited in the battle a few hours ago. He was a warrior, which meant he probably was already disgusted by Wang Sheng’s condescending eyes and tone.

But if Wu Qi dared to object Wang Sheng, he’d probably get killed.

“Humph.” Wang Sheng jeered at Wu Qi. He had met way too many people like him. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, Wang Sheng was ready to teach him a lesson.

“Assistant Liu.” Wang Sheng called out.

Then, a 1.9 meters tall man whose muscles filled out the black mercenary uniform stepped out from the crowd. Wu Qi remembered this man, he was the one who tossed him the rifle but actually wanted to mock him.

Assistant Liu had a mocking smile on his face. He lifted his mountain-like shoulders and interlocked the fingers on his hands that were 1.5 times bigger than Wu Qi’s and cracked his knuckles. His muscles flexed and became so big that the skin even danced on top. His muscles lifted the sleeves that were rolled to his elbows to his neck. The muscles on his upper arms and forearms bulged, the veins popped out like snakes, and his entire body was as hard as a rock, filled with infinite powers.

Assistant Liu had second-level enhanced energy and first-level enhanced defense, his powerful arms could fight with a beast that had the muscle rampage superpower for one minute or two. If he used all the energy he got, he could bend a five-centimeter thick iron rod and shatter a ten-centimeter thick slab stone. Wu Qi’s body was “featherlight” compared to Assistant Liu’s. He could make Wu Qi fly upwards with just one punch.

“Sorry about this, kiddo.” Assistant Liu laughed but there was no empathy in his eyes.

Wu Qi didn’t back down from the malicious and murderous intent. His ocean-deep eyes focused on Assistant Liu’s face, and his right hand reached over to the leather-sheathed long blade on his back. He didn’t look like he was ready to fight, but in actuality, every single muscle in his body was excited, ready to exert all their powers anytime without a warning.

“Don’t, don’t! Brothers, let’s all calm down. Wu Qi will come with us.” Just as Wu Qi and Assistant Liu were about to fight against each other, An Yi left Wang Sheng, went around the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team, and rushed to Wu Qi’s side.

“Wu Qi, listen to Uncle An and come with us. None of us could bear the consequences if we piss off the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team. Didn’t you say you were looking for your big sister? Wang Sheng is from the large military base that has all the information, perhaps he knows,” An Yi whispered at Wu Qi’s ear nervously.

Wu Qi heard that and answered tersely without any hesitation:

“I would like to cooperate.”

Assistant Liu was curious about Wu Qi’s sudden attitude change. He wondered what An Yi said to Wu Qi. He turned around and looked at Wang Sheng for his consent.

Wang Sheng peered at Wu Qi. His eyes were cold and distant, making it impossible for one to guess what was about to come out from his lips the next second.

An Yi stared at Wang Sheng’s face cautiously and was afraid that Wang Sheng would say “too late.”

Eventually, Wang Sheng took his eyes off of Wu Qi. Then, he looked at everyone and announced, “We have reached a unanimous decision. We will leave tomorrow morning at exactly seven.”

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