Chapter 21    Plague-Breeders’ Nest (II)

 The “sharklizard” didn’t make any other move, it looked like it was carefully picking its first target. At the same time, Zhou Qing’s body suddenly shivered. His right index finger pressed on his temple, which was his way of telling his body to focus more energy to sense danger.

In his dark sensory realm that was rife with potential threats, an extremely dangerous individual jumped out from the rest. If the dreadwolves were imagined as white flames in his sensory realm, then this dangerous individual could be imagined as a murky blackish-purple pond that gave off chilling air that made him shudder.

“Above!” Zhou Qing shouted as soon as his senses sent information to process in his brain.

In the blink of an eye, the sharklizard coiled its powerful limbs and generated a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, so fast that it exposed its body that merged into the darkness. It opened its blood-thirsty shark mouth as it dove down and aimed at Zhou Qing’s head like a vicious eagle.

Wu Qi turned his head around and saw a blackish-purple shadow at a distance that couldn’t be reached even if he threw his blade over. He helplessly watched the sharklizard’s scary teeth almost biting into Zhou Qing’s head!

Swish! Blood splashed from the cuts on the skin. The cuts were small but the impact force was so strong that the blood shot out and splattered five meters away.

Wang Sheng and other Black Blunderbuss members turned around. Shock was written in the mercenaries’ eyes behind their protective face masks, but their professionalism forced them to raise their arms and aimed their rifles at the sharklizard on the human.

Zhou Qing didn’t die, and he fell to the ground and sat there with pure horror on his face. An Yi pushed him away at that critical moment and saved him. An Yi’s muscular arms were like two wooden logs, crossing together in a defense position. The Sharklizard bit into An Yi’s arm instead of Zhou Qing’s head. The longer fangs at the corners of the sharklizard’s mouth deeply pierced into An Yi’s flesh, the rest of its teeth were only an inch away from cutting into his skin.

Because An Yi had his arms crossed, he was able to hold on to two long fangs in the sharklizard’s mouth so it couldn’t bite all the way in. The tips of the long fangs tore apart his flesh, the sharp pain made An Yi’s head burn and his eyes filled with blood, which compromised his vision. At the same time, the sharklizard’s sharp front claws were tearing at the muscles near An Yi’s shoulders, almost ripping his flesh into shreds.

Boom! A loud thunder entered the bloody face-off. A bullet from a shotgun entered the sharklizard’s head at a close distance, and the gunpowder exploded like fireworks from the shotgun in Big Yong’s hands. His expression was terrified, sweat dampened his face and arms.

The sharklizard screeched. Black blood seeped out from the little holes that covered its body as its body trembled. Its bite force weakened, which gave An Yi the chance to fight back. His enhanced physical strength exploded, his muscles overloaded, then he yanked the long fangs out of his forearms and pushed the sharklizard away.

When the sharklizard’s body fell to the ground, its long tail and limbs started working from natural reflexes and tried to flee. However, the Black Blunderbuss had been anticipating it. A storm of bullets covered the sharklizard’s body immediately. It struggled for six meters after getting shot with thirty bullets in two seconds, then, its body fell to the ground heavily.

“F**k this!” An Yi breathed out the scents of sweat and blood, his strong body plunged to the ground. There were two cuts on each of his forearms, blood rushed out from the cut like fountains. The sharklizard’s fangs bit really deep into his flesh.

Some of the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries came closer. Wang Sheng walked to the sharklizard’s dead body and studied it carefully with a dignified expression. A few seconds later, he turned around to look at An Yi, who was surrounded by all those people.

Wang Sheng, who came from the safe and secure military campsite with abundant natural resources, always believed that in a poor area like the safe zone that was no different from the wilderness, the poor people living there had already abandoned their human nature, so much that they could betray their partners with no remorse at all. But, at the moment that solely depended on basic instinct, An Yi would get hurt himself to protect Zhou Qing.

An Yi was more of a man than any other person at the bottom of the society.

Wang Yi stood up with his back erect. He developed some respect for the leader of this poor safe area. Members of the mercenary squad were trying to get gauze and disinfectant from their bags. They wanted to use these medications that were hard to come by in the safe zone on An Yi. Wang Sheng stepped closer and said nonchalantly and emotionlessly, “Deputy Liu, get me the spray that stops bleeding from the package.”

Deputy Liu was dumbfounded briefly, then he quickly understood what Wang Sheng meant and got the spray from the car. The packaging on the spray was the same style from the civilized era. It had black information texts written on the white background and a red logo of the pharmaceutical company. This type of spray could sell for four hundred bucks in the G011 military base. Obviously, it must be very effective.

An Yi and the rest of the mercenary squad were a little astounded. As a mercenary, An Yi had stayed at the military base and knew the value of the spray. He watched as Deputy Liu sprayed loads of medicated liquid on his bloody wounds. The spray quickly froze the wounds and coagulated the blood, and a tingling sensation spread from the flesh.

“This should decrease the chances of getting tetanus by a huge percentage. As for the viruses on the plague-breeder, it would all depend on your luck.” Deputy Liu put away the spray and explained to An Yi. An Yi’s heroic acts had earned his respect as well.

An Yi was a bit not used to the kindness from the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team. His eyes sparkled with gratitude that was very different from the fake brown-nosing sycophant he was before. He thanked them genuinely, “Alright! Alright! Thank you, Big Brother Liu! And thank you, Big Brother Wang!”

“All right, you guys, put this plague-breeder in the specimen box.” Wang Sheng pointed to some members of the Black Blunderbuss team and waved his hand. He turned around and noticed Wu Qi squatting down near his feet.

“When did this guy get here? I didn’t hear anything.” Wang Sheng’s lips twitched. Wu Qi stood up and looked at Wang Sheng, his obsidian eyes were lively and piercing.

“Take a look above. This plague-breeder came from the walls up there. My hearing didn’t even catch any sounds. Its wrinkled skin works perfectly for burrowing in complete silence. It was probably a scout in its group.”

Wang Sheng followed Wu Qi’s hand and looked up but couldn’t see clearly because he didn’t have enhanced vision, nor was he wearing night-vision goggles. He only saw a small perpendicular hole on the smooth concrete wall. The hole seemed to be just out of nowhere and was terrifying enough.

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