Chapter 23: Siege

Just as everyone finally saw what the monster looked like and stared at it for less than half a second, the humanoid beast’s legs started running at an amazing speed toward them. The assault rifles and submachine guns in the mercenaries’ hands weren’t meek little lambs; the three mercenaries in the front row started firing without Wang Sheng having to give the order. More than twenty 5.56mm bullets covered the humanoid beast’s body instantly. Sparks flew as blazing hot bullets struck against its fleshy skin. Even when the bullets hit its legs, they did nothing but hinder the humanoid beast’s speed for a little bit.

A sharp bullet flew across five meters and penetrated through the humanoid beast’s head at a high speed. As the hot and furious bullet went through the emerald green ellipsoid, green juices and chunks of green flesh splattered everywhere upon impact. Then, as if something sucked the life out of its body, the humanoid beast moved a few steps forward from inertia, then competely fell to the ground.

“So that’s the monster’s ‘head,’ the rest of its body is the ‘armor.’” The Black Blunderbuss mercenaries came to a conclusion.

They couldn’t stop once they started. After the first humanoid beast had died, the ground started vibrating at several different frequencies that overlapped together, and even the entire armored truck started shaking.

One, three, eight, seventeen… more than fifty humanoid beasts about the same size as the first one emerged from underground within two to three seconds. They weren’t just in front of the truck; quite a few humanoid beasts also came out from the left, right, and the back of the truck. In the blink of an eye, countless numbers of humanoid beasts crowded together and blocked everyone’s visual field. Monstrous screams came from their mouths as they charged.

The mercenaries’ faces turned ghastly white. Wang Sheng’s pupils constricted as his heart rate went through the roof. Nobody ever imagined more than fifty humanoid beasts attacking them without a warning.

They should only appear in clusters, how come there were this many!

“Fire, kill them all!” Wang Sheng screamed the order. Veins popped out of his forehead. He raised the HK416 that he held in his chest and started firing at the humanoid beast’s head to the right. Wang Sheng was a certified second-level elite mercenary and the leader of the Black Blunderbuss Team, and his marksmanship was second to none. Four humanoid beasts fell to the ground facing up as he started burst-firing from left to right.

At the same time, thunder roared in the back of the armored truck. Storms of bullets rained from the back and either side of the truck, all of them were aimed at the humanoid beasts’ heads. At the front of the armored truck, Old Hu held onto the NSV machine gun in his brawny arms, the slender yet violent barrel finally started blaring after being silent for so long! Continuous fires came from the machine gun, and numerous humanoid beasts died as it swayed left and right. It was just as fearsome as it looked.

The number of the humanoid beasts quickly decreased, but when there were about a third of them left, one of the humanoid beasts raised its arms as it advanced to protect its emerald green head. The 5.56mm rifle bullets and 9mm pistol bullets couldn’t penetrate their resilient skin and could only make some sparks as it grazed against its skin. Other humanoid beasts started doing the same thing, and pretty soon the battle line shortened to only four to five meters. The Black Blunderbuss mercenaries were completely helpless.

At this crucial moment, a golden trail flew through the air and shattered the arms of the humanoid beast in the front line with ease. The 12.7mm tungsten heart APDS entered the emerald green head through high-speed revolution and exited from the back of the humanoid beast’s head, bringing out a huge blob of green slime!

That perfect shot was made by Gao Yuan using his beloved JS 12.7mm. His eyes and breathing were extremely calm, his shoulders rose and fell at a normal pace even as these humanoid beasts closed in from all directions. The machine gun at the top of the armored truck was positioned slightly to the right, leaving some space on the left for the sniper Gao Yuan.

“Use armor-piercing bullets,” Wang Sheng shouted while switching to a magazine with armor-piercing bullets on his HK416. He strafed and shot through the arms of four humanoid beasts, shattering their skulls.

A magazine of armor-piercing bullets was three times the cost of an average magazine. What they were doing was equivalent to burning money, but the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries had no other choice. Old Hu also changed to armor-piercing bullets for his NSV machine gun and started bursting. Quickly and steadily eliminating the monsters that were less than four meters away.

The remaining one-third of humanoid beasts were finally defeated by the armor-piercing bullets. Firing sounds overpowered the humanoid beasts’ howls. This time, these “soldiers” didn’t have the ridiculous regeneration speed they had before. The number of humanoid beasts that blocked everyone’s visual field gradually decreased, and for a moment, it seemed like the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries were winning.

Wu Qi and the rest of the mercenary squad were under a much smaller pressure compared to the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team that was facing an intense battle. They were nervous, but they didn’t have to fight. The mercenaries of the Black Blunderbuss team were very dependable, and no humanoid beast had come closer than three meters as of yet. Their shotguns were rather helpless once the humanoid beasts used their arms to protect their heads.

Wu Qi grew more anxious as the number of humanoid beasts decreased. He didn’t believe the big wave of humanoid beasts were all of the plague-breeders creeping in this tunnel. But, assuming they were only a small portion, then that would mean there were myriads of plague-breeders living in this nest. Most importantly, these “minion-like” plague-breeders were not able to give him the chilly feeling of danger that could make his skin ice-cold.

Even the sharklizard they ran into earlier posed a much greater danger than these minions.

All of a sudden, an electric current quickly spread from the left side of Wu Qi’s body to his right side. Wu Qi’s body went numb involuntarily, despite his muscles having already recovered to a ready-to-fight condition. But, in this direction, he was facing an arched concrete wall that didn’t have holes. There were also no small changes in the concrete wall anywhere.

Could it be another sharklizard? Wu Qi lifted his long blade, his piercing eyes ready for attack.

The world in front of his eyes changed drastically the next second! The entire concrete wall tumbled down with a loud clunking noise! Gravel and soil chunks flew out like raindrops, coming straight at the left side of the armored truck. The three-meter-wide hole was almost the entirety of Wu Qi’s visual field, and when it erupted, the only thing he could see was massive amounts of soil that were about to swallow him!

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