Chapter 24    Shooting Fish in a Barrel (I)

The entire trunk of the truck was covered in soil, showering the mercenaries’ heads with dirt and gravel. The impact force of the gravel was strong enough to give the Black Blunderbuss headaches as they hit them on their explosion-proof helmets. All the mercenaries have chosen to stop firing in order to avoid hurting each other accidentally.

Members of the mercenary squad used their arms to protect their heads from the gravel storm, but that didn’t protect them from the gravel’s sharp edges. The gravel cut through mercenary uniforms like paper. Zhou Qing knelt down quickly like a scared rabbit to avoid getting hit by the gravel. An Yi couldn’t hide that fast because of his injury, Big Yong hugged An Yi from the back and acted as a human shield, protecting An Yi from the sharp gravel with his body.

Big Yong closed his eyes the second before he jumped ahead to protect An Yi. Patches of scarlet red appeared on Big Yong’s back and the back of his head, and the wounds were covered by dirt instantly before blood could drip down.

Everything happened so fast in the blink of an eye, the time elapsed between the concrete wall tumbling down and the dirt storm at them was only enough to take two breaths. A creature dashed toward the head of the armored truck amid the gravel storm at a shocking speed. Wu Qi blocked most of the damage with his long blade before the creature came out. He peered with his left eye and caught a glimpse of a thick, two-meter-long shadow!

Wu Qi couldn’t capture the entire image of the shadow even with his dynamic visual acuity. At that instant, the shadow seemed to have noticed Old Hu, who was ducking beside the NSV machine gun for tactical defense. The long shadow charged towards Old Hu and aimed for his head, and it opened its mouth, revealing four rows of razor-sharp teeth. Its head dove down in a semicircle arc as it ran to Old Hu!

Once the gravel storm was over and everything became visible again, Old Hu’s tall and buff body that was twice Wu Qi’s size was hanging in midair. The unknown monster held Old Hu above the neck with its razor-sharp teeth, his entire head was in its mouth. Beneath the thick two-meter-long neck was a beige-colored fleshy body with four limbs, kind of like a giraffe’s, with a whip-like long tail at its butt.

The “jighead giraffe” stretched its long legs wide apart after it caught Old Hu and fled from the armored truck with high-speed, leaving behind a trail of dust. A frenzied body waved his arms and kicked his legs as everyone watched in pure horror. It was hard to imagine the shrill and helpless screams of desperation were coming from a macho man who was almost two meters tall.

Suddenly, veins popped out from Wu Qi’s right hand that was holding the hilt as he tightened his grip with even more force. His heart was pumping twice as hard to send blood to the rest of his body, his body temperature was burning up as if he was on fire. Wu Qi took off the straps of his backpack in half a second and bent his legs, the muscles on his sinewy legs expanded to 1.3 times their normal size. When he jumped up and out of the truck, the explosive forces that projected his body outward were comparable to the sharklizard’s!

“Old Hu!” the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries screamed in unbridled terror. First, it was the gravel storm from the side, then came a tall and scary monster from the tumbled walls. The “jighead giraffe” lifted Old Hu’s body that weighed one hundred kilograms and fled away, it was hard to imagine the kind of power generated by its neck.

The mercenaries went petrified for the first time in this battle. They were screaming in their hearts to pull the triggers and shoot the jighead giraffe, but their index fingers were trembling uncontrollably. The jighead giraffe almost ran past the battle line as they hesitated.

Only Wu Qi, who reacted instantly, was able to leap behind the jighead giraffe. His long limbs spread out like a flying squirrel, the long blade in his hand was cold and blood-thirsty.

Wu Qi was not afraid of the herd of humanoid beasts. The only thing in his eyes was the image of Old Hu struggling in agony and desperation. He swung his arm and chopped his long blade at the jighead giraffe’s neck that was twice the thickness of his upper arm.

Wu Qi felt a strong reaction force when the blade came in contact with the fleshy skin. No doubt, that was the “hardened skin” superpower, same as the bulletproof skin on those humanoid beasts, extremely resilient!

Any other blades would have cracked with sparks flying everywhere, but the long blade in Wu Qi’s hands wouldn’t! After a tedious yet short nine years of living in a jungle, Wu Qi had used the long blade to cut down tough hair-like vines, kapok tree branches and Ironclad Brown Bear’s skeleton, the sharpness of the long blade had never disappointed him.

But this time, Wu Qi’s palms, arms, shoulders, and back all exploded with superhuman strength, every muscle fiber beneath his skin bundled together and roared, trying their hardest to suppress the reaction force! Wu Qi jumped up and swung the long blade down, slicing through the hardened skin and finally cut into the jighead giraffe’s thick neck!

Green blood splashed on Wu Qi’s face and upper body, splattering over his face and his leather coat. A miserable howl came from the inside of the jighead giraffe’s body, he didn’t know which organ it came from. The majority of its thick neck had been chopped up, the broken muscle fibers and bones could not support the weight of its neck and the prey, eventually tore apart and broke off in chunks.

Wu Qi stepped over the jighead giraffe’s spine and carried Old Hu’s body to the ground. The four rows of sharp teeth loosened up, Old Hu’s rough face was exposed to the air again. His facial skin was scratched up by those sharp teeth, deep marks and blood were all over his face.

His hands were stiffened like claws from muscle spasm, it seemed like the pain still hadn’t gone away.

But thank goodness he was still alive.

Wu Qi didn’t have enough strength to carry the 100kg Old Hu and jump back to the armored truck. He couldn’t carry Old Hu with one arm and escape so he put Old Hu on the ground. At that time, he was surrounded by seven or eight humanoid beasts. All of them raised their oddly-shaped arms, opened up their mouths, and came at Wu Qi.

“F**k off!” Wu Qi said calmly. His face was covered in green blood, but that didn’t block his vision. He stretched out his arm and spinned the long blade into a humanoid beast’s emerald green head. He pulled the blade out and kicked away another beast, then turned around and stuck the blade directly into the third beast’s head, cutting open the hardened skull in the emerald green head!

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