Chapter 25    Shooting Fish in a Barrel (II)

But he was outnumbered by the enemies and didn’t have enough room for movement. Pretty soon, Wu Qi was surrounded by the humanoid beasts. Their arms were incredibly powerful, they restrained Wu Qi’s hands and feet, then, their sharp teeth bit down on Wu Qi’s body everywhere!

His skin ripped under the leather coat, the agonizing pain felt like getting pierced by rake-like sharp objects then twisted apart! Wu Qi clenched his teeth; his face was distorted by pain, but he didn’t scream at all. He still tried to reposition his feet on the ground to change the disadvantage of being attacked.

Just then, vrooming motor sounds came closer, the armored truck raced toward them and rushed into the pack of humanoid beasts with full-strength. The impact made a humanoid beast and made it fly out three meters. A strong arm reached out from the right window at the front, grabbed Wu Qi’s left arm, and pulled him up. The armored truck kept racing forward, lifting Wu Qi off his feet.

Wu Qi had a pretty good balance, and he was able to readjust himself to fall back into the trunk in the back. His eyes met Wang Sheng’s cold gaze as he maneuvered himself, then looked away.

The armored truck hit a group of humanoid beasts and was naturally surrounded by the ones that got back up. The revitalized Black Blunderbuss mercenaries fired their bullets frantically at the humanoid beasts that jumped up at the armored truck. They didn’t give a damn how expensive those bullets were anymore.

Members of the mercenary squad were upset because one of them got seriously injured. They positioned their shotguns and contributed whatever they could to fight off the humanoid beasts.

The humanoid beasts had super resilient bodies. A few humanoid beasts that were rolled under the armored truck and ran over by the bulletproof tires had blood coming out of their mouths, yet they still held onto the front wheels of the armored truck tightly to stop it from moving. The truck slowed down a little bit, the humanoid beasts that were hit and rolled to the back also knelt down and held onto the back wheels of the truck.

All of a sudden, the armored truck was stuck at one place by the humanoid beasts that showed some intelligence and couldn’t move at all.

On top of that, around twenty more soil pits appeared on the ground. More and more humanoid beasts emerged from underground, almost never-ending.

Boom! The door on the right side of the armored truck opened, the door knocked away the humanoid beast that blocked the door for two meters. Wang Sheng held his HK416 that had a dagger beneath the muzzle and jumped off the passenger seat, his dark brown long boots stepped on the uneven ground with steel-hard confidence.

His eyes were as sharp as a sword, the killing intent in his eyes flashed like a meteor. Wang Sheng raised his arms and hit a humanoid beast with second-level enhanced strength and knocked it down. As the humanoid beast’s body lost its balance and swung its arms aside, Wang Sheng went amok and gripped the humanoid beast’s neck with his left hand, then impaled the dagger into its emerald green head with his right hand. Green juices splattered on the dagger at the top of the HK416, and then, he pulled the trigger!

The second he threw away the dead body, Wang Sheng glowered at the herd of humanoid beasts that blocked the truck and shouted at the top of his lungs with all the domineering power he got!

“Brothers, we’re in a position where either they die or we die. Let’s kill them all!”

When humans shouted in unison, the loudness was about the same as the humanoid beasts’ cries. All of the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries jumped off the armored truck following Wang Sheng’s life-or-death order except Gao Yuan and another mercenary who mastered the NSV machine gun.

All of them had first-level enhanced abilities, and right now, they bet their lives on battling the humanoid beasts with firearms and their bodies! They targeted the humanoid beasts that were blocking the tires with every chance they got!

Zhou Qing’s eyes were bloodshot. His hands were shaking as he raised his shotgun. He already gave up on sensing danger because it would only fill his mind with countless flickering shadows. The blood of his teammate mingled with the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries’ boiling desire to kill and formed an atmosphere of conquering death. He, the relatively skinnier and weaker mercenary, was filled with fear and the desire to kill in his heart.

But Zhou Qing still had some reason left. Although it stemmed from the insecurity of his smaller and weaker size, it kept him alert at all times. C-level exploration mission? This life-and-death battle in the tunnel that involved the elite second-level mercenary team could not be labeled as a C-level exploration mission no matter what! There were around a hundred plague breeders with at least first-level mutation superpowers, not to mention the “elite monsters” like the sharklizard and the jighead giraffe.

By the looks of it, it wasn’t impossible if more and more “elite monsters” showed up. If there came another plague-breeder like the jighead giraffe or the sharklizard, then they could easily shatter the defense line built by the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries’ blood.

“We must withdraw!” Zhou Qing screamed with all his energy to Wang Sheng, who was fighting in the battlefront, “Captain Wang, we must withdraw! We must break out from this fight, or else we’re all going to die!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, but his voice was still drowned by the sound of machine guns.

“What did you say!” Wang Sheng shouted as he fought. He had second-level enhanced strength and second-level enhanced agility paired with top-quality military equipment from head to toe. He was like a deadly tornado when he slew those plague-breeders.

“I said, we must break out! This mission is already way too difficult for us, we must withdraw even if we don’t finish it!” Zhou Qing didn’t care about his vocal chords and snarled, traces of blood seeped from his mouth.

But there was one sentence that Zhou Qing couldn’t get out, which was that these plague-breeders seemed to possess some levels of intelligence. Using their arms to protect their vital organs was simple intelligence, grasping onto the tires to stop the truck from moving could count as higher-level intelligence. And it wasn’t just one of them, the entire herd seemed to have this kind of intelligence. Especially a plague-breeder like a jighead giraffe that aimed directly at the machine gun operator, its level of intelligence definitely wasn’t low.

“We must annihilate all the monsters around us before we run, then kill these bastards that are stopping the tires!” Wang Sheng wasn’t running amok, he actually listened to Zhou Qing’s advice. True, Zhou Qing’s advice made quite a lot fo sense for the situation they were facing.

“We’d better run.”

Wu Qi’s voice came from the side. He carried Old Hu to the back of the truck as everyone fought in the battle like a phantom. The humanoid beasts trampled on Old Hu when he was on the ground, his body was severely injured; the blood coming from his mouth was a clear sign there was internal damage on his organs.

At that time, Wu Qi didn’t choose to jump down and fight those humanoid beasts. Instead, he kept his feet standing on the edge in the back of the truck. His beautiful black obsidian eyes were a hundred percent focused while on the lookout for the concrete walls in the tunnel.

What he had to do was watch out for sneak attacks from the sharklizard or the jighead giraffe, protect the wounded An Yi, Zhou Qing, and…

This calm man was maneuvering the rampaging machine gun with highly destructive bullets, shattering the humanoid skulls one after one.

If “elite monsters” appeared again, he was afraid that they would prioritize targeting Gao Yuan and the machine gun operator.

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