Chapter 26    Shooting Fish in a Barrel (III)

However, what Wu Qi got was neither sharklizard nor jighead giraffe but thirty more humanoid beasts, including a 2.4-meter-tall “giant humanoid beast.”

That plague-breeder came from deeper down the tunnel. The emerald green ellipsoid head swelled up to an abnormal size; it shook off the fleshy skull cover and grew to 2.4 meters tall, becoming a huge, balloon-like head. The outside of the head was still green, however, maybe because it was mutated, the green head’s color was not an emerald green, but a darker and dirtier forest green with disgusting scarlet shadows and twisted black veins. The short, 1.6 meters tall fleshy body was also dirtied with the same forest green color, the twisted black veins peeped through its skin like snakes.

The “green head” slowly but surely strode towards the besieged armored truck. Though its pace was slow, it was 2.4 meters tall, and Wu Qi estimated it would take around six seconds for it to arrive beside the armored truck.

Wu Qi felt an uneasy coldness coming from his heart. For the first time, his hunch told his fingers that held on to the handle not to kill.

Gao Yuan’s long fingers took a shiny and sharp tungsten heart APDS and stuffed it in his sniper rifle’s chamber. The bullet was ready with a clicking sound. The newly emerged monster was extremely huge in size, even a rookie sniper could easily shoot through its head. But Gao Yuan’s dark brown eyes still used his second-level enhanced vision abilities behind the sniper scope.

Only Gao Yuan could see the emerald green ellipsoid underneath the dark forest green skin covering the huge, disgusting balloon head.

“It is just bluffing to protect itself. Don’t use the machine gun, let me do it.” Gao Yuan told the machine gun operator beside him and focused the sniper scope on the real vital organ.

“Boom!” The armor-piercing bullet drew a golden trail in the air and buried in that huge green head, then exited through the back of its head. The giant green head exploded immediately. Dirty, disgusting forest green skin with blood-red shadow and black veins cracked into pieces and flew out everywhere, the dark green slime inside the forest green head gushed out like a fountain. Thankfully, there was some safe distance between the monster and the armored truck, the green slime only got onto some of the humanoid beasts.

Fizzzzz —— white hot steam rose from the humanoid beasts that got splashed with green slime. Layers of steam rose into the air, making the tunnel seem like an ethereal fairyland. They let out the most piercing screeches, not ferocious screams, but screeches of agony. Their fleshy tough skin turned into light yellow semi-solid within two to three seconds after the green slime got onto their bodies, sloughing off the skin of the humanoid beasts.

That was an extremely toxic and corrosive slime, which was the mutated superpower of the plague-breeder.

Once the green head was dead, Wu Qi was no longer feeling weak in his palms. He had changed his understanding of the plague-breeders. These plague-breeders with rampaging viruses in their bodies were no longer normal creatures, but “monsters” that evolved from mutated genes that followed natural selection’s survival of the fittest.

Wu Qi did have one question in his heart. Could the genes of these monsters that were results of viral rampage be replicated? Were the jighead giraffe and sharklizard unique, or could they be duplicated?

But Wu Qi did not see another sharklizard or jighead giraffe within the next ten minutes or so, they really seemed to be one-of-a-kind. More than 120 humanoid beasts were slowly annihilated by the mercenaries. These aggressive humanoid beasts kept on fighting and pestering till the last second, not giving anyone the chance to break free.

The battle was finally over for now. Everyone slowly came back to their senses.

Painfulness tore at their skin at that moment.

Wang Sheng’s face was covered in blood and dirt. The top-quality military armor was ripped to shreds by the sharp teeth of those humanoid beasts. He was a complete and total mess; his entire body was covered in dust. His furious killer eyes became weaker and dimmer. When he opened his mouth, his voice was no longer powerful and sonorous, but hoarse and creaky.

“Assistant Liu, report numbers of injury and death.”

Assistant Liu was covered in wounds, his armor was tattered, his exposed skin had bloody bite marks all over. He erected his 1.9 meters tall body, his eyes were filled with sad tears. He said painfully, “Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team, nine injured, one… dead.”

The one who died was Old Hu, who suffered from severe facial injury and damages to internal organs. He didn’t make it through.

The Black Blunderbuss mercenaries did not expect they would also go through such a huge amount of ammo. The armor-piercing bullets were almost out, the normal bullets that had left were only enough to fill two magazines, the machine gun had only one ammunition-box left. It would be unwise for them to explore deeper into the tunnel with all the ammo they had left.

A wounded An Yi sat at the back of the armored truck. He knew the numbers of the injured and the dead. Everyone he brought from the safe zone was injured, Big Yong and Old Li were dead.

Big Yong sacrificed his life to protect An Yi and died from a rock that hit the back of his head during the gravel rain. During the sneak attack by the jighead giraffe and the intense battle with the beasts, everyone only saw Big Yong fall down from the injury but didn’t realize he was already dead. Old Li, on the other hand, was bitten to death by the humanoid beasts that overwhelmed him and caught him. They devoured his body so much that all that was left of him were broken limbs.

An Yi was silent. His heart was drowning in a deep pond of depression. Big Yong had followed him since he became an adult, and together they had faced countless tough battles along the way. Big Yong trusted him with all his heart. He believed good things would come if he followed An Yi, and he believed An Yi would always protect him. An Yi was a part of Big Yong’s youth, albeit there was quite an age gap between them, but they were just like brothers. Big Yong also did not object at all when they decided to station at the safe zone.

Old Li was four years older than him. He was there since the last captain ruled the squad. Old Li was a reliable big brother who had tough words but a soft heart. He often refuted him, admonished him, providing assistance when An Yi was still a little immature. And once he had matured, Old Li was still his most loyal and hardworking subordinate.

Now, these two people have left him forever.

Even the most macho man could not control the tears in his eyes at the sight of his brotherly teammates’ death. It was easier for a man to shed blood than tears. If he had shed tears, that meant he was truly hurt.

“Hah——” Wang Sheng breathed out a white foggy air to cool off his body. It was colder than he had imagined.

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