Chapter 28    Destructive Behemoth (I)

 Wang Sheng turned around to look at the destroyed armored truck. His teeth almost went soft from heartbreak. He spent eighty thousand dollars of hard-earned money over many years to buy this armored truck, and just like that, it was taken away from them. His heart broke, but when Wang Sheng saw some of his subordinates couldn’t leave the truck in time, he was even more anxious.

“You guys, get away from there, the armored truck could blow up any second!” Wang Sheng yelled as he crouched on the ground. But the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries that fell to the ground got either their upper or lower limbs burned off, they couldn’t stop howling in agony and didn’t have the energy to move at all.

Then, a monsterous flame reflected in Wang Sheng’s eyes, the deafening explosion almost took away his hearing, the blazing mushroom cloud was all he could see. When the dark smoke finally faded away, what was left in front of him was a burning, charred skeleton of the armored truck. The machine gun at the top of the truck was completely destroyed into nothingness in the explosion.

The three mercenaries that were around the armored truck all died in the explosive orangey-red mushroom cloud.


Wang Sheng screamed his heart out. The red veins filled his eyeballs like spiderwebs, the blue veins popped out from his neck as he groaned. His hands latched onto the ground as hard as he could, every single joint in his body was shaking.

When Wang Sheng’s normally cool brain was burning hot from the horrendous death of his teammates, Wu Qi’s peaceful voice showered down Wang Sheng’s head like cold winter snow.

“Let’s fight the enemies first. The king of the nest is here to avenge.”

Wu Qi was already standing beside the crouching Wang Sheng with the long blade in his hand. Behind him was the safe zone’s mercenaries that sat on the ground. The safe zone’s mercenaries only had minor injuries and thus were able to escape. But they didn’t have time to move Big Yong’s body from the back. The remains of him had already merged with the flames, making it virtually impossible to take him back to the town’s Resting Place.

Wang Sheng turned his head and looked up at Wu Qi. His eyes followed the direction where Wu Qi’s beautiful eyes were staring and looked forward——

He saw a giant behemoth. A giant behemoth that revealed its true self under the light of the flames.

That thing was over three meters tall and 1.8 meters wide, its body looked like a gorilla with mutated muscles. Its two floor-length arms were extremely bulky, like two war hammers ready to do some damage. Its skin was ecru, or, it shouldn’t be called “skin” because its entire body was covered in armor. The rough and uneven carapace could be seen from the parched, bark-like skin at its collar bones, chest, and waist. Its war hammer arms were covered with a ring of hideous barbed thorns, its broad shoulders were also covered with a layer of thorny armor. Its legs were tubby and column-like that resembled rhinoceros legs, with three triangular toes.

Its head was twice the size of a normal human’s, which matched its colossus body. There didn’t seem to be any obvious weakness on its skull. Its lava colored eyes were surrounded by the rock-like cranial armor. Every time it breathed out white steam out of its mouth, the entire skin on its body would suddenly turn into a dark red color like lava, then slowly turn back to ecru.

The real destructive part of the destructive behemoth was its back. There was a webby cavity that emitted light orange incandescent light on its back. The hollowed part of the cavity had a crimson membrane that had many air holes on it. Under the membrane was flowing lava that was over a thousand degrees in temperature, it was almost like a furnace that had sparks flying out.

The destructive behemoth stepped even closer. The entire tunnel shook every time it took a step forward. The cracks on the ground came alive and expanded as the ground shook and squeaked, then, more humanoid beasts that had been hiding underground came out from the cracks one after one. When they stood up, their height was around 1.9 meters tall. The light emitted from the emerald-green ellipsoids on their heads was even deeper, the exposed surface area was even smaller, their arms that were covered with toughened nude-beige skin somehow mutated into raptorial arms like a praying mantis.

A dozen advanced humanoid beasts stood in front of the destructive behemoth that embodied desperation. When the dark tunnel was lit up by the blazing flames, it emphasized the tragic finale that was coming up.

“This is a second-level plague-breeder.” Wu Qi looked at the destructive behemoth and a dozen advanced humanoid beasts that were getting closer. His felt billions of tiny needles prickling him, his skin tickled and tingled, which were the primitive warning signs that resisted against the danger.

“Captain An, keep this safe for me.”

Wu Qi shouted to An Yi who was behind him, then shook off the backpack from his arms and threw it back. An Yi reached out his arms and caught the bag. July got skittish immediately, it howled and struggled the bag open to pop its head out. The image of Wu Qi holding his long blade reflected in July’s foxy eyes.

Wu Qi’s figure looked oddly solitary as it overlapped with the advanced humanoid beasts and the destructive behemoth. The three-feet long blade that he held tightly in his hands was the only thing he could rely on.

The edge of the long blade laid against the ground silently, not making any noises from friction. It was like a crouching tiger that was ready to attack anytime.

Wang Sheng slowly stood back on his feet. He grabbed the HK416 that fell to the ground with his right hand, and wiped away the dust and soot on his face with his gloved left hand. He relaxed his shoulders like he was warming up. At the same time, he tried his hardest to wipe away the sorrow he felt for his deceased teammates from his eyes.

Wang Sheng lifted his HK416 and got into an aiming position. He aimed the sight at one of the advanced-stage humanoid beasts. His countenance became calm and collected again, his eyes regained their usual nonchalance, but in the depth of that nonchalance was an unconcealable hatred.

“Brothers, this is our final battle before leaving the nest. Put your fears and doubts behind, raise your weapons, and fight until the last minute! If we win, we will split the money we get for selling these second-level plague-breeder specimens! We will go back to our base, drink the best liquor, f**k the hottest girls! We’ll do whatever you guys want!”

“Boss, we would even if you don’t tell us to!” Deputy Liu spat out the bloody phlegm in his mouth and replied as loudly as he could. His muscular 1.9 meters tall body stood behind Wang Sheng. His bulging trapezius was a powerful tell-tale sign of power and strength. The upturned curve of his lips as he smiled made him look like a wild wolf.

He didn’t refer to Wang Sheng as “Captain” but a simple and simplest and also the original “Boss” which he called all the way from back in the old days.

The Black Blunderbuss mercenaries who survived the explosion also stood up and raised their assault rifles and inserted their last magazines with armor-piercing bullets.

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