Chapter 29    Destructive Behemoth (II)

The dozen advanced humanoid beasts and the destructive behemoth charged towards them at the same time! Explosive forces generated from the advanced humanoid beasts’ legs as they dashed toward Wang Sheng and his team like a coalition of cheetahs. Monstrous howls came from their sharp mouths, they waved their raptorial praying mantis arms around, making whooshing sounds in the dusty air!

The destructive behemoth might be gigantic in size, but that did not hinder its movement, as it actually moved like a giant rolling boulder. The ground shook with every step it took. Its body was like a fighting vehicle, its fists were like two war hammers, the oppressing sensation that came from the destructive behemoth was more than ten times from the advanced humanoid beasts. The fear that being hit by the behemoth would mean an instant death gave all the mercenaries a gloomy feeling in their hearts despite the ten meter distance between them.

“Bam!” A gunshot blared from behind the front line mercenaries, before that sound was a sniper bullet that flew by so fast it could not be captured by the human eye. The emerald head of an advanced humanoid beast discombobulated immediately! The slimy green blood blew up in the air, then the advanced humanoid beast slipped and fell to the ground facing up!

Gao Yuan was already crouching on the cold tunnel ground in the back quietly and positioned his 12.7mm sniper rifle. He used his first-level precise coordination superpowers, every inch of his muscles was distributing energy accurately despite looking dormant. His heartbeat, breathing, and body temperature were lowered and relaxed, almost in a hibernation state, making him less perceptible to the plague-breeders.

Wu Qi might not be the person who could turn the tide on this battleground, but Gao Yuan definitely could.

But, after Gao Yuan made the first shot, he automatically became the biggest enemy in the plague-breeders’ eyes. The screams from the remaining advanced humanoid beasts became even more ferocious; filthy saliva dripped from their mouths, and their speed became even faster. All the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries were preparing themselves for the upcoming attack, and they know that they must use their blood and flesh as shields against the advanced humanoid beasts before facing the destructive behemoth!

Multiple shots blasted from all of their assault rifles, countless metal bullets flew towards the Achilles’ heel of the advanced humanoid beasts. These advanced humanoid beasts seemed to possess even higher intelligence than the typical humanoid beasts, as they learned from their friend’s death to use their hardened raptorial forearms to form a barrier wall against the barrage of armor-piercing bullets. Eight of the advanced humanoid beasts had cracks on their arms from the fires, but they still finally arrived right in front of the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries!

At the same time, Wu Qi’s shadow passed through the defense formed by the eight advanced humanoid beasts. His long legs were running at their highest speed towards the destructive behemoth in the back. Intrepid light flashed in his beautiful eyes. This wasn’t a fighting tactic that they came up with together, nor was his sheer confidence that he could fight a second-level plague-breeder alone. It was only his decision that someone must step up and stop the charge of these monsters!

Wang Sheng was stunned when he saw Wu Qi charging forward like an arrow leaving a bow, but he also didn’t have more time to be stunned.

As the enemies got closer, the mercenaries quickly shifted their empty rifles on their backs and took out their composite army knives and pre-loaded M500 revolvers.  These were the most prestigious and most powerful handguns during the civilized era. 0.5 inch caliber, 12.7mm bullets, one shot was enough to kill an elephant. When it came to the mutated animals or plague-breeders with toughened skin, the mercenaries who were armed with M500 still had enough resources to kill their enemies!

For a moment, the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries were fighting the advanced humanoid beasts with melee-range weapons. Blades were grazing against each other like mortal enemies, making extremely piercing metal scraping sounds accompanied by the intermittent deafening sounds of M500 firing. The entire tunnel became a mess.

On the other side, Wu Qi already arrived in front of the destructive behemoth. He finally saw the true horror of the destructive behemoth when he finally saw its overpowering three-meter-tall body up close. Its broad body took up his entire field of view. Other hunters would have been trembling by now, but Wu Qi had been killing and fighting giant preys since he was little. In his eyes, he just grew bigger as the prey did too.

Just then, the destructive behemoth waved its huge hammer fist using the forceful inertia that came from charging at full speed and punched. The scary armor-covered fist generated a strong gust that literally blew Wu Qi’s short black hair back. The size of its fist was more than twice the size of Wu Qi’s head, the force was strong enough to punch a huge hole through the armored truck. One can imagine the consequences if Wu Qi had gotten hit by that!

Wu Qi quickly changed his position and arched his upper body back almost parallel to the ground and dodged the huge fist that punched at him. His face was only five centimeters away with that fist. He swiftly shifted his left foot between the destructive behemoth’s thick calves, hooked his right foot on his enemy’s left heel, and pivoted at the destructive behemoth’s left leg. His body turned in an arc and briskly moved to the back of the destructive behemoth, not wasting any time or energy!

The chain of movements happened in the blink of an eye. Wu Qi was now facing the back of the destructive giant, and his three-feet long blade was poised for offense. He swung the blade at the back of its knee joint with lightning speed.

Even a fully-armored monster would not have armor on that area for ease of movement, which is where Wu Qi was aiming at!

The long blade proved its sharpness once again. The back of the destructive behemoth’s knees were not shielded by armor, but it still had a layer of hardened skin. However, that hardened skin was like a piece of paper to the sharp blade of the long blade, it sliced a five to six-centimeter scar right through the flesh.

That threw the destructive behemoth off balance, but its rock hard muscles still supported its body upright. It turned right and drew a hard and fast punch like a meteor, but Wu Qi was as agile as a snake, he got close to the ground and dodged that strike.

The punch shattered the tunnel ground with a loud boom! The destructive behemoth lifted its fist back up. Terrifying cracks appeared all over the concrete floor, dust was flying everywhere, and gravity pulled the broken pieces on that fist back to the ground. The destructive behemoth turned around, and its lava-colored eyes on its scary head rolled around before locking in on Wu Qi’s body.

Wu Qi studied every detail about the destructive behemoth with his eyes. His feet and his left hand were against the ground, getting his body as low as possible.

He realized there was no blood coming from the destructive behemoth’s leg. The cut he made was far from doing any damage.

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