Chapter 3: King of the Beasts (I)

Humongification was a common occurrence among the mutated carnivores. Accelerated speed, strengthened muscles, increased size, and even more resilient skin and claws were the superpowers that Humongification could bring. Even the shotguns from the civilized period could not fire through the horrific coating of the Ironclad Brown Bear.

However, this was a different story to Wu Qi’s long blade.

Wu Qi glowered his eyes, a common sign among beasts and humans to show threat. He opened his rosy lips and uttered.

“F**k off! You are not my prey today.”

The Ironclad Brown Bear also glowered. It raised its broad shoulders as if it was about to stand up. Putrid saliva dripped from that blood-thirsty mouth. It gritted its scary teeth as if it was about to attack and end a life any second.

The standoff between the two parties lasted about ten seconds. Finally, the Ironclad Brown Bear backed down from its hunting stance. It faced Wu Qi and started to step back, gradually disappearing twenty meters away in the fogs of the forest.

Wu Qi kept on hunting. The sky turned from early morning to noon, then to the afternoon. Hot steam rose from the damp forest and became muggy. Wu Qi’s body had pretty good temperature equilibrium regulation, but he still sweated, dampening the inside of his clothes.

He already walked about forty kilometers. He drank some water, ate the jerky, and rested a bit to recover his vigor.

Luckily, his destination was just a few steps away.

He peeped through the hair-like vines and the woods that camouflaged him and saw his target. There was a ten-meter wide pond about twenty meters ahead of him, and besides that pond, a ginormous weird-looking monster was standing there on its four legs. It lowered its head and drank the emerald pond water greedily.

Wu Qi had already seen almost every single mutated creature living in this forest. Except for this one, he could not categorize what animal that was. Its body was six meters long and weighed about 1.5 tonnes. The most important thing was, it was kind of like a fantasy creature in mythology. It had tiger feet and tiger tail, broad bear back and crocodile head, and mottled tortoiseshell fur coating. It was a monster that mutated based on the jungle tiger, a demonic beast that possessed a first-order “Animal Fusion” ability. All other tyrants that ruled the mountains would have to bow down in front of it. Three years ago, Ruorong left the long knife and asked him to survive on his own. She bestowed him knowledge, left him weapons, and taught him hunting, surviving, training skills, and a sentence:

“If you wish to leave the mountain, you must have the power to kill the “Crogerdragon” all by yourself. Wu Qi listened and followed. He had spent half a year seeing after the Crogerdragon, learning its habitual nature, and knowing its movements.”

Wu Qi calmed himself and immersed himself in this quiet place. Nine years of silence training had given him the ability to run in complete silence, even doing complete anaerobic exercises in a short time. He crept to the Crogerdragon like a ghost, grabbed his knife, and hacked down at its tail as hard as he could!

Swoosh. A three-feet long knife sliced into the Crogerdragon’s tough tail. It cut open its skin, peeling away the flesh from the bones, and cut off that iron lash of a tail swiftly! The Crogerdragon howled in agony, the deafening sound was loud enough to resonate with the entire forest. Just then, its hindfoot kicked at Wu Qi with a terrifying strong force.

Wu Qi, however, had already hid in a safe distance that he only felt the gust that paired with the strong force. The Crogerdragon turned its six-meters-tall body, obviously losing its balance. It could not see Wu Qi, because Wu Qi had already jumped over the top of its head before it looked in his direction.

Heading down from the top, he landed his knife precisely on its neck! Metal clashed with flesh, splattering the crimson blood everywhere. Wu Qi sliced through the muscles on the Crogerdragon’s neck and withdrew into the pond just as its giant claw was about to hit him. The Crogerdragon was completely furious, and it entered the pond, heading straight for Wu Qi. Its body that weighed 1.5 tonnes sank inside the muck under the water, restricting its movements. But those muscular front legs of the Crogerdragon almost moved like they were guided by the wind and aided by the water, they moved almost just as fast as the much-lighter Wu Qi did in the water.

But Wu Qi was still a little faster. He grabbed onto the hair-like vines across the pond and pulled himself up and out. Stepping on those vines, he navigated his way swiftly like Tarzan.

Now that it realized the human who just hurt it was getting further away, the Crogerdragon exploded in rage. The muscles on its back burst up like mountains, then it extended to its limbs and the rest of its body. It stepped on the muck under the pond but didn’t sink more, instead, it blasted out of the pond with an indescribable power.

In the blink of an eye, the Crogerdragon transformed into a huge figure that shadowed the sky and flew over Wu Qi’s head. Had any other human witnessed this, they would have been petrified. Because a humongous monster that weighed 1.5 tonnes and did not have wings had managed to jump over a human.

Wu Qi’s pupils didn’t constrict at the critical point of life and death. He was exceptionally quiet and eerily calm.

Wu Qi lifted his crocodile leather boots and faced the Crogerdragon’s giant claw with the steel-hard soles. After a loud bang, Wu Qi’s body flew out like he had been struck by a truck and left trail on the muddy ground beside the pond.

The Crogerdragon quickly followed. Wu Qi’s legs were almost like springs and jumped away instantly. Suddenly, wet mud was flying everywhere, and the smell of swamp filled the air. The Crogerdragon landed on the shaken ground, and once its limbs had contacted the earth, it regained its force and dashed after Wu Qi. Its ground speed was more than three times faster than its underwater speed, and within two breaths, the distance between them had shortened to only two meters.

This was after Wu Qi had already cut off the tail that used to balance its body. Meaning, it had already lost its balance and some of its speed.

In a flash, the Crogerdragon that was chasing behind opened its crocodile-like mouth and spewed out a phantom-green shadow with great force. Its tongue hit the long blade body that Wu Qi used as a protection but bounced away and landed on the kapok tree on the side, leaving behind a shocking gash on those thick branches. Green acid seeped out from the gash and eroded the poor kapok tree at an amazing speed.

“‘High velocity,’ ‘explosive muscle movements’ are what I already knew, but this [email protected] even evolved a ‘toxic acid tongue,’ what a surprise.”

Wu Qi understood, the Crogerdragon had way too many first-order fusion powers. The longer he waited, the harder to fight against them.

His body reacted just as he pondered. He no longer escaped but turned around and advanced. He held the long knife that was dripping with acid and faced the Crogerdragon in close quarters. Of course, Wu Qi’s strength was no match for the Crogerdragon, but when it came to agility, his smaller body had much easier movements compared to the Crogerdragon that possessed high-velocity movements!

Smash! Smash! Smash! The blade cut at the Crogerdragon’s fragile neck and head. The Crogerdragon’s forequarters were erected and it attacked Wu Qi with its sinewy forearms. Wu Qi waved his long knife and avoided the claws and fought strength with agility. At the same time, his feet moved like wind and lighting against the soft dirt on the ground to avoid the Crogerdragon’s downward hit.

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