Chapter 30    Destructive Behemoth (III)

Gunshots blared again, the destructive behemoth’s mountain-like body suddenly trembled, then it looked up at the sky and screamed in pain! A tungsten heart APDS spiraled and pierced into the lava cavity on the destructive behemoth’s back. The cavity was not covered by armor, so Gao Yuan was able to shoot a big hole on the membrane. Super hot lava over a thousand degrees celsius flew out from that big hole, white smoke flew into the air amid the sizzling sound, leaving a white mark on the destructive behemoth’s back armor.

Wu Qi was shocked, it turned out to be Gao Yuan cooperating with him. Gao Yuan knew Wu Qi’s long blade, and that despite its sharpness, it was completely futile against the second-level “armor mutation” that was comparable to the armors on the armored-truck. But, as the destructive behemoth was following Wu Qi, the exposed cavity on its back was obviously its major weakness.

But what Gao Yuan didn’t expect was, as the destructive behemoth went into a manic frenzy from getting shot on its back cavity, its screams were loud enough to shake the entire tunnel, making everyone want to cover their ears as tightly as they could. The mercenaries who were fighting could not cover their ears, and as a result, their ears bled from the destructive noise and they lost their consciousness for a little bit, giving their enemies the upper hand. Wu Qi’s hearing was already quite sharp, so he hurriedly retreated to a safe distance and covered his ears with all his might, trying his best to lessen the damage on his ears from the loud noise.

The scream may be brief, but everyone felt like it was an eternity. Then, the destructive behemoth faced the inside of the tunnel, its red eyes looked past the battlefield of advanced humanoid beasts and Black Blunderbuss mercenaries and locked in on the vengeful Gao Yuan, who was creeping in the darkness. It exhaled a white steam from its mouth, the flesh beneath its skin turned maroon with large patches of orange light.

A second later, the temperature in the tunnel went up more than fifty degrees. The destructive behemoth opened its giant mouth that was filled with white and orange light. Lava sparks flew out above the cavity on its back!

A one-meter-wide high-temperature light ray came from the destructive behemoth mouth, everyone only caught a glimpse of the lava-colored surface before the blinding light covered everything in sight. The destructive aura immediately overwhelmed everyone like doomsday. Gao Yuan kept his eyes closed as he tucked his sniper rifle to his chest and rolled to the right instantaneously. Then, explosive sounds roared, countless gravel flew in all directions, and the high-temperature light ray ploughed a crimson burn mark on the tunnel ground.

White steam rose from the burn mark and covered half the tunnel. Gao Yuan dodged that lethal high-temperature light ray on slim chance. He was soaked in sweat when he opened his eyes again, each drop of his sweat leaked the feeling of fear.

The light ray also passed through the battlefield that Wang Sheng and his Black Blunderbuss mercenaries fought the advanced humanoid beasts. But the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries were more sensitive and quicker to react, every single one of them dodged the attack. Two advanced humanoid beasts, however, weren’t so lucky; the orangey-white high temperature light ray hit them and evaporated their strong bodies before they even had the chance to escape. What was left of them were two completely burnt lower limbs, and the cross section of their torso had white steam coming off, much like the ground.

The hoarse and angry sound of a M500 revolver came up abruptly, then, an advanced humanoid beast that tried to hide got its brains blown out. Wang Sheng made that shot. Assistant Liu and other mercenaries came back to their senses, they raised their weapons and fired at the advanced humanoid beasts that were a little further away from them. Pieces of raptorial arms flew around, emerald green heads got blown up one after one.

The vibes in the battlefield were low after the destructive behemoth shot a high temperature light ray, then Wang Sheng found the right time and turned the tables. Wang Sheng’s eyes were filled with vendetta, his index finger was pulling the trigger like crazy until the last bullet was used up. Wang Sheng then took off the assault rifle on his back and changed the bullets as quickly as he could to strafe at the few monsters that were still left.

Perhaps the destructive behemoth did not see the advanced humanoid beasts as its partners at all. It screamed as it lifted its feet and dashed forward like a rampaging tank on a battleground. It hit the two advanced humanoid beasts in front and made them fly four meters off the ground. It faced the barrage and completely blocked off all the metal bullets with its impressive defense power. Flying metal sparks covered the destructive behemoth’s entire body, but it only had Gao Yuan in his eyes!

Boom. Boom. Boom. The destructive behemoth walked with ground-shattering footsteps and appeared in front of everyone. Wang Sheng suddenly ordered, “Cease fire!”

The continuous barrage ceased immediately. Instead of the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries attacking, Wu Qi headed straight  to the destructive behemoth from the back. Sword-like sharpness flashed in his black obsidian eyes. He held the blade in his right hand and kept his left hand against the ground, both feet arched to make sure his body was zero degrees away from the ground. Finally, he pushed from his feet and gave him the explosive force like an arrow leaving a bow!

That was how lizards run: quiet, agile, and full of explosive power! Wu Qi struck his blade with his right hand as soon as he approached the destructive behemoth, the blade slashing on the existing cut he made earlier on the back of its knee joint and impaled the wound! The sharp blade cut through the tough muscle tissues, the muscle fibers made ripping sounds as they were torn. Then, the destructive behemoth’s body suddenly tilted and almost fell on the left side of its body.

Wu Qi’s body was like a spring that was ready to bounce at any time. He carefully utilized every inch of his muscle and aimed precisely in one direction. The second he stuck the blade in the destructive behemoth’s wound, he stomped on its right leg to borrow the force to pull out the blade. His agile body directly flew away, and what immediately came next was the destructive behemoth’s revenging iron fist. The giant fist always carried the terrifying domineering force, smashing another giant hole in the concrete floor. This time, Wu Qi still dodged it.

In other words, Wu Qi had decided to mimic the movements of a beast since the very beginning in order to avoid the deadly attacks that might occur anytime from the destructive behemoth.

Wu Qi was badgering the destructive behemoth once again and managed to dodge all the deadly attacks from his enemy. The mercenaries from the safe zone and the Black Blunderbuss team were all staring at Wu Qi in shock and admiration.

“Sly high-speed movements and fierce strikes. This guy must have been hiding his true powers. Second-level enhanced strength and second-level enhanced agility, perhaps even higher!” Wang Sheng exclaimed.

Every movement Wu Qi made seemed to have come from extensive training, but it was impossible for a normal human to execute those extremely difficult moves. Wang Sheng tried to imagine his own body coordinating those movements with this degree of flexibility, his pupils constricted every time he realized he could not do it.

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