Chapter 31    Killing the Red Giant

 Gao Yuan calmly repositioned his beloved sniper rifle in the backline. He held a slender armor-piercing bullet between his fingers and stuffed it in the cartridge chamber. After some clicking sounds of metal parts, Gao Yuan got the destructive behemoth’s moving head in the very center of his sniper scope.

The sniper rifle roared as he pulled the trigger! A huge hole appeared on the destructive behemoth’s forehead, several minor fissures appeared on the bulging cranial armor but did not fully crack open. The bullet shot from the sniper rifle was inlaid right in the middle of the fissures.

The defense power from second-level armor superpower was even stronger than the 20mm steel exterior of the armored truck, but it still got busted open. After receiving what could be a life-threatening wound, the destructive behemoth saw Gao Yuan as its biggest threat once again, but before it was ready to attack, an exploding bullet hit the same spot one more time!

That bullet had spiral patterns on its shell, it was a 12.7mm armor-piercing explosive bullet made specifically for sniper rifles. It was fifty percent more powerful than regular armor-piercing bullets but five times more expensive. For a professional sniper like Gao Yuan, who came from the G011 military base and on the mercenary team, he needed to purchase these bullets in single counts.

At that instant, the weapon showed off its prowess. Fine, cobweb-like fissures appeared on the destructive behemoth’s forehead after the bullet exploded, there was a tinge of orange-red color in the depth of the fissures.

To the destructive behemoth, that was equivalent to “bleeding.” The behemoth’s entire body trembled as it bellowed furiously and spewed out three times more white steam than before. Its skin turned dark red and orange-red, the lava inside the cavity on its back started to seethe.

The destructive behemoth turned into a huge smelting furnace. The temperature within a ten-meter radius was more than 120 degrees celsius. The bellowing hot air scared off all the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries; they must not be hit by the high-temperature light rays, breathing the hot air was enough to kill them.

The same hot air also reached Gao Yuan and heated through his combat gear, his skin was burning and hurting from head to toe. Gao Yuan was not the best at resisting pain, he didn’t have any enhanced defense powers. The painful burns made his tense muscles convulse, he couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t escape.

Gao Yuan’s heart sank when the white-and-orange light appeared in the destructive behemoth’s gigantic mouth again. Desperation flashed in his bright eyes with enhanced vision.

Because the last shot was their final chance of conquering this second-level plague-breeder.

Suddenly, the silhouette of a person holding a blade entered the glowing red realm! Wu Qi let gravity pull his feet down and landed on the destructive behemoth’s shoulder that was as hot as a furnace. The destructive behemoth’s body temperature was several times hotter than the hot air around it. His crocodile leather boots turned bright red within half a second. But, Wu Qi grimly endured the lethal searing heat. He lowered his shoulders and quickly stuck his three-feet long blade right into the crevice on the destructive behemoth’s head!

Orangey red blood splashed out for the first time. The long blade turned bright red, his leather coat was instantly covered in fire sparks that flew out from inside of the behemoth’s body!

The destructive behemoth’s head was heavily wounded at the critical moment and fell to its side, the lava inside its mouth could not condense and spilled out from the right.

The warped high-heat light ray hit the concrete wall inside the tunnel and burned a five-meter-wide hole that was carbon black on the outside and orangey red on the inside. Lava slowly dripped from the walls, accompanied with sizzling sounds and white steam that refracted light.

The giant, fighting tank-esque body of the destructive behemoth lost its vitality and balance, and finally fell down after standing still for a while. Darkness slowly covered its lava-colored eyes, orange-red patches slowly dissipated from its dark red skin. The armor and its skin color did not recover to ecru but became duller, giving the dark red a ghastly ashy tinge.

The seething lava in the cavity on its back was evaporating extremely fast and the structured shape of the cavity was collapsing. A red blade was still stuck on the destructive behemoth’s cracked head, the blade’s owner, Wu Qi, knelt on the destructive behemoth’s neck with his back erect.

The tough and resilient crocodile leather boots were melted by the heat, the tough soles were stuck to the bottom of his bare feet, the leather coat and clothes he wore were all burned up by the flames.

Wu Qi’s skin below his neck was almost carbon black. Dark red colors peeped through the charred flesh, his once-fair skin that women envied was now bright red as if it had been roasted. His eyes were tightly closed, his hands still had a death grip on the red blade handle.

Sanguinary steam rose from the destructive behemoth’s dead body, and the lively steam overtook the fifteen-meter wide tunnel. Bloody steam and the white fog from the lava looked out of place, inside of the tunnel was a world that burned away all life force.

Wang Sheng stared at the bloody, steamy world in shock, and suddenly came to the realization that he was sitting on the ground. He stroked his thumb and index finger together unconsciously and felt the sweat. Wang Sheng took a gentle breath, the air was still hot, but not hot enough to cause damage in the trachea and the lungs.

Wang Sheng finally had some time to look around his surroundings. Big, small, intact, and broken bodies of the advanced humanoid beasts and the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries’ cadavers on the grey concrete floor, mixed and mingled together with green and red rivers of blood, reeking of death and filth. Crimson burn marks of various shapes and sizes covered the dark tunnel, terrifying red light smouldered. The light coming from the left side of the burning wall was the brightest, it was entirely orange-red, almost resembling a burning sun.

Wang Sheng got up and looked at a completely charred Wu Qi, who was kneeling on the destructive behemoth’s dead body like a statue. Wang Sheng’s eyes sparkled with gratefulness and admiral, and a twinkle of hope. He slowly paced into the world of bloody steam and squatted down in front of Wu Qi.

He took off his tactical gloves and moved his index finger to Wu Qi’s nostrils. To his surprise, Wu Qi was still breathing, but he was very weak and could stop breathing any time.

“Deputy Liu, get the medical kit!” Wang Sheng’s voice quivered as he shouted with expectations that Wu Qi may survive. But after a while, he still didn’t hear the familiar footsteps coming. He seemed to understand why. He turned around with difficulty and glanced at all the dead bodies of the Black Blunderbuss mercenaries.

Only three Black Blunderbuss mercenaries were still alive, but the number of dead bodies didn’t match. Wang Sheng’s eyes shifted to the huge burning wall involuntarily, his heart convulsed severely.

He looked away.

Gao Yuan found an intact medical kit from the military bags on the ground and brought it to Wang Sheng. His face that always looked so calm now still had a shadow of fear.

Gao Yuan looked down and opened his cracked, bleeding lips and said softly, “We owe him a favor.”

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