Chapter 32    Conquests

Wang Sheng took the medical kit from Gao Yuan and opened it immediately. He took out a green syringe of cell-activator. He repositioned Wu Qi’s burned body and peeled off a chunk of charred skin on his left arm, then pushed a few drops of activator out of the syringe and stuck the syringe onto the blackish-red flesh.

After all the activator had been injected into Wu Qi’s body, Wang Sheng carried Wu Qi’s body from the destructive behemoth’s body to the ground, which took a bit of effort because many of Wu Qi’s body parts had been melted onto the destructive giant.

Now that Wu Qi had been rescued, An Yi and Zhou Qing rushed to his side to check his condition. Wu Qi was not just their savior, but also a member of the safe zone’s mercenary squad. Although it had only been a short period of time, but that identity would not change in their hearts.

But July the little red fox was even faster than them and leaped to Wu Qi’s side straight away. It crooned as it licked the wounds on his face and his body.

“Do your best and save him.” Wang Sheng dropped the medical kit in front of An Yi. They have tried their best to provide the best medical equipment and medications. Then, he and Gao Yuan were going to dissect the dead body of this second-level plague-breeder.

Any mission that involved second-level plague-breeders were at least B-level in difficulty. With the armored truck and the machine guns, the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team was equipped enough to wrestle with one second-level plague-breeder, but they were a little helpless when there were an extra one hundred first-level plague breeders. However, when they overcame such a dangerous mission like today, it gave them quite a lot of gains.

After all, any second-level mutation required at least one or more first-level mutations as foundation. A first-level superpower virus needs to feed, grow, and devour other first-level superpower viruses in a mutated creature for a long and variable process in order to produce a second-level virus. This second-level virus was equivalent to a second-level mutation. The prototype of a second-level virus could get them a very high reward once they trade it off to the mercenary corporation’s exchange center.

The destructive behemoth possessed second-level mutated “extraordinary power”, second-level mutated “armor”, and second-level “high temperature radiation” superpowers. The first two were “enhanced body mutations” and the last one belonged to “mutated organ superpower.” Mutated organ superpowers were usually more special and rarer than enhanced body mutations. With Wang Sheng’s experience, he had never encountered a monster that had a lava-filled cavity on the back that used “high temperature radiation.”

Wang Sheng drew four 100ml tubes of virus prototype liquid from the cavity on the destructive behemoth’s back and put it in the specimen box. He took out his army knife and cut off the entire cavity before it collapsed. The best solution would be to use the armored truck to carry the entire dead body of the destructive behemoth because they could sell the body of this unknown species to the Central Research Institute’s acquisition department and make a fortune. Too bad, the armored truck had been blown to pieces. The only thing they could do to the three-tonnes body of the destructive giant was dissecting the parts.

Wang Sheng’s head hurt at the thought of the destroyed armored truck. His heart hurt even more when he realized the three specimen boxes had also been blown up. The more life-or-death battles he fought, the more he cherished the value of life, and the more he valued the conquests that they exchanged with their lives. But there was nothing he could do to bring everything back. Fortunately, the destructive behemoth’s body could make some good revenue, the specimens of the advanced humanoid beasts could make up a little bit as well.

A fiery red shadow scurried under Wang Sheng’s arm as he dissected the cavity. It was July, Wu Qi’s pet. July’s nose was against the surface of the destructive behemoth’s cavity as if lured by the odor coming from it. It opened its mouth and tore off a layer of skin.

“This greedily little fox even got the balls to eat a plague-breeder’s flesh. Careful not to die!” Wang Sheng growled as he pinched July on the nape of its neck and threw it into Zhou Qing’s arms. Then, he cut off the entire cavity and placed it in the specimen box.

They had enough time to treat the wounds of other Black Blunderbuss mercenaries, Wang Sheng and Gao Yuan’s dissection project was also complete. An unconscious Wu Qi was surrounded by the safe zone mercenaries. They used a whole bottle of coagulant spray and used up all the bandage and tourniquet on Wu Qi and wrapped him up like a mummy, then he was carried by another mercenary who had relatively less injuries.

Everyone from the exploration squad was standing beside Wang Sheng. Wang Sheng took one final look at the dead bodies of his comrades scattered on the ground and led his team quickly out of this tunnel of endless danger.

If their comrades that died in the battle were left with complete, intact bodies, then they would’ve taken them back for proper burials. But all that were left were broken limbs and organs, it wouldn’t make a difference if they take them back. They were mercenaries, they were prepared to die when they fought the mutated animals and plague-breeders. They understood they couldn’t always bring back the bodies of their comrades. They took their time as they collected their conquests that were the responsibilities associated with this mission.

Wang Sheng thoroughly understood how dangerous and mysterious this tunnel was! The plague-breeders didn’t just appear from deep inside the tunnels, neither did they follow the simple “monsters that dwelled in the deep were stronger” rule. Wang Sheng and his team did not see any places for the destructive behemoth to enter and exit as they made their way out of the tunnel. Where the heck did the destructive behemoth really come from?

The more Wang Sheng pondered, the more he felt the icy sensation attacking him. He thought, perhaps it was just as Wu Qi had said before, this tunnel had already become a nest for the plague-breeders. They could not calculate where a monster could pop out or what the landform looked like. They were fortunate enough to make it out alive.

The gang finally left the dark tunnel. The sunlight that shone on their skin again stimulated their nerves and made them feel extra comfortable and cozy. The exploration team members that survived supported the injured and carried the conquests. They slowly walked along the high-speed railway that had been abandoned for half a century.

Countless dangerous creatures creeped within the lush, verdant mountains. A straight grey road extended out into the deserted SW04 highway, or into the wilderness where the people suffered in famine and poverty. Less than ten surviving mercenaries made the chaotic milieu look even more helpless and lonely.

The tunnel that was once occupied by plague-breeders returned to quietude. After the light faded from the orangey-red lava that remained on the tunnel walls, darkness engulfed every inch of the tunnel space once again.

An arc of blue light suddenly appeared in the depth of the dark tunnel. The arc of light came from the inside and moved outwards, it twinkled more than twenty times in the time of two breaths and twinkled its way from a few thousand meters inside the tunnel to the exit of the tunnel and arrived at the destructive behemoth’s carcass. The arc of blue light finally stopped and became an observable light ball that was four meters wide. The light ball was covered in blue electric energy with irregular white air current moved across at high speed, the whole thing looked like energy disturbance generated by an electromagnetic pulse gun.

In the blink of an eye, two thick, three-meter long, flesh-toned tentacles ejected out of the blue light ball and wrapped around the destructive behemoth’s carcass, then pulled the three-tonnes carcass back to the inside of the blue ball easily and effortlessly. The destructive behemoth’s carcass was a bit smaller than the blue light ball, so once it entered the inside of the light ball, it completely disappeared as if it had been swallowed.

The blue light ball did not idle for one second after it swallowed the destructive behemoth’s carcass and disappeared in the deep, dark tunnel. This time, the tunnel finally went into an eternal slumber.

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