Chapter 33    Recovery (I)

When consciousness first appeared, it could vaguely sense its surroundings. Every inch of this world was scarlet red, orange light patches and white light patches emitted warped rays, constantly shifting in the scarlet red world. There was nothing else but red, constantly moving in randomness and tedium.

This world continued on for a long time. Suddenly, the scarlet world started to have some warmth and some billowing airwaves. The airwaves were extremely high in temperature, much hotter than the typical 100 degrees celsius water steam. Every wave brought an endless burning sensation to the hazy consciousness. Finally, the hazy consciousness started to gain some clarity.

Countless pieces of memories jumbled together in front of the eyes like pieces of rhombic white paper chained together by an invisible thread. The edges of these pieces lined up together to form a complete sheet of white paper, but they needed to follow the mesh accordingly in proper order. It was way too difficult a task for the owner of this consciousness.

At the same time, the painfulness continued and escalated, coagulating together like a vast ocean. The pressure almost crushed all the pieces of memories and the thread of logic, driving the owner of the consciousness to an abysmal hell.

Just as the owner of the consciousness was on the edge of breaking down, a pure white light appeared in the scarlet world like a dazzling, scorching sun. In this white light, there was a wisp of dancing chestnut-hued long hair and a sweet, gentle smile, but the face behind these two things were unclear. Even so, the owner of this consciousness still got tremendous power from this unknown woman’s face and fought back the pain with labored effort, then tried to piece all the broken memories together using the logical thread.

Whoosh——after all the broken memories have been pieced together, the owner of the consciousness was like a person who had been holding his breath under water for far too long and finally got some fresh air. Dreamy water drops clung to his blurry field of view and slowly dripped down from the top. After the owner of the consciousness took his first breath, the first thing he remembered from the pieced together broken memories was his identity.

I am Wu Qi. I am still alive.

The pieces of memories disappeared, the thread of logic disappeared, the scarlet world and searing hot air waves all disappeared. Real vision appeared from the white blur, his light perception recovered, his color vision also recovered, and he finally saw the whitish grey ceiling in his eyes.

All that remained was pain. Wu Qi tried to feel and got the feedback from his groaning muscles and bones. He remembered, back in the tunnel with plague-breeders, just as the destructive behemoth was about to spew out high-temperature radiation that could kill the entire Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team, he jumped into that furnace of an environment and stuck the deadly long blade into the place that had had two shots by Gao Yuan. He couldn’t remember anything else after that.

Survival was the first rule of any activity. Everything must evolve around the goal of survival. Those were idioms that Sister Ruorong kept on repeating to him, which had drilled into his head after a long time. But at that time, he still decided to rush into the searing world where human lives were forbidden.

The reason was because he did not wish to see the annihilation of the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team and the mercenary squad, he also didn’t want to escape by himself.

To Wu Qi, even if he ditched his teammates and escaped, he still had a decent chance to survive. Had it been someone else at the scene, even if they managed to escape the tunnel, they’d still be lost in the mountains and die in the mouths of a mutated animal. But to him, entering the mountains did not mean babe in the woods, but like a duck to water.

Wu Qi did a calculation that the chances of him dying once he came close to the destructive behemoth was 101%. He should have been burned to death, that was what it was supposed to be. But now he survived, it could only be explained as a miracle, or, he had gotten help from outside his knowledge.

Wu Qi moaned a little and realized his entire body was covered in white bandage. Soft and cool ointment slathered over him beneath the bandage, must be cooling gel for burns, he thought. He could still move, he wasn’t paralyzed. Then, Wu Qi tried to utilize all the energy that’s still left and got up from the bed.

Wu Qi finally saw the entire room. It was a plain and simple bedroom from the civilized era. Furniture that couldn’t be any plainer or simpler took up the spaces designated to put furniture, but those cracks on the yellowed walls and a bonsai that had been dead for God knows how long were clear indications of the age of this room.

That was not the room he rented in the safe zone.

The yellowed old wooden door suddenly opened. The person who walked past that door made Wu Qi feel a little safer. It was Zhou Qing.

Zhou Qing was not wearing his mercenary uniform but a clean and casual outfit. His face was even more slender than it was before the mission, there were obvious dark circles around his eyes. In fact, he had been worried about Wu Qi for the past few days. He was the one who exchanged Wu Qi’s bandages and ointment.

“How long did I sleep for?” Wu Qi asked. He survived miraculously, so he did not think he only took a catnap.

“Four days and three nights, but thank goodness you are awake.” Zhou Qing’s lips curved upward, but his entire countenance was still gloomy. He was obviously under a lot of pressure and made it hard for him to feel happy.

Wu Qi did not notice anything unusual with Zhou Qing. He could sense the movements coming from a beast, but he could not sense human emotions with the same acuity. He looked around to both sides of the bed and said: “Where’s my blade, and where is July?”

Zhou Qing said, “Please wait.”

Two minutes later, Zhou Qing carried Wu Qi’s three-feet long blade into the bedroom, along with a familiar, fiery red silhouette that sprang from his feet. It jumped up in a parabolic trajectory and landed on Wu Qi’s belly.

That hit Wu Qi hard, but he could endure that pain. He smiled and took the long blade that Zhou Qing took. The long blade was not destroyed by molten lava and was just as cold-blooded and icy as ever before, even gave the sunlight that shone on the blade a cold feel.

Wu Qi lifted his hand to pet July and rubbed his bandaged hand against July’s fluffy and warm back. July squinted its eyes and moved its neck around to enjoy the loving caress from its owner. There was even a bright smile on its mouth.

Zhou Qing brought him a tray with two big bowls and a spoon. One of the bowls was vegetable porridge, the other was hot and steamy broth that looked like it was made by boiling canned meat in water. Wu Qi was so darn hungry, when he saw the food in front of his eyes, every single cell in his body almost had little arms that wanted to take them over and gobble down.

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