Chapter 36    Journey to the North (II)

 An Yi’s energy was only enough to break those five words in fragments. When he finished talking, An Yi started coughing severely, his chest also began moving violently up and down with the quilt.

“You still haven’t told me where Sister Ruorong went.” Wu Qi came closer to An Yi and said.

An Yi thought Wu Qi was a little silly, and quite adorably stubborn. Did this boy really believe a patient who was about to die soon had something to tell him?

“That beautiful woman, your sister, went north. Go with Wang Sheng to the military base in the north. You will find more clues about your sister once you get there.” An Yi stuttered as he said and felt completely drained. Although, what he just said was nothing more than a lie he made up on the spot.

Wu Qi listened and took a step back, then took a bow to An Yi.

“Thank you.”

Then, Wu Qi finally left the room.

The sounds of rain and storm became louder on the outside and became the only thing An Yi could sense. An Yi followed the sounds of rain and turned his head towards the window. But his eyes were not focused as though he could not see the scenery in front of his eyes.

The light yellow pickup truck was on the way again. The small town behind them gradually became smaller and smaller, eventually disappearing from the horizon. Dressed in army green mercenary uniform and carrying a Winchester shotgun, Zhou Qing stood in the center of the mercenary team, the position that once belonged to An Yi, and watched the pickup truck disappear.

Many mutated worms came out from the crevices on the ground after the rain, creeping around the damp soil. A twenty-centimeter-long mutated earthworm crawled on a small mound of soil. Suddenly, a dozen or so small holes the size of fingernail opened up on the soil beneath the earthworm, and hundreds of thousands of mutated ants rushed out. The ants were around five to six centimeters long with a shiny black exoskeleton, their mouths evolved into huge pincer jaws. They waved their slender legs and advanced towards the mutated earthworm at the top of the soil mound.

A colony of mutated ants encircled the mutated earthworm and bit at it with their pincer jaws or sharp ant legs. It only took one second for them to get the mutated earthworm under control, but the mutated earthworm was rather big and more forceful as it rolled around, yet it still got trapped by thirty mutated ants. Black ants were all over its entire body. They bit and stung, and five or six seconds later, the huge mutated earthworm was bitten to death and stopped moving.

Half of the ant colony cooperated together and pinched the mutated earthworm’s dead body, the other half of the colony quickly dug on the dirt and opened up a tunnel to transport the earthworm into their nest. They moved quickly and uniformly like machines, it only took them around two seconds to stuff half of the earthworm’s body into the tunnel.

Boom! A loud sound suddenly roared above the colony of ants, then a huge shadow covered them and ran them over. The unknown attack came swiftly and went swiftly, and in the blink of an eye, it left the small mound of soil that just experienced a battle.

Once the dust had settled, the small mound of soil was razed. The thirty mutated ants and the body of the mutated earthworm were all crushed and flattened into minced meat.

The pickup truck kept on driving as if nothing had ever happened.

Wang Sheng drove the pickup truck with one hand and reached in the pocket on his jacket at his chest to get a wrinkled box of cigarettes. He took out a cigarette and passed it to Wu Qi, who was sitting on the passenger’s seat.

“Care for one?”

Wu Qi shook his head. He did not like the smell of cigarette smoke, as the scent was too pungent for his sharp sense of smell and it would affect his sense of smell.

Wang Sheng didn’t push him either. He put the cigarette in his mouth and lit it with a lighter, then spew out a thick smoke outside the car window. The grey smoke flew out the car window and blew to the back by the fast-driving pickup truck and blended with the damp air.

Wu Qi held the leather-sheathed long blade with his arms crossed, his travel bag was placed in the backseat along with Yang Dongchen’s luggage. July the little red fox curled up its bushy tail and fluffy body and quietly slept in his travel bag.

Wu Qi tilted his head and looked to the wilderness that was quickly moving backward and suddenly spoke, “Commander Wang…”

“Just call me Big Brother Wang Sheng.” Wang Sheng said.

“Big Brother Wang Sheng, you said you’re bringing me to the military base, what kind of place is that?” Wu Qi asked.

Wang Sheng blew out a smoke ring and said: “Simply put, military base is a good place. During this time, the residence areas for humans are categorized into three tiers: safe zone, military base, and city. Safe zones are mostly based on decrepit cities that are poor and underdeveloped with little to no security and starving people like wild dogs. Military bases are different. Military bases have strong walls that are forty-meters tall and reinforced with hundreds of high-tech military weapons that are very effective at protecting against attacks from mutated animals and plague-breeders. There are specialized military base security teams on the inside responsible for maintaining safety and orders, as well as laws restricting the actions of citizens. Military bases are in charge of large acres of fertile lands and clean water sources. There are factories that manufacture all the toiletries, firearms, mechanicals, water purifiers from the civilized era, which are enough for ten two twenty thousand people. Some bigger military bases could accommodate thirty to forty thousand people, or even seventy to eighty thousand people.”

“Entertainment wise, of course there are bars and brothels. If you have money, then you can get all kinds of beautiful, hot women. Those s---s take good care of their skin, so fair and smooth that water could squeeze out if you pinch them. They know all the fun tricks to do in bed that could take you to heaven for a night.” Wang Sheng smiled as he talked, lustful blazed in his eyes. He glanced at Wu Qi and realized he had no reactions to the heaven he just described.

Wang Sheng was a little disappointed at that, but then he thought Wu Qi was still a virgin who had yet to experience women and wasn’t that disappointed anymore, so he decided to take Wu Qi out for some good fun.

He continued, “Most importantly, the mercenary group, the super-soldier company, and other small to medium companies are stationed at military bases. They opened trade centers, opened mercenary registration, and assigned missions. So the military base is also the gathering place for mercenaries. Mercenaries take on missions, complete the missions for rewards, then purchase equipment and gene-enhancing drugs to make them stronger and organize more powerful teams to keep climbing up the ladder. After all, this is an era where only the strongest and the fittest could survive. Outside the military base’s walls and into the wilderness was an unreasonable and wild world.”

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