Chapter 37Journey to the North (III)

Wang Sheng’s last sentence resonated with Wu Qi. Yes, this was an unreasonable world. Powerful monsters did not obey any rules when they appeared, mutated bacteria that invaded anything and everything, strange and dangerous climates; humans were very vulnerable at this era, it didn’t matter how careful they tried to survive, they’d die once bad luck came around.

“The mercenary group that owns our Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team is called Sirius Group. Sirius Group is a pretty famous medium-sized mercenary group. They are abundant in resources, our mercenary team expanded little by little under the name of Sirius.” Wang Sheng couldn’t help but think of the armored truck that got destroyed in the tunnel and his teammates who sacrificed their lives.

The armored truck and his comrades were all precious treasures. Some had a price tag and some didn’t, which needed to be gained through a long and dangerous time. Albeit Wang Sheng sold the destructive behemoth’s viral prototype for a good one hundred and sixty thousand bucks, he could never bring back his teammates.

Wang Sheng was not one to drown in sadness for a long time. He shook his head and locked all the bad emotions into the corner of his memory. He laughed and said to Wu Qi, “So, why don’t you consider joining our Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team? With your combat skills, our Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team would definitely become even stronger.”

“Besides, look, we have all the important positions in the team. The shock workers, medics, and snipers are all higher-ordered, especially Gao Yuan, who is our team’s pride and joy. When he went back this time, he got his first-level precise coordination enhanced and became even stronger, but still not at the highest level of enhancement. An excellent genius sniper like that is on the radar of some third and fourth level mercenary teams.”

Gao Yuan gave Wu Qi a deep impression. His strength was not just his ability to stay silent or his precise shots but the fact that he could still calmly and bravely make a shot at close distance under the threat of a second-level plague breeder in order to get the ball rolling and fight for a chance of survival for the losing team. Therefore, Wu Qi approved of Gao Yuan’s abilities, and he also approved of the praises Wang Sheng gave Gao Yuan.

“This damned kid is quite witty.” Wang Sheng noticed Wu Qi did not reply straight away and cursed in his heart. He extended an olive branch again: “Don’t think too much. It’s your decision if you choose to join or not. I’ll show you around once we get to G011 military base and introduce you to register for mercenary. Once you become a registered mercenary, you can test the waters on your own, then decide if you want to join us. Another thing is the reward we got for the last exploration mission. The viral prototype liquid from the second-level plague-breeders sold for a huge sum of one hundred and sixty thousand bucks. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to get this money, let alone survive it, which is why I decided to split the money with you, fifty-fifty. Of course, this isn’t about your decision because you deserve this. So even if you decided not to join us, we could still be friends.”

Wang Sheng thought, I’ve been hinting you so hard, Wu Qi. Even if you are too young to understand the ways of the world, you should know what I’m actually saying.

He drove the pickup truck and secretively glanced at Wu Qi’s face, waiting for him to speak.

Wu Qi wasn’t stupid. He already understood the overly generous words of Wang Sheng. He curled his lips and smiled gently. The smile made his exquisite features even more good-looking. The gentle breeze from the truck window blew on his short black hair, his beautiful black eyes twinkled with mysterious and charming light under the waving tresses.

In fact, the answer to the question was already in Wu Qi’s heart, Wang Sheng didn’t need to say that much.

“I only have one condition. Help me to find a person.”

“Ha, that’s easy!” Wang Sheng agreed immediately, his reaction as fast as a wound-up spring that had gotten loose.

Yang Dongchen almost laughed in the backseat. He had known Wang Sheng for so many years, he knew Wang Sheng’s temperaments from all the battles they fought together. Wang Sheng had a strong self-identity, a little bit aloof and a little bit haughty, but he was also very attentive. There were only a few people that Wang Sheng paid special attention to and remembered and even extended an olive branch to. The boy Wu Qi earned high praise in Wang Sheng’s heart, and Wang Sheng sure admired this boy.

The atmosphere in the pickup truck slowly began to relax and became merry. Wang Sheng told Wu Qi more information about G011 military base, from the cost performance of firearms to which girl had the nicest, perkiest butt at which sex hotel. They talked about everything and Yang Dongchen joined their conversation sometimes. July, who was sleeping in the travel bag, also began to wake up and jumped between Wu Qi’s embrace and the back seat, lively as ever.

They finally reached their destination without them even knowing. A forty-meter dark grey steel wall appeared on the other end of the horizon and gradually moved closer to their eyes.

The vertical city walls that stood under the grey sky were impressively tall and gigantic, so vast they couldn’t see the ends of either sides. The flat and wide surface had a protruding long pole every twenty-five meters apart, the long poles separated the surfaces into sections, and there was a tiny little angle between each section. Dozens of long-range artillery were positioned at twenty and thirty meters above the ground as well as the very top of the walls. At the bottom of the wall was a five-meter-tall, four-meter-wide mechanical gate that had a solemn emblematic portrait in the very center. The emblematic portrait was the side profile of a man with very chiseled features, below the side profile were a blade, a rifle, and a pair of feathery wings, every single feather on the wings was intricately outlined, making the wings look like the nest where the knife and rifle rested.

The person on the emblematic portrait had a tall nose and deep-set eyes, his high cheekbones looked like they were carved, his curly hair was thin and fine. The portrait wasn’t of a random person, but of a real person. It was the designer and main engineer who suggested building a defensive base and built the initial military base against the dangerous plague-breeders and mutated animals——Zhang Yuyu. Now, in the Era of Dawn, Zhang Yuyu is still alive and currently dwelling in the top-level main city “Xinjing.” He was one of the five members of the standing committee in the “Supreme Harbinger Council” that was under the human organization with the highest authority, the “Supreme Tri-Council.” He was powerful, respected, and prestigious, one of the living saviours for all humanity.

The gate was being lifted right now. Two soldiers of the military base guard team who were in charge of inspection stood in front of the gate. They were strong young men wearing standardized dark blue guard uniforms that were nicely ironed out, the style of the uniforms was suit with lapel, the same style from the civilized era. A pair of spread out wings were outlined on the left chest of the uniform, above the wings were the same knife and rifle but no portrait, which was the only thing that was different from the emblematic portrait of the military base. A straight white line was on either side of the sleeves and the trousers that connected to the same emblems on the cuffs. They wore standardized charcoal grey protective helmets, combat boots, and carried assault rifles on their backs, fully armed to the nines.

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