Chapter 38: G011 Military Base

Wang Sheng’s pickup truck drove to the gate and slowed down to stop the truck once he reached the speed bump. He hopped off the truck and politely showed his and Yang Dongchen’s ID cards to one of the soldiers.

“Wait, where’s this guy’s ID?” The soldier noticed Wu Qi on the passenger seat and asked sternly.

In order to keep the population at a normal range and to maintain law and order, unknown persons were not allowed to enter, which is where ID cards came in handy. All residents in the military base or registered mercenaries in the mercenary group had their own ID cards. The ID cards were a symbol of one’s own value; those who are proven useful and have made contributions to the military base are granted residence rights. However, the residence grants are not permanent, therefore residents must constantly make contributions to the military base.

It was beyond the bounds of possibility for an outsider to get an ID card. Even if one registers to be a mercenary to get an ID card, but one was not allowed to enter the military base without an ID card. In other words, the military base did not welcome those who came from nowhere.

Wang Sheng was well-prepared. He took out a piece of A4 paper from his pocket and gave it to the soldier. The striking “Temporary Entry Pass” written in red at the top of the paper, the center portion was Wu Qi’s basic information written in black, and a huge red stamp at the bottom of the paper, the stamp of approval from Sirius Group.

The expression on the soldier’s face eased up a little bit after seeing the temporary entry pass and softened his harsh gaze. Wang Sheng snuck a pack of cigarettes under the temporary pass, which the soldier took away as he examined the pass.

The reason Wang Sheng became a commander was because he knew more “ways of the world” than other people. He was authoritative and professional, but also considerate and street-smart. Commodities of the civilized era like cigarettes weren’t mass produced in the Era of Dawn, which became a luxury product for common folks at more than 200 a pack, and also a luxury product for guardian soldiers as well. If there was a chance to get on good terms with the guardian soldiers, then Wang Sheng took it just in case he might be needing something in the future. The soldier calmly took the pack of cigarettes, which proved that Wang Sheng’s bribery for a favor was successful.

“It’s fine, go on.” The soldier returned the temporary entry pass back to Wang Sheng. Wang Sheng smiled and gave the soldier an understanding look. By the time he sat back down in his pickup, the white mechanical fences in front of the speed bump had already opened.

Wu Qi on the passenger side naturally saw the piece of paper Wang Sheng took out and asked: “What’s this?”

“Temporary Entry Pass. It’s only issued when you have made some contributions to the military base, which is used for civilians at the base to bring people from the wilderness into the military base temporarily. The time limit is three days. Mine is an entry pass issued by the Sirius Mercenary Group, which essentially functions as a registered mercenary recommendation letter. I can’t bring you inside without it. But, once you have become a registered mercenary with the Sirius Group, then you’ll get your own ID card. If you made enough contributions, then you will get long-term residence rights at the military base,” Wang Sheng explained.

The pickup truck kept on driving. After they passed a ten-meter-long gate tunnel, the environment became well-lit again, the prosperity inside the military base came to Wu Qi’s eyes.

Rows upon rows of buildings, crowded streets, clean and wide roads, neatly dressed pedestrians, busy shops, blinking traffic lights. The grocery shops displayed all kinds of fresh foods that had the same style from the civilized era, everyone on the streets looked healthy and glowy, the street lamps on either side of the roads were very bright, the high-voltage power lines were transporting electric currents.

The inside of G011 was basically a smaller city of the civilized era. From architecture to lifestyle, there was a sense of simplicity compared to the real civilized era, and the color scheme was similar to the dark grey color of the city wall.

Wu Qi finally understood what Wang Sheng meant by “the military base is a good place” once he saw the inside of G011 military base.

This was a civilized world with all kinds of features. It featured basic needs of safety and abundant resources, almost like a microcosm of a city from the civilized era, the polar opposite of the chaotic wilderness that was rife with starving people. Any person with eyes could tell the difference between the military base and the safe zone right away, the difference was night and day. The concept of “the safe zone was no different from the wilderness” was not surprising in a milieu like this, because it was the common value of the residents here in the military base.

Wu Qi looked outside the truck window and saw a scene that he had never seen before. All kinds of people and buildings slowly moved back in his view. His eyes sparkled with curiosity, this place was exactly like the civilized world that Sister Ruorong described.

That corroborated Wu Qi’s correct decision to come to the G011 military base. The environment inside the military base gave him the feeling that he was one step closer to reaching his goal of finding Sister Ruorong.

G011 military base spanned one thousand kilometers square, 70% of the architectures were one-to-three-story buildings. Three tall buildings with more than twenty floors stood inside the military base, the style was the typical office buildings from the civilized era; hundreds of bullet-proof glass windows covered the four sides of the building, they have the most common refraction technology so that one cannot see the inside of the building from the outside. But from the inside, one can overlook the entire view of the city. Because of the height of these buildings, they can be seen from any street in the city center, they are like lighthouses on the edge of a black ocean.

Of these three buildings, one of them was the Central Management Building that executed the functions of the government from the civilized era. The head of the military base had the highest administrative authority and the highest commanding rights of the military guardian team. The head and the other office workers worked and lived in the Central Management Building.

The second one was the Dawn Super Soldier Company’s branch office at the G011 military base. It controlled the only official distribution channel of gene-enhancing drugs within G011. “Dawn” had an inseparable relationship with the “Central Research Institute” that was one of the Supreme Tri-Council. Its business values and operational powers were beyond the imagination of any common civilian, it was a legendary existence.

The third one was the Sirius Mercenary Group. More than three thousand mercenary teams registered under its name, more than 400 of the registered mercenary teams were stationed at G011. The Sirius Mercenary Group provided mercenaries and registration and ratings for mercenary teams, mission assignment and feedback, intelligence exchanges, trade centers, training arenas, and other functions. The headquarters is located in a “second-tier city.” Although Sirius may be a medium-sized mercenary group, to the people living in the military base, it was considered as a “huge enterprise.”

The destination where Wang Sheng was taking Wu Qi to was the Sirius Mercenary Group.

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