Chapter 39    Sirius and Mercenary Test (I)

The light yellow pickup truck drove on the wide asphalt road with very little cars and turned at the winding curves. The houses on the side moved back in front of his eyes at an even speed. Pedestrians striding on the clean streets that had no starving hobos, the colorful stores that had joyful people inside their doors. Together, they embellished a small city scenery that was not at all monotonous.

Wu Qi sat in the slightly shaky truck and kept his eyes outside the window on the ever-changing views, the roaring motor sounds echoed in his ear. Ten minutes later, the motor sounds became smaller and the truck slowed down. Wu Qi looked ahead and saw a twenty-five-meter wide grey asphalt road with two rows of tall, verdant trees, their lush branches dancing in the gentle breeze. An impressive edifice stood at the end of the road fifty meters ahead. He could only see the first floor of the edifice through the truck windshield from where he was sitting.

“Wu Qi, we’re leaving.” Wang Sheng called out. He opened the truck door and jumped off.

Yang Dongchen exited from the left and entered the driver’s seat where Wang Sheng used to be. He smiled as he turned his head to Wu Qi, who was still in the passenger seat. “What, are you still worried about your little fox? Don’t worry, your luggage and pet will be in the truck. Once you and Wang Sheng are finished, I’ll be waiting in the truck.”

Wu Qi nodded and turned around to look at July, who was sitting pretty on the backseat of the truck. Its round black eyes had an understanding verve that seemed to connect with humans. Wu Qi looked into July’s eyes for one second, then opened the truck door and extended his right leg out.

Wu Qi felt a different type of texture through his thick boots once he stood on the ground, steady, smooth, the type of texture that was much unlike the curvy bumpy roads in small towns or the damp muddy soil in the forests. The gentle zephyr blown from the south was not mixed with stench, so pure that it was virtually odorless.

Wu Qi got a rare sense of security as he stood in there.

Wang Sheng straightened the shoulders on his leather jacket and walked to Wu Qi. He stood about half feet in front of Wu Qi to lead him. Wu Qi looked up and his gaze followed the tall edifice to the sky covered by grey clouds. The edifice was grey, every section on the outside duplicated itself repeatedly, making the building look like a colossus that was assembled together by pieces of identical designs. It looked unreal.

The very top of the building did not have the repeating dark blue windows, instead, it had some words written in blocks of steel——Sirius Mercenary Group. There was also a steel emblem in front of the letter “S.” It was a side view of a wolf’s head, full of sheer wildness. The giant wolf had a puffed chest and faced to the left, the edges of the wolf emblem was bright white, the inside was as dark as the quiet universe. An azure blue light as bright as a star was dotted in the very center of the emblem, just like the Sirius in the universe.

Wu Qi followed Wang Sheng up five steps of a wide white marble staircase and walked to the front door that was three meters tall and four meters wide. The door on the first floor was made of bullet-proof glass that was just like the civilized era. Four guards of the Sirius Group stood on the sides of the front door. All of them wearing dark grey uniforms, two rows of six-round white buttons stood out against the slim uniform. The Sirius emblems were on their uniforms’ left shoulders.

All of the guards were young, two were males and two were females. They weren’t equipped with rifles or other weapons, but Wu Qi could detect the faint smell of danger coming from their bodies. The scent was quite similar to Wang Sheng’s, the scent of genetically-enhanced warriors.

Wang Sheng showed his second-level mercenary certificate. The guards didn’t stop him, they just stood there in silence. Wu Qi followed Wang Sheng into the lobby. From the entrance, the area of the lobby that can be seen as more than two hundred square meters. The floor of the lobby was covered in cold white ceramic tiles, surrounded by snow-white walls and ceiling. A “modern style” oval information desk from the civilized era stood at the center of the lobby. The information desk was pretty big, a few staff members wearing the same uniform were behind the desk.

“Hi, Big Brother Xiang, we meet again!” Wang Sheng whistled and greeted a plain-looking thirty-something man at the information desk.

Zhang Xiang stood up and greeted zealously: “Hey, you’re back. Yo, this boy beside you is the one you had your eye on?”

Zhang Xiang studied Wu Qi who was standing beside Wang Sheng. He was dressed in plain, all black clothes, he was the type of person who would blend in and disappear in a crowd during the civilized era. He had the leather-sheathed long blade in his right hand, and by the look of it, it was a rod-like object. But Zhang Xiang took some extra look at his face.

Wu Qi’s skin was even smoother than any person in the lobby, his skin tone even fairer than the two female workers beside Zhang Xiang. His features were exquisite, the pair of black obsidian eyes were like burning stars in a night sky, so lively and bright, so impressively beautiful. The rosiness on his cheeks and lips were clear signs that he was very healthy. His broad, strong shoulders filled out the plainclothes, his figure was nicely balanced and muscular.

As the front desk worker at the information table, Zhang Xiang had been reading people for eight or nine years. What he looked for in a person was not physique, but their temperament, and he was accurate pretty much all the time. Right now, Wang Sheng was enthusiastic and optimistic when he’s with an acquaintance, but his appearance was telling the story of a stern warrior bathed in flames of war. Wu Qi gave Zhang Xiang a pristine, fresh impression with the face of a flower that was nurtured in a greenhouse. The first impression he gave off was an inexperienced kid, but the verve behind that pristineness was way too mature, making it hard to associate it to duckweed that went with the flow.

For the first time, Zhang Xiang was unable to judge a teenager’s temperaments, or better yet, he couldn’t even believe the answer that he got from personal experience. Zhang Xiang, however, was not surprised, because he believed that once Wu Qi goes through the registration test, then everything will be revealed.

Zhang Xiang laughed: “He’s got potential. Are you going to do the registration test right now?”

Wu Qi and Wang Sheng looked at each other, then Wang Sheng spoke for Wu Qi: “Mhm, right now. It’s gonna trouble you, Big Brother Xiang.”

“Ain’t no trouble. Let’s go.” Zhang Xiang stepped out from the opening of the information desk and gestured at Wu Qi to let them follow.

Wu Qi and Wang Sheng followed Zhang Xiang and left the greeting lobby at Sirius Group. They walked along the complicated hallway, the painted walls on each side were as white as snow, with realism oil paintings of various sceneries or portraits and quotes of famous people from the civilized era or the Dark Night Era placed at every ten meters.

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