Chapter 40    Sirius and Mercenary Test (II)

Wu Qi took a special look at one of the portraits of a famous person. It was of a senior over sixty years old with a wrinkled face but no age spots. The old man in the painting faced left, wore a loose white lab coat, had a head of long, shiny silver hair, and short, silver beard. He wore a pair of square-framed black glasses, the eyes behind those glasses showed age but couldn’t hide the sharp wisdom.

Unlike other portraits, the birth and death years below this particular famous person had a “?” at the death year, which meant he was still alive. The old man survived the civilized era and the Dark Night Era, currently serving as the Dean of the Western College at the Central Research Institute. He used viable cells of harbingers as the primary material and conducted over thirty thousand experiments using countless chemical or biological reagents, eventually inventing the “gene-enhancing drug” for human injection. He was the top cross-era biological scientist——nicknamed ”Mendel of the Apocalyptic Era”, Gregor Mossy.

“The purebred human race is definitely not a race abandoned by this ever-evolving era.” Wu Qi repeated Gregor’s quote in his head. These simple words matched with the silver-haired old man created an extraordinary spiritual impact because it defied the logic of this era and left a strong impression in his memory.

Wu Qi looked away and kept following Wang Sheng and Zhang Xiang along. Ten meters later, they finally arrived at the end of the hallway. The left side was a staircase that went upstairs, the right side was a grey high-tech access door.

Zhang Xiang took out his employee card and scanned it on the reader. The grey door opened after a beep, revealing a staircase that led downstairs. The inside was dim, but once the door opened, white fluorescent light lit up the space.

The three of them walked down the stairs and came to the first floor underground. There was another staircase that led to another level even further down, but they didn’t need to go even lower. Their destination was the multifunction training complex located on the first floor underground, which was where the registration test would take place.

They entered the underground multifunction training complex that was well-lit by incandescent lighting. The complex was very spacious, and zones A to F were separated by superior white soundproof walls. Each zone was at least two hundred square meters. The ceiling was about five meters tall, the floor was cast with special black iron, so strong that it could sustain the impact force from third-level enhanced strength. Each zone had different workout equipment and paths for the trainers to use. This place provided all the essential equipment for close-quarters combat, firearms practice, agility drills, superpower tests and other common training directions.

Wu Qi and the gang went to zone B of the underground training complex. No one was inside the spacious training zone, four blue C-level life-sized human dummy targets stood on the black flooring of the close-quarters training area. The dummy targets’ bases were locked together with the gears on the floor, and these targets are always there, never taken down. The strength of each C-level dummy target was equivalent to the first-level “hardened skin” super power or second-level enhanced defence. The cost of each dummy was a thousand bucks, and if a mercenary damaged the dummy targets during training, then they must pay full price. The rent cost of a dummy target was as low as only 10% of the cost.

Zhang Xiang stood in the center of the training area and said: “Kid, we ain’t got time to lose, let’s begin.”

“First up, strength test. The simplest method is to swing your fist and give your hardest punch.” Zhang Xiang told Wu Qi as he took out a small tablet the size of his hand from his uniform pocket used for data recording and pointed to a blue dummy target two meters away.

Wang Sheng patted Wu Qi with his thick hands and said: “Go, try your best and give ‘em everything you got. The higher your powers on this test, the higher you will be ranked as a registered mercenary.”

Wu Qi answered quietly and slowly put the leather-sheathed long blade on the floor. His serious black eyes focused on the bullseye of the dummy target. Those tough combat boots stepped to the close-quarters combat training area. He loosened his shoulders, his bulging back muscles flexed rhythmically under the black clothing material like a school of fish swimming in water. Slight crackling sounds of joints came from the movements, making it a little bit creepy.

Wu Qi was one meter away from the dummy target. He opened up his shoulders and feet to find his center of gravity. He placed his left hand forward and his right hand protecting his jaw in a proper fighting pose. A second later, a strong force came from the muscles in his heel and loins to send power to his right arm as he punched the bullseye extremely hard. Wu Qi’s right arm became a shadow that pierced through the still air and generated a screeching howling wind. Then, Wang Sheng and Zhang Xiang heard a loud puff coming from the bullseye on the dummy target, like the sound of a needle that poked open a balloon.

In the blink of an eye, Wu Qi retrieved his right arm and came to the original starting position. An indentation of Wu Qi’s fist appeared in the bullseye on the dummy target in front of him. The index and middle fingers of the fist indentation were bent and were even deeper than the fist, there were even three tiny cracks that dispersed in the middle. This meant Wu Qi curled his index and middle fingers like a brass knuckle when he made that punch. The punch broke the dummy target and air seeped into the cracks, hence the sound of an air leakage like a balloon.

Zhang Xiang was shocked by the novel method that Wu Qi employed to attack the dummy target. That dummy target had the equivalent hardness of the mutated special ability of “hardened skin,” the kid’s punch was enough to break the surface of this target, let alone the fact that he wasn’t even scared to break his bones.

Zhang Xiang lowered his head to look at the pressure recorder at the base of the dummy target. The black numbers jumped out against the white LED background, the number displayed was 985 pounds. Albeit Wu Qi increased the force by curling his fingers as he punched, but still, he was able to generate that kind of strong force only with one punch. That meant, the pure force exerted by that punch alone must have ranged between 700 to 800 pounds.

Zhang Xiang quietly entered the number 985 in the data recorder under the strength column. The automatic feedback that calculated the corresponding level showed 2+ level. He continued, “Next up, speed test.”

Then, Wu Qi went to the exclusive race track designated for speed tests and tested for the burst of speed at 125 kilometers per hour and top speed at 132 kilometers per hour. Such running speed was close to the average speed of motocross from the civilized era, fast enough to run from dreadwolves, and even have a little bit of advantage over the speed of sharklizards.

When Wu Qi stopped running and walked off from the black race track, the skin on the top half of his body had a good amount of sweat. Sweat dampened and stained the black clothes he wore. The skin on his legs were very hot, the muscle temperature was out of the normal range. Wu Qi’s cheeks turned a little red, and his breathing became a lot faster.

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