Chapter 41    Sirius and Mercenary Test (III)

Wang Sheng was only busy admiring how Wu Qi’s speed could get to that level and didn’t notice Wu Qi’s body conditions. He only assumed Wu Qi’s stamina was powerful and long-lasting and could keep up at that pace for maybe just a little more, what he didn’t know was Wu Qi only gave half of what he’s got. If he didn’t wear those thick combat boots that weren’t designed for sprinting, then he could run even faster.

Beside him, Zhang Xiang’s eyes sparkled when he looked at Wu Qi as if he just saw a rare human treasure. The automatic feedback ranked the speed as level three! This meant the speed belonged to third-level enhancement, even faster than the speed of enhanced high-speed movement superpower.

Zhang Xiang’s tone had a little surprise and appreciation as he asked eagerly: “What other skills would you like to show me?”

Wu Qi stood there to catch his breath and used about twenty-second to get his breathing to recover to a normal pace. He didn’t answer immediately, the few seconds that lapsed made Wang Sheng anxious, he even wanted to answer for Wu Qi that he had “defense abilities, supervision abilities” and others.

But Wang Sheng was truly astonished by Wu Qi’s next move. Afterward, when he reconsidered it at a deeper level, he realized Wu Qi’s choice was very reasonable and suited the ways how people from the wilderness usually hide their true abilities.

Wu Qi turned around and pointed to the leather-sheathed long blade quietly lying on the black iron floor and said: “I know how to use a blade. Does this count as a skill?”

Zhang Xiang’s eyes followed where Wu Qi was pointing and looked at the long blade with leather covering. He thought about it for a second and said: “If you could enhance your attacking skills to another level using the blade, then you may show us.”

Wu Qi quickly walked to the long blade and bent down to pick up the handle, then gave it a vigorous shake to completely loosen the resilient animal hide. Gravity pulled the long, rectangular animal hide to the ground, and at the same time, the cold three-feet long blade fell into Wu Qi’s slender and calloused hands.

Wu Qi was even more intimidating now that he had a blade. If the skills he had shown previously were the explosive and stable stamina, then now, his body was like a dragon that was awakened by fire and about to soar!

The two of them only saw the cold light reflecting off the blade slicing through the air, disturbing the current around them. The sound of metal cracking echoed within the two hundred square meters training area. A slit appeared in the center of the blue C-level human dummy target, then, the top half of the dummy fell to the ground.

Wu Qi relaxed all the muscles in his body. He opened up his shoulders and gently held the three-feet long blade in his right hand. The way he sliced through the exterior of hardened skin defense like a piece of paper. This kind of ability was already shown during the battle at the plague-breeders’ nest, so Wang Sheng was used to it. But when he saw it again in an environment that had no nervous pressure, it was still quite remarkable.

“Awesome!” Zhang Xiang clapped his hands together and admired.

After Zhang Xiang made certain Wu Qi had no other skills to show, he entered the data into the column on his tablet and clicked “Done.” The final grading showed primary third-level. In other words, after all the systematic procedure is complete and he received his mercenary certificate, Wu Qi would become a certified third-level mercenary registered with the Sirius Group, even one level higher than Wang Sheng.

Wu Qi covered the long blade with an animal hide again and waited at the exit door of the training complex. Zhang Xiang pulled Wang Sheng to the corner of the training complex and lowered his voice and said, “Yo, Big Brother Wang, do you even know any background about this kid, I entered Wu Qi’s facial scan into the mega database of the group and found out his entire past experience was blank, I couldn’t find any records of him purchasing gene-enhancing drugs either.”

Wang Sheng didn’t take it too seriously. “There are plenty of ways to purchase gene-enhancing drugs besides legit means, are you saying people from the wilderness couldn’t get gene-enhancing drugs?”

Zhang Xiang frowned. “But it requires at least an injectable drug-enhancing drug to get to third-level speed. The official price for a basic type gene-enhancing drug is around six thousand, and a lot higher if someone were to resell at a profit to a person from the wilderness. The advanced type is four times the cost of the basic type, something a person from the wilderness could never afford.”

Wang Sheng hooked his arm around Zhang Xiang’s shoulders. He clicked his tongue and gave him a look. “Don’t poke your nose too deep into it, Big Brother Xiang. You know it, once you’re out of the military base, what happens in the wilderness is where the laws and decrees of the military base don’t reach.”

What he implied was, even if Wu Qi had killed and robbed to get the drugs, they must let it go as if nothing happened.

Wang Sheng arched his brows and remembered something: “By the way, is Wu Qi really not a harbinger?”

“Naturally. If he had some evidence of mutated viral activities in his body, then the computer scan would have given the results by now. This boy is an authentic purebred human,” Zhang Xiang said with certainty. “It’s too bad, so sad, such amazing physical qualities at such a young age. If he were a harbinger, he would become a great asset in the future!”

These words jarred a purebred human’s ears, but no one could object to the cold, hard truth that Zhang Xiang described. This truth was also the truth of the world——harbingers’ abilities are way superior to purebred humans. In the turbulent Era of Dawn, only humans with stronger superpowers had more powerful abilities and longer lifespan. The ceiling of their abilities is within reach even for the most powerful genetically-enhanced soldiers.

“Fine.” Wang Sheng sighed in his heart. Then he thought, there was nothing to sigh for. Wu Qi sure got good potential, he’d be the top soldier if he were on his Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team. Ever since they got Wu Qi, Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team forgot about all the failures and slowly got back on the right track and started making progress.

Just as Wang Sheng thought things over in his heart, Zhang Xiang’s voice came to his ears again.

“Registration fee is three thousand, the cost of damaging a C-level dummy target is one thousand. Are you or Wu Qi paying?”

“Tsk——this damned kid, why the heck did he use the blade!” Wang Sheng gasped. Wang Sheng was pretty sensitive with money, so to him, it was like taking five packs of cigarettes straight from his pocket. It made every single joint in his body ache. But, he forgot the fact that he was the one who asked Wu Qi to do his best as much as possible.

Right now, Wu Qi was acting as if he wasn’t the topic of discussion and just stood there quietly. He already heard every word of Wang Sheng and Zhang Xiang’s conversation with his hearing, including what they said about him being a purebred human.

Wu Qi had no particular feeling about this, but he inadvertently remembered the quote by Gregor Mossy——The purebred human race is definitely not a race abandoned by this ever-evolving era.

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