Chapter 42: Home

 The sky above G011 military base was covered by rolling clouds. As the day went on, the grey clouds became denser, the sunlight that spilled from the clouds became dimmer. Humidity in the air slowly got higher and higher without anyone noticing. When the first droplet of water fell from the endless clouds and stretched in the air to become a needle-like raindrop before falling onto the asphalt road, countless other raindrops followed and fell from the cloudy sky, gradually built up into a heavy storm.

Viruses and mutated bacteria that were constantly floating in the air finally kissed the ground as the rain fell. The concentration of virus and bacteria increased in the atmosphere every time it rained. Purebred humans were immune against the viruses in nature, but they were afraid of the scary mutated bacteria. Especially those who were weaker or have open wounds, they would try their best to avoid contacting the mutated “black” rain so they wouldn’t die.

The Sirius Group highrise that stood tall on the concrete ground also showered under the mutated black rain. Wang Sheng and Wu Qi exited from the lobby on the first floor. Wu Qi held two small cards the size of his palm. The one on top was his mercenary certificate. Sirius Group’s emblem was on the top left corner of the pure black PVC card, and his name was printed in the very center of the card. Three four-pointed stars were below his name, one of them was gold, the other two white, and they indicated that he was a third-level primary mercenary.

The other card was white. Wu Qi’s photograph, name, resident number, and registered military base were printed on it, it was pretty much the same as a personal ID from the civilized era.

Wu Qi was officially no longer a man from the wilderness and became an official resident at G011 military base and had legitimate rights and interests as a G011 resident.

The light yellow pickup truck that Yang Dongchen drove was parked ten meters outside the main entrance of the highrise. Raindrops fell and danced on the pickup truck’s old body and formed a huge, dense layer of bouncing water beads, then got crushed by more heavy raindrops that followed, then glided down the truck via its angle and dropped down like a water curtain.

Wang Sheng and Wu Qi were the strongest purebred humans, therefore they weren’t scared of the mutated rain. They stepped off the white marble staircase and entered the heavy rain. The rain wet their clothes as they trotted to the pickup truck to open the doors and entered.

“Go to my home,” Wang Sheng said as he bounced on the back seat to position himself.

Yang Dongchen looked into the rearview mirror and saw Wang Sheng and Wu Qi sitting side by side on the backseat. Naturally, he also saw the two cards in Wu Qi’s hand. He asked, “What about Wu Qi?”

Wang Sheng reached over and patted Wu Qi’s shoulder, then rubbed his stubbled chin and laughed. “Send him to my home, of course.”

“Gotcha.” Yang Dongchen turned the steering wheel and stepped on the gas pedal. The pickup truck started moving following a hoarse sound of motor running.

Wu Qi did not object to Wang Sheng’s plan.

The pickup truck drove for over two kilometers in the military base and finally stopped at a residential area that was four square kilometers. All the houses in the residence area had four storeys and eight suites on each floor. The exterior was a uniform grey color, there was a nice distance between each building, much like a typical apartment building from the civilized era. The area of each suite was over one hundred square meters, and in the G011 military base, these were considered as mid-range housings.

The pickup truck drove under a building to shelter from the rain. Wang Sheng exited the vehicle quickly as if he couldn’t wait to get home. Wu Qi carried his belongings and held the knife and exited the truck. July the little red fox was like a small fireball that capered around Wu Qi’s feet, it followed Wu Qi everywhere he went.

“I’ll be leaving now, Commander, Wu Qi.” Yang Dongchen exited the truck and tossed the keys to Wang Sheng, and walked towards another direction in the residential area.

“Where is he going?” For the first time, Wu Qi asked a question that concerned another person.

“Where? Wife, kids, and a warm bed of course.” Wang Sheng smiled gently. Yang Dongchen had a family, unlike him.

“Let’s go to my place,” Wang Sheng said.

Pretty soon, Wu Qi followed Wang Sheng to his home. Once the white incandescent light turned on and lit up the living room, Wang Sheng’s entire body eased up, his entire nervous system was completely relaxed like never before. He almost threw himself onto the soft red sofa.

Wu Qi looked around Wang Sheng’s home. His home’s color theme was a simple pure white, the decor was also plain and simple. There were some bigger home electronics from the civilized era like a television and a computer, and some functional furniture that connected to power and water. The main thing about his home was tidiness. There was no dust on the table, the air was fresh and clean, it seemed like it had just been cleaned and unlike a home that a rugged man hadn’t returned to for a long time.

Even though Wu Qi lacked the experience of living in an environment similar to one from the civilized era, he still noticed the difference between the first room he lived in other than the dry mountain cave and this room.

“Hey! Wang Sheng, you’re back?” A clear feminine voice came from the entryway that led to the bedroom. The tone was taut as if yelling.

Wu Qi saw a slight change in Wang Sheng’s relaxed expression, then flashed an embarrassed smile at Wu Qi.

The light brown colored bedroom door swung open with a bang. A young girl around 1.6 meters tall appeared in front of Wu Qi’s eyes. She had fair skin, she wasn’t particularly beautiful but not bad looking, and she wore a white tank top and green shorts that bared her slender arms and legs. Her long black hair pulled back into a simple ponytail that casually fell to her shoulders.

The young girl’s facial expression was still as water the moment she appeared, but once she saw the surprise visit from a stranger, she became a scared rabbit. Her left foot stepped back involuntarily and screamed with a high-pitched voice, “Wang Sheng, who is this?”

“Don’t scream like that, Little Yan. This is my friend.” Wang Sheng winced and said immediately.

Wu Qi’s neck twitched a little. He didn’t know what to do. His pretty eyes looked the young girl up and down and met with hers. She, too, looked him up and down, then suddenly blushed and turned her head away to avoid his gaze.

In the jungle, when a beast avoided the gaze of another beast, it could either be fear, or completely ignoring the opponent. Wu Qi turned around to look at Wang Sheng: “Big Brother Wang Sheng, I must have interrupted?”

Wang Sheng shook his hands: “You’re not interrupting. You just came to the military base, don’t worry about purchasing the residence right yet. Just rest at my place for tonight.”

“But sister…-in-law, doesn’t look so comfortable.” Wu Qi tried his best to think about the knowledge Ruorong taught him about the civilized era. That type of knowledge was different from the type of knowledge he acquired from killing in the wild and was never put to use by Wu Qi before. That was the first time he applied it, and it was a little awkward.

“Ahem!” Wang Sheng started coughing immediately, his chest rose and fell rapidly like he just ran a ten-kilometer marathon. He glowered at Wu Qi, and if he had water in his mouth, he would’ve spat it all out.

The young girl acted like she was electrocuted and shouted angrily: “Who the f**k is his wife!”

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