Chapter 43 Delicate Fragrance (I)

Although the young girl said a bad word, Wu Qi still didn’t understand why these two had such strong reactions. To him, the young girl kind of looked like an antsy tigress in the jungle. His shoulders dropped three inches to lower his center of gravity and positioned himself, ready to attack.

Wang Sheng noticed Wu Qi’s reaction was a little over the top and jumped up from the sofa like a spring. He walked to Wu Qi and said, a little embarrassed, “No, no, don’t. This is my sister, her name is Wang Yan.”

Then, Wang Sheng quickly turned around to make sure Wu Qi couldn’t see his face and gave Wang Yan a harsh look, “His name is Wu Qi, I’ve decided to let him stay at our place temporarily.”

Now that the misunderstanding had been cleared up, Wu Qi’s center of gravity went back up again. He carefully studied Wang Yan and finally made sure this young girl had no dangerous scents at all. If he wasn’t mistaken, she wasn’t even a genetically-enhanced soldier, just a basic purebred human.

Wang Yan didn’t feel comfortable being stared at by Wu Qi like that. She felt like her delicate skin was being scratched by a feather duster. In her eyes, Wu Qi’s gaze was fiery hot and poking her entire body like needles. And every time her eyes met with those beautiful black obsidian eyes of his and saw Wu Qi’s fair, exquisite face, the rage towards Wang Sheng suddenly disappeared from her heart.

“Wu Qi… Fine, whatever, you take care of him, Wang Sheng,” Wang Yan uttered. She pushed the bedroom door and entered with flustered footsteps.

The door was smashed shut. There were only Wang Sheng and Wu Qi in the living room again.

Wang Sheng sighed in relief and pulled Wu Qi down to sit on the sofa with him. He said, “Please excuse the awkwardness. Our parents had left us when my sister was eight, so she had been living with me for the past eight years. I was, well, a little rude with her sometimes and made her pick up some disgusting dirty words, on top of that, I’m always leading the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team on all sorts of battles and rarely come home, which is why she became like this.”

Wu Qi didn’t think much and said, “You must spoil your sister a lot.”

Wang Sheng shook his head, “How’s that even possible? If I spoil her, then she wouldn’t give me that kind of attitude. Look at her, she only yells at me. She doesn’t call me brother and calls me Wang Sheng. If those guys from Black Blunderbuss heard it, they’d make fun of me.”

Wu Qi didn’t explain why he said that. He simply knew how Ruorong treated him. She set rules for him and he followed them to a tee. She provided him food and he didn’t have the guts to let anything go to waste. She taught him knowledge and he stored them in his brain permanently. The motherly love and care from Ruorong was undeniable, but the reason why Wu Qi turned out the way he was had something to do with the dangerous environment he grew up in.

Only those who lived in carefree environments and didn’t have to worry about survival would become a little headstrong. That was a rare happiness in the apocalyptic era.

Wang Sheng sighed. Then, he perked himself up and regained enthusiasm, “Now that I’m finally home, but I kind of feel a little gloomy. Anyway, Wu Qi, I’m gonna take you to a nice place.” He shook off the raindrops on his leather jacket and stood up.

“Where are we going?”

“Amorous Street.” Wang Sheng blinked his right eye and said with a meaningful smile.

The rain had stopped and the clouds had dissipated. The light purple clouds were like chiffon clothes for the crepuscular sky. They interlaced with the light yellow base color and formed an ethereal view. The thick dark clouds from before were now completely gone, as if ran away after dumping down all the viruses and bacteria.

Wang Sheng drove the pickup truck and took Wu Qi for a drive along the dazzling buildings in the military base. As the light purple and yellow sky finally turned dark blue, the pickup truck drove into a gloomy street that had bright yellow street lamps on both sides, then suddenly stopped.

Wang Sheng stepped out of the truck and realized Wu Qi was still sitting inside. He opened the truck door and grabbed his arm to yank him out.

Wu Qi’s eyes never looked straight ahead as if he was worried about something. Wang Sheng snickered, “We’re already here, what’s there to be afraid of? Are you a man or not?”

Wu Qi said, “It may not be the best thing to leave July at your place?”

“Relax, even though my sister talks like that, she’s really great at doing chores and taking care of little animals.” Wang Sheng recalled Wang Yan’s sparkling eyes when he knocked on the bedroom door and held the furry little red fox to Wang Yan’s face twenty minutes ago.

Wang Sheng gently poked his fist to Wu Qi’s chest and stepped aside. He led Wu Qi to look up at the street bathed in the shade of the evening and the light from the streetlamps.

The appearance of this particular street was different from the other streets Wu Qi had seen. He saw twenty to thirty pedestrians, all of which were men. Some were middle-aged men dressed in frumpy clothes and had rotten scent coming from their faces, some were hot-blooded young men that had nowhere to vent off the steam.

None of the buildings on the streets had dark grey metal coverings, in contrast, all of them were painted with bright red, delicate pink, mysterious blue, or other bright-colored paint. All of the buildings were three or four stories with rusty iron scaffolds on the outside. Colorful string lights wrapped around the iron scaffolds, some were wrapped and shaped into silhouettes of sexy women. The rectangular storefront signs all said “so-and-so Hotel” and had a retro-style heart with a Cupid’s arrow as decoration.

Once the bright yellow street lamps switched on, scantily-clad women walked out from those sex hotels. Their complexions weren’t exactly smooth or delicate. They were dressed in thin and bright-colored dresses that showed off their slender arms and legs. The super-short dress hemlines hit right at their crotches, the places where the sun doesn’t shine between their beautiful legs quietly attracted male hormones.

The deep V neck and the two bouncy mounds underneath were their weapons of attraction. They posed and coquetted naturally, so much that flirtiness had become their natural reflex every time a pedestrian passed by. More often than not, some pedestrians couldn’t control themselves and moved towards those women that sent them signals. They wrapped their arms around those women and stepped inside those sex hotels.

Sex hotels weren’t the only things on this street. There were also some noisy bars with colorful lighting. The colors of those bars were darker, usually brown, but the insides were the complete opposite. Each and every one of them were drenched in the luxurious atmosphere of drinks and money. The eye-catching strobe lights that danced around inside could be seen from the small glass windows.

Dirty songs from the civilized age blasted on old stereo. The lyrics were filled with everything to do with women’s’ bodies and nightlives. The bars had pretty good soundproof walls, but if Wu Qi didn’t control his sensitive hearing, he could still hear the lewd music.

Amorous Street that Wang Sheng mentioned looked like a typical red-light district in a small city during the civilized era.

Ruorong never taught Wu Qi to come to this kind of place.

Wu Qi glanced at the women wearing revealing clothes on either side of the street. He finally let his guard down once he made sure they were just non-threatening purebred humans. But, a thick palm gave him a push on the back. Wang Sheng pushed and hauled him, forcing Wu Qi to go forward.

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