Chapter 51: Enemies

A man and a woman wearing sophisticated clothing were standing at the fence on the seventh floor.

The man was a hundred and seventy-eight centimeters tall. He had the face of a handsome and elegant Westerner. He looked very young, around twenty years old. His skin was fair as snow, almost as fair as Wu Qi’s. His soft, platinum blond curly hair reached his earlobes, his slender fingers twirled the few strands of hair that stuck out. His azure blue eyes looked like a clear ocean under the sun. His goose-feather-like eyelashes were neat and long, his tall and straight nose looked like it was chiseled from white jade, his pink lips looked like an azalea in early spring.

His face was so exquisite that he looked like a porcelain doll in a picture, making the first impression of him a gentle teen. But what he was wearing was a set of majestic western-style military uniforms. The dark blue military uniform was slightly larger, it was filled out by his strong and muscular body that completely contrasted his delicate face. There were three golden sun epaulets on his leveled shoulders formed by threadlike structures that accumulated together in a radiating fashion. There were a silver and white eagle with spreading wings emblem on the left chest of his uniform, the wings of this eagle bathed in blazing silvery-white flames. There was a twenty-centimeter long silver chain decoration on the outside of both sleeves. A pair of sharp and domineering crossed golden sabers was painted at the cuffs. He had a pair of uniform trousers that was the same color and style, and a pair of brown toughened-leather military boots with iron soles.

The woman stood to the right side of the man. She was tall and slender, with a pair of five-centimeter black leather heels, she was almost as tall as Sholto. Her long oval face had a sense of coldness. She had fair skin, arched eyebrows, slanted monolid eyes, and rosy lips. Her waterfall of long black hair was slicked into a ponytail. In terms of appearance, Sholto’s masculine face was a little bit better looking than hers, but her slender and sexy figure made her stand out among eastern women. Her top and pants were made from black crocodile leather, the skin-hugging clothing contoured her full bosom and sexy curves perfectly, especially those slim and long legs, they were no different from two pencils.

The man was named Sholto Leroy. The woman was named Gao Lan.

Sholto had a tablet the size of his palm in his left hand, the tablet was connected to the Sirius Group’s database. Two people’s information appeared on the screen that emanated a faint blue electronic light, the pictures showed Wang Sheng and Wu Qi.

“No mistake. The man on the left is the seller who sold ‘high-temperature radiation’ viral fluid, Wang Sheng. The one on the right is ‘the mercenary from the wilderness with a blank past’, Wu Qi. They’re both in the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team.”

Gao Lan’s harsh face was like a snowy mountain in December. She said, “so these are Gao Yuan’s current teammates? They look like they wouldn’t survive for a month if we throw them in the wild.”

“With a team of second-level mercenaries and old firearms from the civilized era, it was pretty great how they managed to take down a super powerful second-level plague-breeder. Purebred humans are merely purebred humans, after all.” Sholto said objectively, though there was not an iota of compliment in his eyes and his voice, as if he was only telling a story of how an army of ants killed an earthworm.

Gao Lan looked away and quickly glanced the corridors from the fourth floor to the sixth floor. Even though it only took her three seconds, her first-level “super vision” had three-times the static and dynamic visual acuity than a typical human’s. With Gao Lan’s extraordinary observation and memorization, she already impressed everything she saw in the three seconds onto her brain. No one here resembled Gao Yuan, even if the furthest person was 1500 meters away, she still wouldn’t get it wrong.

“I didn’t spot Gao Yuan, but my intuition tells me Gao Yuan is in this building.” Gao Lan took a deep breath in, there was a hint of sorriness in her monolid eyes.

“You’re just too eager to see your little brother.” Sholto chuckled, and when he chuckled, his exquisite face was even more beautiful than a snow lotus that bloomed in the high mountains, enough to make countless girls scream.

“No, I just want to find him, simple as that, and make him give up.”

Gao Lan said the words “give up” so indifferently. Sholto still chuckled like a snow lotus, he had heard those words too many times.

When they saw Wang Sheng and Wu Qi slowly walking towards the blind spot in their field of vision, Sholto supported his hands on the handrail to lift up his upper body. He said carelessly, “If you really want Gao Yuan to give up on being a sniper, why don’t you just find him and break his leg, then you could carry him home.”

“Impossible. He would not yield even if I break his legs. People who do not yield are like rats that would bend over backwards to dig a hole through a wall to find a way to escape. So stubborn it’s sickening.”

Sholto turned around and patted Gao Lan’s shoulder. His fair, bony hand rested for a brief moment on Gao Lan’s tender shoulder and moved away; he did not dare to rest for a little longer. Sholto said, “Gao Lan, aren’t we here to purchase the equipment we need for our next mission? And Gao Yuan is not here, you’ll meet him when you have a chance.”

Gao Lan turned around quietly and followed Sholto. She walked past a specialty store that had many sniper rifles hung on the walls and sold sniper bullets and other parts. From the top-notch AS50 sniper rifle, “Arctic Warfare” AWM/P from the civilized era, to the Barrett M82A1 nicknamed “King of Sniper Rifles”, Gao Lan didn’t look at any of them, she walked inside the store and picked a 12.77mm special sniper bullet. Her eyes moved up involuntarily and saw a black sniper rifle that she was so familiar with and hated.

That was JS 12.7mm. The sniper rifle that Gao Yuan used.

Crack. Suddenly, the sound of knuckles cracking came up. It was especially loud in the rather quiet sniper rifle store and drew all the customers’ attention.

Sholto was standing not far from Gao Yuan. Worry and helplessness that he expressed did not match his exquisitely handsome face.

“Stubborn… aren’t you exactly the same way, but I don’t hate it at all.” He didn’t dare to say something like that, even if he whispered, it would still be captured by Gao Lan’s ears. He could only say it in his heart.

In order to untie the knot in Gao Lan’s heart, he, Sholto Leroy, once swore that he would carry out Gao Lan’s plan and make Gao Yuan put away his sniper rifle forever. Under the premise that Gao Yuan would not be harmed, he would do whatever it took!

At that time, Wang Sheng and Wu Qi had already reached the elevator on the fourth floor and were getting ready to go downstairs and leave. Gao Yuan slowly and quietly walked towards them like a swallow in the night. Wang Sheng was about to call his name, but Gao Yuan made a “shh” gesture.

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