Chapter 52: Go In The Wilderness

The metal doors of the elevator opened. There were already quite a few people inside the space of thirty square meters. The three of them entered the elevator and got off after it reached the second floor.

The spacious grey-toned lobby was also two thousand square meters. The artificial white light reflected off of the grey granite floor. It was very different from the crowded exchange market, the lobby had only twenty to thirty mercenaries. This was a lobby for mission assignments and feedback. The west side of the spacious two thousand square feet lobby had a row of front desks, and there was a staff member wearing the Sirius Group uniform every ten meters.

“There’s not a lot of people at this time of day. Oh right, Gao Yuan, why did you use the silence tactical gesture.” Because of that tactical gesture, Wang Sheng stopped from calling Gao Yuan by his conditioned reflex and was shocked with Gao Yuan’s strangeness.

Gao Yuan did not answer. When Gao Lan was sensing Gao Yuan, Gao Yuan used counter reconnaissance and sensed Gao Lan, but it didn’t come from his actual senses, more like from his instinct and premonition. Because he knew his biological big sister too well, and whenever Gao Lan used her superpowers around him, he would get goosebumps.

The strongest superpower Gao Lan possessed was a second-level naturally-controlled “Call of the Wind” that could disperse all five senses to the surrounding area with a radius of eight hundred meters. In a lush and complicated jungle, she could sense and analyze the landform through the movement of the winds to seventy percent accuracy; she could have total control of the wind direction, speed, temperature, and humidity data within four hundred meters, she could calculate everything and get everything right. The observation and calculation of speed of target within eight hundred meters she possessed was only one-fifth of the best sniper of the civilized era.

Because of “Call of the Wind,” Gao Lan’s counter reconnaissance skill was also quite stellar. Gao Lan never lost in a counter snipe within eight hundred meters, and she would conquer them all.

Gao Yuan knew too well how incredibly gifted his big sister was. She was a harbinger and a born-natural sniper. He, on the other hand, was a purebred human who got a few shots of gene-enhancing drugs and spent ten years continuously studying every skill there was to learn about sniping, and right now he was still a second-level sniper. What a good-for-nothing.

He didn’t have the guts to tell Wang Sheng and Wu Qi that he had an older sister, and he didn’t even dare to tell Wang Sheng and Wu Qi about how his big sister had been coming after him for several years just to make his talentless self give up fighting in the wild. Under the situations where making sure his life was never threatened, she had done too much heinous crap to all of the teammates he’d ever had.

Gao Yuan gently clenched his fists to calm himself down. It was just, to Wu Qi, who first knew him through his static exercise, Gao Yuan’s previous strangeness in his movements were like the sound made by a giant boulder dropping in a small, narrow creek.

Wang Sheng saw Gao Yuan not talking and didn’t ask anything more, instead, he patted Gao Yuan on the shoulder heavily and said in a reliable tone, “you have to tell me whenever you run into any issues. I will try my best to solve it for you.”

Gao Yuan nodded and kept his silence.

Then, Wang Sheng led Wu Qi to a 2 meters long and 1.2 meters wide system operating front desk.

“Didn’t you say you were looking for your older sister? Take out that drawing.” Wang Sheng said.

Wu Qi quickly took out the aged piece of paper with Ruorong’s portrait from his military backpack and gave it to Wang Sheng. Wang Sheng looked at the yellowed paper and stuffed the paper to the scanning place at the data control board, then entered his mercenary license number on the data control board to log in to his account and selected the person finder function.

Two minutes later, Wang Sheng returned Ruorong’s portrait to Wu Qi and guaranteed, “The Sirius Group Database has most of G011 military base’s information, plus some permission to check the base’s security camera footage. If your sister had ever stayed here, or recorded in the Sirius Group Database, then the person finder function would give you a satisfying answer.”

Wu Qi felt relieved. So An Yi did not lie to him after all. Following Wang Sheng to the G011 military base was, indeed, the right choice. He was really anticipating the result of the person finder.

But, after Wang Sheng glanced at the system interface that had some strange symbols that Wu Qi didn’t understand, he said, “It appears your sister is not in Sirius Group’s database. If we were to check the security camera footage that traces to three years ago, it would take at least half a month to search it up. It’s okay, perhaps you’ll get your answers after you come back from this mission.”

Half a month later… ?

Wu Qi looked at the system interface of the console that emanated white electronic light and almost saw the image that suddenly disappeared three years ago. The image that he relied on and taught him to be independent, the image that locked inside the memory center of his brain forever. An invisible hand gripped Wu Qi’s heart, there was a dark grey lock that had been there for three years.

He thought quietly, “Sis, please let me find you, alright?”

The next morning, Wang Sheng, Wu Qi, Gao Yuan, Zhang Bai, Yang Dongchen, Guo Bobo, and July the little red fox were gathered under Wang Sheng’s building, no one was absent.

Wu Qi, Guo Bobo, and Wang Sheng all put on their brand new combat uniforms. Everyone wore a military-grade bulletproof vest on the outside, ready for action. Their destination was the ruins of G032 military base that was 237 kilometers northeast of G011 military base. It would take them two hours to get there by car, maybe they would run into herds of mutated animals.

Thus, the vehicle they took was not the light yellow pickup truck but an off-road armored-truck that was half the size of a tank. The desert colored armored truck was reformed from a military Jeep from the civilized era. The alloy enhanced armor covered the outside was 20mm thick, the tires were the top-notch off-road bulletproof tires. Everything from the overall defense abilities to off-road speed was far superior to a typical armored truck. There were eight seats in the armored truck, the back of the car roof had a lid that could open by a mechanism and raise up the anti-aircraft machine gun any time, the heavy firearm operator could just stand on the back seat and stick out his upper body to manipulate this killer machine.

Wang Sheng glanced at the team that was fully-equipped and ready to start. There were old members and fresh new blood, but they all belonged in the same mercenary team——Black Blunderbuss!

“Brothers, when we leave, we face and overcome all obstacles, when we return, all members return in triumph!” Wang Sheng raised his right arm and shouted.

“Aye! Colonel!” Everyone raised their right arm.

“Let’s go!”

The armored truck carried six Black Blunderbuss members and a little army pet. Mysterious and heavy vrooming sounds came from the motor, the armored truck charged forward with indomitable will. It drove past the city roads of the military base and arrived at the front gate of the military base.

The forty-meter dark grey bailey was in front of Wu Qi at a close distance once again. There were very little clouds in the sky this morning, the bright scorching sun spilled its saturated rays on the broad bailey, heating one side and leaving the other side cool. The thick and solid mechanical gate opened with a thundering noise, Wu Qi saw the soldier who negotiated with Wang Sheng when he first entered the military base. He just so happened to yawn, and as the gate was lifted, the sunlight from the outside entered inside and shone on his face.

After the entrance control, the armored truck exited the bailey of the G011 military base like a fish that jumped out of the conservative creek and entered a great river that flowed to the east.

The wilderness was like a great river.

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