Chapter 53: Ruins From Disaster (I)

The sunlight drenched the boundless wilderness and made the air extra dry. The breeze blowing from the south carried the temperature of the sunlight and dusted off the dirt off the arid ground and danced around the galloping armored truck, then blocked off by the transparent bulletproof glass window.

Wu Qi looked outside the glass window at the edgeless wilderness. The view of the wilderness was dull, monotonous, and repeating as ever, but it was quiet. Wu Qi liked quietness.

Suddenly, a warm touch came from the back of his right hand. Wu Qi turned around and noticed it was Guo Bobo who patted his hand and looked at him with a big smile on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Wu Qi asked.

“You’ve been staring outside the window for more than twenty minutes. Do you have anything on your mind?” Guo Bobo said. Even though her delicate skin was all covered up by the dark grey combat uniform, her pretty face and silky long hair were still exposed. Her peach blossom eyes blinked, those big and bright eyes were like translucent lakes, constantly giving off their natural charm.

Wu Qi shook his head, “I’m just looking at the view.”

“I don’t believe you. Would the dull wilderness be better looking than me?” Guo Bobo grunted.

“Ahem.” Wang Sheng cleared his throat on the driver’s seat.

Wu Qi’s face did not change as if he didn’t understand what Guo Bobo meant.

Wu Qi said, “just sit properly. You wouldn’t have any time for some rest once we reach our destination.”

Guo Bobo’s expression was obviously tired from the tedious journey. She said, “I just want to chat for a while, can’t you talk to me?”

“Wu Qi, just talk to Little Guo. The rest of us, we’re all uncouth old men, we don’t have any common language with this little girl.” Wang Sheng’s voice came from the front row. There was an underlying meaning in those words.

Yang Dongchen smiled, Zhang Bai peeped at Guo Bobo and rubbed his stubbles on his chin, then teased his hair that drooped down to his eyebrows, he looked like he was checking if he was in his most-handsome condition. Gao Yuan was quiet as ever, he held the gun case of his sniper rifle and closed his eyes to take a nap.

Wu Qi organized his thoughts and asked, “Did you get your older sister back?”

The corners of Guo Bobo’s lips turned upwards, she remembered some happy things, “Mhm, I got her back. I told my sister that I finally overcame my fears and took a leap forward and had the courage to become a mercenary. Then, she didn’t have to make money for our family by doing that, I will make money for my family. Brother Wang Sheng also prepaid my remuneration so my family wouldn’t have to worry about money for two months.”




When Wu Qi and Guo Bobo looked at each other and couldn’t find the next topic to talk about, Wang Sheng realized something was off in the atmosphere. He quickly opened his mouth, “Little Guo, actually, Wu Qi is a man of few words.”

Guo Bobo turned around and disrupted Wang Sheng, “but he had a lot to say that night.” Then, she turned her head back to stare at Wu Qi’s face. Her eyes were wide open as if she was going to pry some words out of Wu Qi’s tightly-closed lips.

“That night, did I?” Wu Qi reminisced, he didn’t bother with Guo Bobo initially, he only started talking when Guo Bobo mentioned “older sister.”

“You did! Wu Qi, why are you like this, did you decide not to bother with me after you took a free peep at my body?” Guo Bobo pretended to be angry and wanted to flirt with Wu Qi.

But she really underestimated Wu Qi. Wu Qi didn’t feel like it was embarrassing at all to talk about this in front of everyone. He didn’t even know what being embarrassed meant. He said frankly, “you overthink too much.”

Guo Bobo choked. She continued, “then you’re secretly upset because I rejected you?”

Wu Qi recalled everything he said to Guo Bobo that night. Even though he didn’t deliberately try to remember them, his memories still worked amazingly well.

“You just made that up out of nothing.”

Guo Bobo bit her lips. Although Wu Qi was so good-looking, his facial expression was always so dull, like a glass of cold water. So there was indeed a reason why he asked “why do people laugh” that night. This guy really lacked in the emotion department, she didn’t know whether it was congenital or acquired.

“What a waste.” Guo Bobo said angrily. She crossed her arms at her chest and turned her head to the front. What she thought in her heart was, Wu Qi was so good-looking but didn’t know how to converse, what a waste.

But no one else had that thought. When they heard these sentences and connected the dots together, it meant something kind of sucky. Her discomfited words utterly exposed her anger at Wu Qi for not being interested in her.

Wang Sheng’s expression was strange. Yang Dongchen turned his head to face the window as he did not wish to expose his uncontrollable facial expressions. Zhang Bai’s expression, on the other hand, was completely frozen after he heard Guo Bobo saying “did you decide not to bother with me after you took a free peep at my body.”

The little red fox jumped between the seats and came between Wu Qi and Guo Bobo. Its head bobbed left and right to look at those two, then lifted its neck and whimpered. Too bad, no one in the car could talk to animals and didn’t understand what July meant.

Only the two parties involved did not fully get what just happened.

The armored truck drove for two hours and fifteen minutes in the wilderness. They did not run into any mutated creatures or plague-breeders and arrived at their destination 237 kilometers away smoothly. Parts of the ruins of G032 military base that spanned over three thousand kilometers slowly came up in front of everyone’s eyes.

The sky was blue, the sun was bright, the clouds were flowy, but under the beautiful morning light, there was the quiet ruins of a military base atop the arid dry land that turned white from lack of water. The forty-meter-tall dark blue bailey only had a small section that was still intact. Eighty percent of the bailey all turned to dilapidated walls that tumbled inwards, spilling bricks and rocks everywhere. The shortest bailey was only two meters tall, which was virtually nonexistent to mutated animals that had superior leaping ability. All the antiaircraft machine guns or heavy artilleries that were set on the bailey were all completely damaged, mostly likely the masterpiece from mutated creatures that could fly.

The breach shaped like an inverted triangle on the bailey had some exposed broken steel rebars. Judging from the smooth cut surface of the steel rebars, the bailey tumbled from the force of impact and broke the steel rebars on the inside all happened instantaneously.

One could imagine, a month ago, a seventy-meter-tall colossus came at the bailey of G032 military base with the speed of sound and force of a titan, and used its body and feet to tear down the thick and durable bailey as easily as crushing dry weeds.

Then, thousands and thousands of mutated creature herds poured in from the giant gap and invaded the city, massacred all the mercenaries who were unprepared and the civilians who couldn’t fight. Thirty-two seconds were too short, so short that the mercenaries couldn’t even reach for their firearms, so short that the command center couldn’t even dispatch the guardian soldiers of the military base, so short that the civilians couldn’t even conduct refuge activities.

Catastrophe came instantly and destroyed all hopes.

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