Chapter 54: Ruins From Disaster (II)

The armored truck entered the ruins of the military base and noticed there was a four-meter-wide giant hole that was ripped open in the broken city wall at the southwest corner. The bricks and stones under the giant hole had been cleaned up, the ground was flattened. There were some overlapping tire tracks still visible.

This kind of giant hole could be seen everywhere on the collapsed city wall for vehicles to enter, they were the leftovers from more than a hundred exploration missions at the G032 military base over the past month. Which made it convenient for the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team, they could just enter easily.

Inside the city wall, the ruins basically looked the same as how they imagined. Almost all the houses had been leveled to the ground, all they could see were hills of collapsed houses, bricks, broken steel rebars, and dust. The tallest central administration building had only half of it remained, they could only go up to the sixth floor, all floors above that were completely gone; in other words, they became the broken pieces that scattered around the admin building and became part of the military base’s ruins.

The armored truck drove along the two-meter-wide road that had already been cleaned up and drove to the center of the ruined city inside the military base. The broken slab stones that had paint chipping off could be seen everywhere in the debris of countless houses. The steel rebar that peeped out from the piles of broken stones. Huge patches of cracks scrawled on the grey concrete floor like spiderwebs. Some steel water pipes stuck out of the ground through the cracks, their bodies that hid underground had been broken under huge amounts of pressure. Water no longer flowed through the water pipes, they dried up and became nests for insects.

In the limitless ruins of a housing area with short buildings, the only thing standing was a wounded load-bearing wall. There was a rare bit of greenness coming from the lone little bud of the bordering tree that was cut in half and fell on top of the pile of debris, soon to wilt and die. The gang rode the armored truck and drove on the bumpy, semi-destroyed asphalt road for about fifteen minutes, they did not see any living human beings or dead bodies.

The central management building that took a hard hit and only left with six stories slowly came closer from afar and finally appeared right in front of their eyes. If this catastrophe never happened, then they would have arrived at the prosperous city area of the G032 military base. But, right now, the prosperous city area was no different from the housing area with short buildings, with the exception of having some more brightly-colored plastic garbage and higher mounds of broken stones.

It appears the ruins of this military base were completely lifeless.

Sitting in the armored truck, Wu Qi did not skip any bit of detail that he saw outside the window. His powerful vision that was as good as second-level enhanced visual acuity captured every detail of the debris like a machine, then was encoded by his highly-focused energy and consolidated into memory. Suddenly, his ear twitched, then he smacked the back of the driver’s seat.

“Big Brother Wang Sheng, stop the engine, there’s some movement!”

Wang Sheng quickly slowed down, stopped the car, and turned off the engine swiftly. The heavy motor sounds disappeared from the atmosphere. Wu Qi opened the car door to his left and stuck out his body.

The zephyr from the south brought a robust powdery smell and only a little bit of earthy smell and bloody smell. The sunny day made the temperature a little high and the humidity a little low. Wu Qu quickly glanced at the ruined environment around the car, then squatted down to hear the sound coming from the ground.

“One, two, three. There are three unknown targets two hundred meters to the northwest. They weigh around sixty to seventy kilograms and walk on two feet.” Wu Qi reported the information he got concisely. Wang Sheng and the others all had surprised looks on their faces; the fact that he could hear something so detailed from two hundred meters away was a clear indication of how remarkable his hearing was.

Perhaps Wu Qi was an outstanding scout to begin with. Someone always thought of it like that, including Guo Bobo.

Guo Bobo started to initiate her superpowers. In her body, cells of various shapes and functions flowed through her blood, rushing to different organs and body parts. These cells have 40-60% more activities than normal human cells, only a nanoscale microscope could pick up the quickly moving Superpower Virus. Some of these Superpower Virus were rhomboid, some were needle-like, some were rod-shaped; their colors varied, too. They enter normal cells of a human body via air, water, or food and occupy the cells as hosts, destroying the genes and accelerating the gene recombination and evolution. The cells do not undergo apoptosis after being “bitten” by Superpower Virus, instead, they evolve and regenerate into brand new cells with higher cellular activities, their functions would be either enhanced or altered.

These kinds of cells were no longer labeled as human cells by the realm of science in the Era of Dawn, instead, they were called “harbinger cells.” Numerous harbinger cells would complete the leap of quantitative change to qualitative change, then enhance and alter the human tissues and organ functions. As for how to use these evolved organs was dependent on the ability of the user.

The super-sensory ability was initiated by Guo Bobo, the sensitivity of all five senses were heightened and quickly fastened the speed of reporting data back to the brain like a circular light that quickly expanded in the dark night. Sense of vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, the world the Guo Bobo could sense expanded 1.5 times under the super sensory ability, the combination of abilities was far greater than 1.5 times.

At the same time, Guo Bobo also sensed the movements coming from two hundred meters away northeast that Wu Qi talked about, but she could only sense them on a simple level and could not measure anything. How could she analyze the information so accurately like Wu Qi, she wondered. The Wu Qi-shaped shadow in her heart became even more mysterious.

Wang Sheng and other mercenaries took off the assault rifles that hung from their chests and aimed at two hundred meters northwest. Two hundred meters northwest was an abandoned grey tall building with six stories around eighteen meters. The rows of glass windows on the outside of the tall building were all cracked and broken, there were obvious collapses and signs of destruction.

Gao Yuan didn’t take off his gun case; two hundred meters were too short of a distance to him. The center of his pupil was the cross in the sighting scope. Three seconds later, he clearly saw a bluish-grey human-like creature emerging from the broken window on the first floor. Long, slender arms reached out from the broken window and awkwardly guided its body to pass through and climb out of the crack. After climbing out of the window, the bluish-grey human-like creature fell to the dusty ground, then stood up and finally revealed its true appearance.

It was around 170cm tall and was not covered by any clothing items. Its limbs were long and slender, its rotten surface exposed the blue muscle fibers underneath its skin. There were different degrees of rottenness on its face, eyes, nose, and mouth, all revealed the tissues underneath, making it look extremely disgusting.

That was one of the most common creatures in the wilderness, a zombie. Even though the executive thinking region in its brain had been damaged, its body was still able to move, its heart was still beating inside its chest with a lively force. Myriads of Superpower Virus rampaged underneath the rotten bluish-grey skin, experienced mercenaries could tell the bony body could generate an explosive force that did not match its appearance at any second.

Zombies did not categorize as mutated creatures but as plague-breeders.

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