Chapter 55    Ruins From Disaster (III)

After the first zombie emerged, two more zombies climbed out of the window of the building. Their hairs had fallen out, but judging from the two chunks of very loose blue flesh that the zombie on the left was a female.

“Shall we fire?” Zhang Bai held his assault rifle and asked.

Wang Sheng shook his head and gave the tactical gesture for a halt.

The three bluish-grey zombies that appeared in front of them walked towards them at a steady pace, and Wang Sheng and his gang were quietly waiting near the armored truck. When the first zombie was exactly fifty meters away, the three zombies opened their mouths at the same time, the muscles around their mouths tore up the rotten flesh on their faces and exposed the elongated muscle fibers underneath. They started growling with their hoarse voices and their waving limbs started accelerating. Within two seconds, they accelerated to seventy kilometers per hour and charged towards them!

At the same time, Wu Qi, who had been anticipating, was like an arrow on a bow that was ready to launch. He lowered his body and dashed out, his slender and strong legs filled out the dark grey Sirius-developed model-IV combat uniform and moved quickly, pushing away the air that blocked in front of him and accelerated to a hundred kilometers per hour. He dodged all the obstacles in the ruins with his agile body and approached the three zombies using the fastest route.

Wu Qi drew his blade, his three-feet long blade was no longer covered by animal hide but a specially-made black sheath made of a composite material. The cold blade unsheathed quietly and swung a semicircle arc that reflected the bright burning sun!

The distance between them became zero at one instant. The three-feet long blade struck out horizontally, Wu Qi’s body quickly went five meters over the three zombies.

Wu Qi steadied himself and shook off the few drops of blue blood with indigo smoke coming off from the cold blade.

A horizontal crack appeared on the three zombies’ faces at the same time, then, half their skull quickly slid off to the side and fell down. During that process, the zombies still ran wildly with their skinny lanky legs. Two seconds later, they stopped running and their bodies tumbled face down to the ground from inertia, making three clouds of grey dust flew into the air.

The cross-section of their skulls revealed their brains. Blood and brains dripped down from the edges of the cut, and turned putrid when exposed to the air.

Destroying their brains was the most effective way to kill the plague-breeders, who were much more vigorous than mutated creatures. To them, they could keep on moving even if their hearts erupted.

Wang Sheng smiled. That was one of the most powerful uses of Wu Qi’s combat skills. Wu Qi could make the least amount of detectable motion and kill the enemies with the strongest close-quarters combat skills. But, the noises of their firearms could attract the mutated creatures that did not notice them before, therefore increasing the threat level of the mission.

The three zombies were dead. The gang surrounded the dead bodies of the zombies for checkup. Guo Bobo’s face changed when she was thirty meters away from the zombies, she grabbed her collar and started vomiting. Zhang Bai went to check up on Guo Bobo immediately. Guo Bobo’s face became a lot paler after she threw up, but she didn’t complain, she just braced herself and kept walking forward, as if she was trying to prove that she wouldn’t be defeated so easily when facing adversity.

Then, she still could not endure this disgusting odor. After walking seven or eight steps closer, her stomach started turning again. This time, she threw up all of her breakfast. Her pretty peach blossom eyes were moist, making her look fragile and charming.

Wang Sheng didn’t say anything. Guo Bobo’s senses were a lot more sensitive than an average person’s, and she had yet to have experienced a battle. It was perfectly normal for her to vomit after smelling the putrid smell of dead bodies. If she had the determination, then she would get stronger and stronger after continuous training.

Wu Qi was first to check on the zombies’ dead bodies. His sense of smell was equally as sharp, but he could hold his breath for a long time and not be bothered by the smell of death at all. He stood up after he checked them over and said, “all the muscles of their bodies have obvious atrophy and refining. Their explosive speed was essentially the same as how a cheetah accelerates in a short distance. There are acid sacs near their stomachs, and their blood is acidic, hence the sharp and acrid smell.”

In conclusion, they had no value of being recycled specimens.

“The search would go on,” Wang Sheng said.

There were hundreds and thousands of abandoned buildings in this ginormous military base ruins. They had no idea how many monsters were behind these abandoned buildings, they could only take one step at a time.

At the same time, in the wilderness, fifteen kilometers southwest of G032 military base, four twelve-seat armored trucks covered in thick, heavy black armor were driving forward in a square formation. They galloped at a speed of 170 kilometers per hour on the arid white soil of the wilderness, heading towards the G032 military base.

All of the armor on each one of the four twelve-seat armored trucks was manufactured with advanced metal alloy and was forty percent harder than the armor made from a typical metal alloy. They were 25mm thick, the outer layer was like a black fortress that meticulously covered the body of the truck. There was an anti aircraft machine gun from the Era of Dawn equipped atop each one of the armored trucks, the firing rate was as high as nine hundred bullets per minute. When they were firing a row of fire that was over a meter long, they could destroy all living things in their surroundings and destroy the building walls that were a few meters thick.

Mercenaries that were armed-to-the-teeth with the top-notch military equipment sat in the four armored trucks. Underneath their explosion-proof helmets were their callous and determined faces, they looked like they weren’t mercenaries who were hustling to make ends meet but were actual disciplined soldiers. The mercenaries all had SCAR-H hung in front of their chests. There were a total of forty-three people in the four armored trucks, they were all on the same mercenary team.

The armored truck at the rear left was much more special than the rest. Unlike the serious interior of the other armored trucks, the interior of this armored truck was more catered to the enjoyment for the users. The air conditioning inside the car kept the temperature at a constant 24 degrees Celsius, a stark contrast with the dry and hot temperature outside the bulletproof glass. The twelve seats had been taken down and replaced with genuine leather couches on both sides inside the truck. At the end of the soft chestnut-colored couches, there were TV, refrigerator, and a coffee-colored wooden wine cabinet that enshrined several bottles of wines that were over a thousand dollars in value. Those were considered luxury products during the Era of Dawn and the civilized era.

Eight artificial lights on the roof of the truck spilled gentle soft yellow light. A fully-armed mercenary sat on the driver’s seat of this noble armored truck and controlled the steering wheel with smooth driving expertise. Two people sat on either side of the genuine couches.

A young man sat in the center of the left couch. He wore a dark blue western-style military uniform, the golden wun and silver eagle emblems were bright and shiny. The man sat with his legs crossed casually and held a wine glass in his tender fingers. Red wine filled a quarter of the wine glass, the dark red color was like the blood of a young maiden. Whenever the truck oscillated, the dark red wine would also oscillate.

Silky and beautiful light blonde hair draped on the man’s forehead. He opened his bright blue eyes, there was a drop of dark red wine on his lips. His smile was extremely alluring, so sexy that it was demonic.

He was Sholto Leroy.

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