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Black Knight – Chapter 56

Chapter 56    Impending Enemies (I)

Gao Lan, clad in a sexy black leather bodysuit was sitting across from Sholto. Her long, straight black ponytail fell to her shoulders. Her slender legs were kept crossed together. Her charming monolid eyes closed gently, her breathing was steady and almost undetectable, her ability to stay silent was as stellar as Gao Yuan’s, perhaps even better in some aspects.

There were two other men sitting on the couch as well. One of them was very tall and broad, almost two meters, bulky heavy muscles covered his entire body. His arms and thighs were as thick as wooden barrels, his pecs and trapezius were like mountains, so bulky that they looked scary. His back muscles were like an epic scene of mountains and hills. The man had a black buzz cut and a square face. His eyes were so big, round, and bulging, making him look like a resting beast.

The other man was much thinner and shorter, only 175 centimeters. He had a sharp face and chin, there were three distinct hair parting lines in his thin hair like the claw marks from a lion. His body was decorated with lean muscles, so refined as if they were polished by machines. His muscles were contoured by the tight-fitting combat uniform, explosive force hid in every one of them. His limbs were very long, his arms were the same as a primate’s.

“Mountain Ghost” Wan Tai, “Small Blade” Li Jiang. Those were their names.

“This mission, our entire Hell’s Lions Mercenary Group must all go, there’s no room for error.” Sholto calmly stated after he finished all the red wine in the wine glass and licked off the red wine lingered on his sensual lips.

“Gotcha, boss. Now, I’m concerned with how much we could get once the mission is finished.” Wan Tai’s lips curled up and formed an arrogant crooked smile. He gently stretched his body, all the muscles in his body started working like gears in a machine. He didn’t hold back when he showed off the scary force that first-order muscle rampage brought him. The first-order Superpower Virus was almost on the verge of evolving, he only needed a key to open the door to second-order, and acquire second-order monstrous force superpower.

Then, he would have enough power to flip up the twelve-seat super armored truck. The two mountains of muscular pecs at his chest would listen to his commands to generate power, contract, and harden up to reduce 80% of the damage of a 5.56mm assault rifle bullet.

Sholto grinned, “Grandpa Alfonso said, if we could complete this mission perfectly, then us four would get at least a million each.”

“Hey! Then I would rip apart all the enemies that stand in front of Hell’s Lions with my bare hands.” Wan Tai laughed, his laughing sound was like a great bell.

What exactly was the concept of one million dollars, a million dollars could purchase ten armored trucks, two war tanks with enough combat effectiveness that could totally crush armored trucks, forty advanced gene-enhancing drugs, six second-order Superpower Virus solutions, thirty second-level fully-armed mercenaries. To the elite fifth-level Hell’s Lions Mercenary Group, this money would literally make them overnight millionaires.

“But it’s quite a coincidence. Didn’t expect a little rat to enter the ruins of G032, where the mission’s destination is.” Li Jiang looked at the quiet Gao Lan askance. He didn’t try to hide the deliberate meaning in his tone.

Sholto, who kept control of all information, knew exactly what Li Jiang meant when he aimed at Gao Lan. Sholto was the grandson of Alfonso Leroy, the broad chairman of Sirius Group. His power to manipulate the database was only below the bosses on the board of directors. He already read all the information related to the missions, the name written on the mission receiver’s line for the B-level exploration mission at the ruins of G032 military base was “Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team——Wang Sheng.”

Their destination was also the ruins of G032 military base, the difference was Black Blunderbuss was just one of the pawns that the Sirius Group used to explore the way and divert the mutated animals. The Hell’s Lions Mercenary Team was the real trump card that knew the real truth behind the activities going on at the G032 military base.

There was an eighty-meter-deep military air-raid shelter at the G032 military base’s underground that was built during the civilized era that had advanced nuclear technology, and the fortifications were extremely well-built. There was a totally-enclosed laboratory that had perfect natural circulation functions inside the underground air raid shelter that would only start once the military base’s top-level danger alarm was activated.

The totally-enclosed underground laboratory was connected to the research lab above ground. Once the underground laboratory had started, all the precious data information, experiment results, culture dishes, chemical, and biological materials would be transferred to the underground laboratory via the automatic elevator in under forty-five seconds, then seal up the underground laboratory’s passage to the outside world in under fifteen seconds. In the Era of Dawn, the air raid shelter was added with energy fields that could shield and mislead creatures with sensory superpowers. Even tens of thousands of mutated animal herds could not detect and tear down the air raid shelter.

Because humans built a military base with the G032 code above the air raid shelter, hence, this air raid shelter was also called bunker No. 32. All these designs were not seen in G011 military base, so in other words, the underground fortifications of G011 military base could not be compared to bunker No. 32. And because of how special the underground defense mechanism at the G032 military base was, it was selected by the Central Research Institute as the “second-level laboratory,” its standard was only lower than the “first-level laboratory” at the eastern and western institute branches of the Central Research Institute.

Two months ago, the laboratory at the G032 military base accepted a very special second-order mutated live animal through the mercenary market. The appearance of the mutated live animal was classified top-secret, only the head of the G032 military base laboratory, Cen Shuming, and the other lab technicians knew. After extracting the evolved cells and Superpower Virus from the mutated animal, and after thousands of experiments and biological analyses, they were finally certain that its superpower was known in the Superpower Database as the rarest second-order specialty superpower——”Super Phagocytosis.”

Whoever possessed the “Super Phagocytosis” superpower could infinitely absorb all types of Superpower Virus and make them live inside the user’s body harmoniously and not trigger the gene strands to crash while evolving the corresponding superpower. Theoretically, those who possessed “Super Phagocytosis” could have all superpowers below third-order. When multiple different superpowers combined together, the extended combat skills would be placed at the very top among third-order mutated creatures and harbingers, just a hair below fourth-order.

If the research was to continue around this mutated creature, it would be possible to transplant “Super Phagocytosis,” then, the quality of the mainstay middle-level human combat skills would skyrocket. Human territories could expand, plague-breeders in the wilderness could all be annihilated, mutated creatures could be quarantined and captive-bred, the Era of Dawn might even come to an end and the renaissance of the civilized era would not be a fairytale!

This living material that came to the hands of humans was like the tender seedling of the Yggdrasil Tree of Life, the fire of Prometheus, the key to let humans take control of the world. Scientists would rack their brains to research a plague-breeder with messed up genes, let alone a mutated creature with stable gene strands.

Based on the possibility to change the future for all humanity, Superintendent Cen Shumeng christened a name for this living mutated creature——”MacDonald,” in Scottish, its meaning was “Son of the World’s Ruler.”

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