Chapter 57: Impending Enemies (II)

Before the Supreme Tri-Council gave the order and dispatched the army to transfer MacDonald, the laboratory at G032 military base was ordered to keep and research MacDonald. However, two months prior to Superintendent Cen getting MacDonald, an unpredictable apocalypse happened, and to this day, the truth was still yet to be discovered.

Thousands of mutated beast herds swept through from the wilderness in an organized formation, including a mysterious seventy-meter-tall creature with the codename “Kris the Giant” and another mysterious creature that had the superpower to destroy electronic devices with the codename “Electromagnetic Terry.” They appeared out of nowhere, attacked and destroyed the defensive bailey and military fortification works, and annihilated all living souls in G032 military base within seconds.

And just before the catastrophe hit the military base’s laboratory, Superintendent Cen activated the transfer function and transferred MacDonald and other precious data information and materials to bunker No. 32.

The final sentence Sirius Group has about this incident was “It is known that MacDonald is safely located inside bunker No. 32, but Cen Shuming and 165 other laboratory technicians all died in line of duty.”

The mission Sholto got from Alfonso was to go to the ruins of G032 military and enter bunker No. 32, find and bring back the culture tank that contained MacDonald.

“The Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team was just a pebble used to explore the way, even though this pebble is a little too much of an eyesore to some people.” Li Jiang fanned the flames.

Gao Lan slowly opened her eyes. Her cold expression was like the snow falling in December, the harsh light emanating from her monolid eyes were enough to make anyone tremble with fear.

She said nonchalantly as if talking about something completely unrelated to her, “You’re absolutely right, I’m going to kill the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team the second we enter the ruins. I’d be okay if I don’t get any rewards for this mission.”

“Hey, big sis, we’re talking about a million here, you must be just joking, right?” Li Jiang was caught off guard and said with disbelief.

Sholto’s warm smile was a stark contrast with Gao Lan’s expression, one was the height of summer and the other the dead of winter. He laughed. “You don’t have to work alone, Gao Lan. I will give you the chance to kill the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team, and I will support you with firearms. I will lead them to the underground laboratory.”

Li Jiang and Wan Tie rolled their eyes, they thought, Sholto was being too eagerly attentive. Gao Lan was a fifth-level sniper, if she weren’t there, then all they had left were two third-level snipers, and the team’s power against mutated animals and plague-breeders would decrease more than just a little.

Gao Lan wasn’t moved. She said coldly, “You don’t have to do this, Sholto.”

“You’re overthinking, it was part of my plan to deal with the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team. If we just let them do their own thing and let them discover MacDonald, we’d have to kill them. It would be better to watch over them right from the start,” Sholto said with extreme confidence.

“What’s your plan, boss?” Li Jiang asked.

Sholto braced his left elbow with his left arm, his hand placed against his tender cheek. He said, “Gao Lan and Wan Tai will be a team to watch over and kill the Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team, you can move freely within a thousand square kilometers inside the military base. Li Jiang will follow me to the center of the military base and find the entrance to the underground laboratory. If we run into mutated animals or plague-breeders, we kill; if we run into special individuals, we report. That’s all.”

Four armored trucks sped on the wilderness that looked like a white desert and finally arrived at the northeast entrance of the G032 military base after a few minutes.

At the same time, all of the Black Blunderbuss members were sitting in the armored truck, advancing towards the north side of the military base via the semi-destructed asphalt road in the downtown area. Countless ruined houses quicked moved back from both sides of the armored truck, the tall building that was split in halves at the center was completely lifeless, so destroyed that it was unrecognizable what kind of building it once was.

“Four o’clock direction, a hundred and fifty meters away, abandoned food store, eight blue zombies.” Inside the fleeting armored truck driving at 120km per hour, Gao Yuan was using his excellent far-range dynamic visual acuity to discover enemies and their quantity.

“We can just avoid them.” Zhang Bai was the one driving. He chuckled and didn’t give a crap about these zombies and didn’t plan on battling them.

“Eight o’clock direction, the big warehouse three hundred meters away, I saw a huge pack of zombies. There are around thirty, and they’re all wearing clothes!” Wu Qi sat at the seat by the window on the left side and shouted.

“Wearing clothes? Slow down and let Wu Qi take a good look.” Wang Sheng ordered. Zhang Bai followed the command and turned the steering wheel, the armored truck drifted and decelerated quickly, the tires marked four thick arcs on the ground filled with broken stones. It finally stopped after lifting the dust off the ground and in the air.

Wu Qi quickly looked into the direction of the big warehouse. White sunlight reflected in his black obsidian eyes, when his pupils contracted, it looked like glimmering water.

“Seems to be factory uniforms. They all have ID cards at their chests.”

Wang Sheng thought it over and said, “They might be the civilians who got infected by the viruses in those mutated creatures and turned into plague-breeders.”

The air, water, and food in the military base were way cleaner than those in the wilderness. The water purifying facility inside the military base had a perfect filter system, all the food sold in convenience stores had all been specially processed, or, their ingredients were specially cultivated. The water and food contained the essence of technology——chemicals that were anti-Superpower Virus. Technology had drastically reduced the threats from the virus in the environment, there was only a tiny trace of Superpower Virus in the air, but the human immune system was enough to defend against it. As a result, purebred humans and humans that were capable of evolving were indistinguishable when large amounts of virus entered their bodies.

These humans who believed they were purebred humans all mutated into plague-breeders after the disaster. It was possible that some had become harbingers, but too bad it was impossible for the first-order harbingers to survive when facing the attack from thousands and thousands of mutated creatures. Or, it was possible that they first turned into harbingers by sheer chance, then got infected in the battle with the plague-breeders and the virus inside their bodies rampaged, which later turned them into plague-breeders.

No matter what, they were poor people. Their bodies wouldn’t stop moving even after their death, they couldn’t rest in peace.

“Let’s go,” Wang Sheng ordered. These zombies had no value whatsoever.

“So all the mutated creatures all ran away before we got here? Is that even possible?” Guo Bobo asked. They had spent more than an hour at the military base already and didn’t see any other creatures besides the zombies. Wang Sheng once told her to observe more and learn more and don’t be afraid to say anything, so that’s why she asked.

Wu Qi took out an original map of the G032 military base from his backpack, the paper map was drawn at a 1: 1000000 scale. Wu Qi opened the map and pointed to a blue and green area at the north of the military base and said:

“This is a ‘plantation,’ the area is 200 square kilometers. Here is farmland to cultivate crops, mountains that rear livestocks in captivity, and a river that bred free-range fish. This place is rich with different animal species, a heaven for wildlife. If those thousands of mutated creatures never left the G032 military base and its surroundings, they’d most likely go to the plantation for a place to live.”

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