Chapter 58: Impending Enemies (III)

Guo Bobo understood, then she asked another question, “so now that we’re driving north, are we going to the plantation?”

“At least one more hour. If we couldn’t find any valuable information in the downtown area, then we could only go to the plantation,” Wang Sheng said. Now, he finally realized that valuable information was not easy to find. Hundreds of exploration missions had already been conducted on this military base’s area of a thousand square kilometers, all the places that they could go in the city had probably already been thoroughly explored.

Danger lurked everywhere in the plantation, the experienced mercenaries knew this well in their hearts, only a handful of them were willing to go in and explore. If a valuable mutated creature was found in there and they killed it and brought it back in the sample case, they’d earn a fortune.

The armored truck kept on speeding on the asphalt road that was covered in small gravels. The buildings on both sides of the road gradually became sparser, the greenery in their field of view became more and more. This area was beginning to disconnect with the bustling and populous commercial area of downtown and entered the industrial area that was rife with factories.

At the same time, the Central Management Building in central downtown. The building that was once more than twenty storeys tall used to be the hinge of management in the G032 military base, but right now, after the destruction, it had only six stories left. The outer walls were covered in mottled scratches, and none of the windows were intact.

Even so, the destroyed Central Management Building was still the tallest building in central downtown.

The bright, clear, sunny blue sky was like a choppy ocean, there were only a few clouds in the sky, not too thick and not too thin; they didn’t look layered when observed from the ground. White sunlight poured down from the edgeless firmament and drenched the entire a thousand square kilometers. It was exactly noon right now, the sun was at the summit in the sky, even the small streets in the bungalow residence area didn’t have any spots of shade.

On the sixth floor of the Central Management Building, the north side wall had a huge crack down the middle, broken concrete chunks and steel rebar that were the size of a person’s fist were all over the white ceramic tiles. Dry and hot zephyr surrounded the tall building as a result of the special designs inside the building.

Gao Lan lied flat on her belly at the very top of the Central Management Building. Her perky chest and butt filled out the skin-tight leather suit, her slender long legs pressed against the white ceramic tiled floor. Her hands carried the violently beautiful body of the Barrett M82A1, the bipod stand was set up at the lowest groove against the cracked north wall, the slender rifle body stuck out from the crack.

Gao Yan closed her right eye and opened her left eye against the 10X rifle scope. The color of her left eye was a beautifully charming brown, the same as Gao Yuan’s. Right now, ripples appeared in the center of her left eye like a pond moving in elegant rhythm. She took full advantage of her first-order supervision, and when paired with the 10X rifle scope, she clearly saw a desert colored armored truck speeding on the roads of the industrial area 2000 meters away.

This desert colored armored truck driving at 120km/h was already captured in the cross of the 10X rifle scope.

“2020 meters, 2030 meters, 2040 meters…” Gao Lan’s rosy lips murmured. 2000 meters was outside her “Call of the Winds” superpower, but it wasn’t out of Barrett’s theoretical effective shooting range. Back in the civilized era, there had been the impressive feat of a sniper using a Barrett and killed an enemy 2800 meters away. That sniper was a purebred human, he only relied on his skills and a little bit of luck.

Gao Lan was a fifth-level sniper. Theoretically, she could be as good as that sniper, or even better.

She moved the aiming cross of the scope away from the moving armored truck and lifted it up until she reached a constant height. Her tender hand hid under the black tactical gloves, her slender index finger slowly climbed up the trigger on the Barrett.

A second later, she pulled the trigger with no hesitation.

Bang! The muffler silenced the fire that would’ve exploded at the muzzle, the 12.7mm bullet pierced through the air at a speed of 853 meters per second, faster than the speed of sound, and flew towards the desert colored armored truck two thousand meters away in the north. The bullet would slice through the air and penetrate the 20mm thick composite metal armor before the screeching sound even reached Wu Qi and others’ ears inside the truck.

Gao Lan knew Gao Yuan was probably sitting in a seat by the window, and he never drove, so she didn’t hesitate to take aim at the driver’s seat and made the shot.

Three seconds later, the armored truck in the 10X rifle scope suddenly jerked, a rapid spiral crack appeared in the center of the truck top, huge globs of sparks flew out.

Blazing flames danced around and flew out, the 20mm composite metal armor got squished, bent, then burst like dry weeds, and got pierced through by the sniper bullet in a blink of an eye!

The entire Black Blunderbuss Mercenary Team didn’t even have time to be shocked, the burning golden trail rushed in front of their eyes and buried inside the steering wheel in a flash. The strong impact force shattered the entire control console, pieces of the composite material flew out everywhere like shrapnel!

Gao Yuan and Zhang Bai sitting in the front row were the first to react at that instant, and they immediately covered their faces and necks with their arms and crawled to the side. Everyone in the back seat also took evasive actions. Albeit Guo Bobo sensed everything quickly, she was a little bit slow on the defense actions once danger hit her. She sat in the very center of the backseat and had no covers whatsoever.

In the blink of an eye, Wu Qi threw his upper body over Guo Bobo’s soft torso, he turned his waist and covered Guo Bobo’s body behind him. The way the broken pieces were shot out was like a peacock spreading its tail and filled up the space inside the armored truck instantly!

Thick smoke was coming out of the top of the armored truck, the four wheels skid against the road, making piercing grating sounds. The entire truck reeled and drifted left and right. This scene was projected in the round rifle scope and in Gao Lan’s eyes.

She quickly withdrew the Barrett’s muzzle that stuck outside the wall. She believed that Gao Yuan already knew that she was here from that shot she made. And this time would be the same as the previous three times, she’d kill each and every one of Gao Yuan’s teammates and leave him all alone! That would break him and make him give up.

On the road in the industrial area two thousand meters away, the drifting and smoking armored truck finally stopped after skidding more than ten meters. The doors on both sides were flung open, six people jumped out and rolled around, there was also a fiery red silhouette.

Zhang Bai’s muscular body slammed onto the rough surface of the road. The bulletproof armor he wore had more than twenty pieces of composite material at his chest. His brawny arms were bleeding heavily, debris covered and cut inside his arms, looking like he reached in a box of broken glass then pulled his arm out. His eyes were tightly shut, veins popped out from his temples, he looked like he was enduring a tremendous amount of pain and he couldn’t even scream.

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