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Black Knight – Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Killers Have Arrived

Fortunately, Zhang Bai’s face and neck were covered by his arms, he only had two or three scratches on the side and didn’t get pierced through by the debris of the control console that shot out.

Zhang Bai was placed at the most dangerous place, yet he managed to stay alive because of sheer luck.

Everyone else all got hurt to different extents. Gao Yuan had a dozen different sized debris cutting into his bulletproof vest, knife-shaped debris cut into his left forearm about four centimeters deep, the tip of that debris was just beside his bone. Scarlet blood gushed outside the cut like a fountain, he couldn’t hold his sniper rifle with that arm anymore.

Wang Sheng and Yang Dongchen were the first ones to get up from the ground, they barely had any wounds on their bodies. July the little red fox galloped on the road and looked like a dancing flame. July was perfectly fine, but in its eyes, its owner looked like he was in danger.

Wu Qi carried Guo Bobo off the truck. Guo Bobo was held tightly in Wu Qi’s embrace, her lively eyes were now dead shut as if she’d see something scary if she ever opened her eyes. Her hands held tightly in front of Wu Qi’s hard chest as though Wu Qi’s embrace was the only safe haven. And it wasn’t enough for her to just hold her hands in it, she curled her soft and slender long legs, like she wanted to tuck her legs inside this cradle.

There were three tears on the dark grey combat uniform on Guo Bobo’s legs. Three different sized debris cut into the tender flesh on her calves and blood was dripping out. That was the only place on her body that Wu Qi wasn’t able to protect.

As for Wu Qi, he looked absolutely horrifying. More than forty pieces of debris cut through the loins and back of his dark grey Sirius model-IV combat uniform, making him look like a hedgehog. Because he didn’t dodge when he became Guo Bobo’s armor and ended up exposing his entire back and loin to the center of the explosive debris.

July the little red fox quickly jumped in front of Wu Qi’s face. Wu Qi’s eyes were closed, there was no pain on his face. He looked like he was asleep. July lifted its neck and gently licked the tip of Wu Qi’s nose with its pink tongue, hoping he would wake up soon.

“Wu Qi!” Wang Sheng shouted. Yang Dongchen already ran towards Zhang Bai to give him first aid while Wang Sheng ran to Wu Qi. His heart went cold as soon as he saw all those debris pieces on Wu Qi’s back, his eyes suddenly turned red.

Then, Wu Qi wrinkled his nose after feeling how hard July was licking him. He twitched his nose, his facial muscles started moving, then opened his eyes. The first thing that entered his eyes was Guo Bobo’s silky black hair, Guo Bobo’s soft body was entirely tucked in his embrace like a spongy pillow that had a faint fragrance.

Her slender waist was stuck to Wu Qi’s hard abs, Wu Qi’s sensitive touch could feel her soft and dewy tender skin through the two layers of their combat uniforms. Yet, Wu Qi didn’t savor that moment, he pushed Guo Bobo away as soon as he opened his eyes, then pushed his body up with his left hand.

What happened next shocked everyone. Despite how Wu Qi looked like a hedgehog with more than forty pieces of debris stuck to his back and loin, when he loosened his torso and limbs, the muscle that hid beneath the model-IV combat uniform moved quickly like fish in a pond and stretched out, the forty pieces of debris fell from his back and loin and fell to the ground.

When the last piece of debris fell to the ground, Wu Qi’s smooth and muscular back was finally revealed. In fact, the forty pieces of debris did not leave any mark on his body. The super durable cut-resistant fiber layer and the chemical liquid layer inside the Sirius-developed model-IV combat uniform absorbed 90% of the damage, and the final 10% of the damage was blocked by Wu Qi’s back muscles that contract involuntarily.

His body had the equivalence of third-level enhanced strength and second-level enhanced defense. The muscles that have been through countless battles not only were able to listen to his commands, they could also contract or relax on their own to protect the fragile blood vessels or nerves, and thicken the muscle layer behind the spine to reinforce his defence mechanism for self-protection. This special feature of his muscles was not exactly an ability but more of a naturally-acquired property that a genetically-enhanced soldier or a harbinger had.

Wang Sheng’s heart was finally put to ease now that he realized Wu Qi wasn’t hurt anywhere. He turned around to carry Gao Yuan, who fell to the ground. On the other side, Yang Dongchen was treating Zhang Bai with first-aid care and sprayed a thick layer of anticoagulant spray on both his arms.

Guo Bobo was still lying on the ground. Her peach-blossom eyes were wide open in shock, she wanted to get up, but her body was super weak and limp from being too frightened.  Wu Qi didn’t notice Guo Bobo’s strangeness and didn’t carry her. He turned around and stared at the central downtown area to the south. His eyes looked around, then finally locked in on the top of the six-story Central Management Building.

Wu Qi’s eyes were deep and beautiful, like rocks in clear spring water. His pupils constricted slightly, there was a tinge of anger in the depth of his gaze that gushed out from the mouth of the spring.

An expert sniper shot them. Who could it be? Someone from another mercenary team?

Wu Qi didn’t know the answer. On the other side, Wang Sheng took out the anticoagulant spray from his military backpack and didn’t cherish it at all when he sprayed it all over Gao Yuan’s heavily injured arms. The cooling sensation ameliorated the pain in his arms. Gao Yuan used all his energy to stand up and disobeyed Wang Sheng’s idea to keep on treating him and got in the truck resolutely.

Gao Yuan climbed in front of the control console with one hand and both feet. The cracks covered the surface of the console like spiderwebs, there was a thirty centimeter dent in the center, the parts that disappeared were the shrapnels that flew out earlier. The sniper bullet disappeared from here, it didn’t hit the head of the truck to destroy the motor. But, if they want to keep on driving this truck, they need to spend a few hours fixing it first.

Gao Yuan’s goal wasn’t checking to see if the motor got exploded by the bullet, instead, he wanted to see the actual sniper bullet. He reached his hand into the bottom of the dent, and once he felt the base of the slender metal bullet, he used his thumb and index finger to yank it out.

That was a 12.7mm tungsten alloy armor-piercing bullet. There was a spiral pattern around the bullet. Gao Yuan flipped the bullet around, and saw an impressive metal orchid in full bloom carved into the bottom of the bullet.

Furious sparks flew from Gao Yuan’s brown eyes. His molars were crushed and gritted together. Wang Sheng followed Gao Yuan behind, and with the help of the light reflected inside the truck, he saw Gao Yuan’s angry side profile.

The impression of Gao Yuan in Wu Qi, even Wang Sheng and others, was always calm, cool, and collected. He wouldn’t clench his teeth together or look furious and resentful even when he was facing death. But right now, Wang Sheng saw Gao Yuan’s fiendish side profile with his own eyes.

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