Chapter 7: Attack of the Dreadwolves (I)

A person ran to the town square at the end of food rationing.

It was a slender young man who was about twenty-six or twenty-seven. He wore an army green mercenary uniform on the outside and a grey T-shirt on the inside, with a pair of tall, thick leather boots that envied the shoeless hungry civilians. The handgun tucked on his waist indicated his power and status.

He was Zhou Qing, An Yi’s henchman. Like An Yi, he too, was a genetically enhanced human, except that An Yi had enhanced first-level strength and defense skills, whereas Zhou Qing had enhanced danger-sensing skills. Enhanced anger-sensing skills were even more important than enhanced strength in the safe zone, a city of ruins that was no different from the wild.

An Yi realized something was up when he saw Zhou Qing gasping for air with sweat covering his forehead. He dragged Zhou Qing to the corner of the town square and asked, “What’s up, Zhou Qing? Why the hurry?”

“There were signs of attack on the safe zone by a pack of dreadwolves, Captain An. Leave the rationing of food for Big Yong and Ah-Bing, and we should hurry and group our men for a battle.”

An Yi was shook. The expression on his face was harsh and serious. He said, “Understood.”

An Yi turned around to inform Big Yong and Ah-Bing, who was also on duty maintaining discipline. He glanced at the hungry folks that were still in lines and fleeted the town square. Zhou Qing quickly followed.

The town wasn’t big. Along the way, An Yi informed two other squad members who were living at their residences as fast as he could. It only took five minutes for the team of six that was armed to the teeth to arrive at the town’s entrance.

The defense mechanism at the entrance was a fortified black iron door that was already rusty. There were barbed wires that coiled around the walls that were twenty meters wide and three meters tall, and three rows of the sharp wood fence outside the door. The mutated animals that paid the most visit here were the dreadwolves that came from the mountains nearby. These dreadwolves were thirty percent larger than the wild wolves from the civilized era. They had tough fur coating and sharp teeth, and it were to pounce onto an ordinary person, it would be able to slice the person’s throat within a second.

An Yi and his squad stayed here as the shield to protect the civilians, and they would fight those mutated beasts here with their weapons and bodies.

The expression on An Yi and his team members was stern as they held powerful shotguns in hand. Zhou Qing closed his eyes to sense the pack of dreadwolves. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and yelled, “They’re here!”

Ten seconds later, slight vibrations came from the ground. An Yi’s mercenaries opened the iron door, two stood on the outpost beside the iron door, four were behind the iron door, ready to fight the dreadwolves that would soon arrive.

1, 2, 3. The first burly dreadwolf appeared in front of their eyes. Then came the second one, and then the third one… There were fifteen dreadwolves in total. They had greyish brown fur, and their bodies were twice the size of normal wild wolves. They stood their ground on their agile paws as their powerful muscles flexed fiercely, and sticky saliva dripped from their sharp teeth. Each one of the dreadwolves looked like a locomotive, fast and furious. They galloped toward the mercenaries at the defense gate at a speed of ninety kilometers per hour, about to enter the effective range of the shotguns in the blink of an eye.

Approach a human and kill it for food. That was the message reflected in the eyes of those dreadwolves!

“Fire!” An Yi shouted an order and fired his shotgun. The bullet flew through the air and disassembled into multiple pellets that all landed on the fastest dreadwolf. The dreadwolf fell to the ground with a loud crashing sound following the shot. A second later, the other fourteen dreadwolves raced past the leader that fell to the ground and all got shot by the other mercenaries’ shotguns.

However, the dreadwolf that fell down did not die. There was some blood on his body that was covered by its thick fur. The leader of the pack rolled on the ground and got up. It bared its ferocious teeth to show resentment and started advancing towards them again.

“It evolved again, the fur is so f**king thick! Aim at its paws!” An Yi cursed and continued firing his shotgun. Other irate mercenaries also started firing. If they didn’t kill them or maimed them, then once they got even closer, they’d be the ones to die.

But they were outnumbered by the dreadwolves by a wide margin, and one or two shots were not enough to kill them. There were only six mercenaries, and the pack of dreadwolves soon got even closer.

An Yi ordered two mercenaries to shut the iron doors. The sharp wood fences worked as an obstacle for the dreadwolves and bought them some time.

Once the door was closed, the two mercenaries on the outpost were the only firing points left. Although the dreadwolves may be outside the iron door, their strong front paws and powerful hindlegs were enough for them to jump on the three-meter tall walls. The fifteen dreadwolves started to jump up the iron door, the mercenaries on the outpost fought with all their energies. The shotguns were finally more effective at a shorter range, and they killed six to seven of the fiercest dreadwolves.

Finally, a dreadwolf climbed over the iron door and entered the formation of the four mercenaries.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! It had nowhere to hide from the four shotguns that fired from all angles and died. But the second one and the third one all came in. Some of the mercenaries didn’t even have time to load the bullets when they were exposed to the teeth of the dreadwolves.

“Old Kang! Retreat and load up!” An Yi stepped up at this critical moment. He came in front of Old Kang and gave him the time to reload his shotgun. An Yi fired his Colt King Cobra at the dreadwolf’s face brutally. The strong force from the bullets made the dreadwolf’s head tilt backward. An Yi caught this opportunity of the dreadwolf’s vulnerability and quickly choked its neck with both his hands.

His enhanced first-level strength powered through instantly. It was the same force that world-renowned heavy weight lifters possessed. Right now, An Yi had that force around the dreadwolf’s neck. Then, with An Yi’s experienced shoulder throw, the powerful dreadwolf was thrown down on the ground. A knife precisely penetrated through the softer tissue under the dreadwolf’s jaw, hot and crimson blood splashed on An Yi’s face and leather jacket.

“One dead!” An Yi shouted, bathed in blood, and holding a knife. Two more dreadwolves jumped over the iron door and pounced towards An Yi, waving their sharp claws. An Yi’s team mates aimed their shotguns precisely and shot them to death.

Together, the six mercenaries had great teamwork and killed all the dreadwolves that jumped over the iron door. Some were hurt, some were bleeding, but they managed to kill all fifteen frightful dreadwolves one by one until none were left.

Two minutes later, fifteen dead bodies of dreadwolves were laid outside and inside the iron door of the safe zone. An Yi had dreadwolf blood on his face, his left hand covered the three scratches on his right arm. Thanks to his first-level defense, or else these three scratches would have been even deeper. Half of his squad members were also hurt by the dreadwolves’ paws.

An Yi sighed and said huskily, “Y’all still alive.”

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