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Black Knight – Prelude


Skyrocketing advancement of science and technology was keeping human activities better than ever. Then, out of nowhere, doomsday came unexpectedly.

A gigantic meteor crashed and fell onto the earth, and along with it, something that was later named “Superpower Virus” by the survivors had quickly spread into the atmosphere, the oceans, and every inch of land on earth. Within a short amount of time, every living thing was infected.

It had taken away the lives of myriads of organisms and caused genetic mutations in countless creatures. Those that died in the process of evolution became living zombies that carried the virus, while those that evolved successfully somehow gained supernatural abilities. The people that survived had increased superhuman powers. When these examples became more prominent and eventually turned into a phenomenon, the era of intricately-cultivated human civilization had tumbled down, giving birth to a bloody, barbarous new order.

The humans who survived this disastrous pandemic by a fluke recorded this period as the “Dark Night Era.” They carefully cultivated whatever that remained and diligently tried to revive human civilization to a renaissance.

Fifty years later, historians and scientists added an appendix to this historic milestone. It embodied the morning dew of hope that appeared at life’s bud tip after showering under a bloody, barbaric new order.

Humans named the era fifty years after the meteor crash as “The Era of Dawn.”

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  1. Maxim Kelchtermans

    A tip you will be gratefull for. At the beginning of a zombie apocalypse if you feel you won’t awaken an ability or you feel like you will die just accept being a zombie get to a favorable environment where you can grow as a zombie and after a few evolution you will gain intelligence way beyond normal humans.

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