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[HTK] Ebook Version Online! (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

So we’ve finally edited the first couple hundred chapters and compiled them into ebook version. Our intention is just so that those that enjoy the novel and wish to have a digital copy can grab themselves a copy, so we picked the cheapest price we are allowed to set on Kindle, and that is $0.00 if you have Kindle Unlimited, or $0.99 if you don’t (which we take 35% of).

For those that are so kind and left a positive review, message us on [Patreon] and we will give one month of membership for free!

The quarantine period is tough to get through, so we hope our novels could make it a bit easier. Stay safe, and talk to you all soon!

Volume 1: [Amazon Link]

Volume 2: [Amazon Link]

[Amazon] December Earnings and New Year Sales

Ayy, our December month has been great! In total, we reached shipped items revenue of $907 and earned $45.62, and it had all gone to paying the translators to do 1 HTK bonus and 1 AOTDD bonus which was released just in time for the holidays~

If you would like to contribute to the bonus chapters next month, you can click this link and then search whatever you want to buy: [Amazon Shopping Link]

Here are some of the big purchases made by our Noodletown citizens. A big thanks to whoever bought these items through our link!

[Product Link]

I watched the video in the product description and holy crap is this useful! I’ve purchased one for myself to grow mint to make drinks and sauces.

[Product Link]

Cutest thing I’ve seen all month, it can play and throw treats with your dog so I’m getting one to accompany my dog when I’m translating or not at home.

*Just make sure your dog isn’t the big mouth / ferocious-biter type or that’s 89$ down the drain.


[Product Link]

This is super neat, good purchase for dad or just yourself!

[Product Link]

Good New Years gift for your parents or elders~

[Product Link]

Extra battery will always come in handy. Smallest and lightest, and enough to charge 3.5 Iphone 8s and 2.5 Galaxy S8.

[Amazon] Christmas Shopping Deals!

Ayyy Merry Christmas and happy holidays! The bonus chapters sponsored by Amazon purchases are coming out today for both HTK and AOTDD!

More can come if more people purchase through our affiliate links~ So now, let’s get some shopping done for our family and friends!

[Product Link]

Get a 30-day free trial, just in time to get prepared for Boxing Day shopping!

Give the gift of cash, the best gift, for people that you don’t know well enough, or people that you know too well
19k reviews, a good quality camera for just 25$? That’s cray cray, what a great deal!
I got one to spy on my dog when I’m away
Pick your own gifts~

[Shop] Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

You can have many friends, but your pet only has you. So during this special time of the year, I bought quite a bit of stuff to treat my English Spaniel. You can also click on this link to see the best deals on Amazon in the Pets category: [Link]

Meanwhile, here are some of my suggestions:

[Product Link]

Dental hygiene’s important guys, gotta brush teeth every day or you gonna be paying a crap ton in the future to cure dental diseases.

[Product Link]

So your hommie’s mouth doesn’t smell like a$$.

[Product Link]

Save that expensive a$$ trip to PetSmart or wherever you go to groom. Do it yourself. If it ugly, it okay, it won’t care cuz it’s already spayed or neutered

[Product Link]

It’s healthy to eat slow. Before buying this, my dog can finish her bowl before I pick up my chopstick

[Product Link]

So your car seat survives after a ride with your furry companion

[Product Link]

Can’t treat without treats. When you picking, just make sure you get the healthy ones rather than milk bones, bacon-flavored or crap like that. Most pets don’t care about taste, they will eat anything.

Aight, that is all, don’t forget to spend time with your fury/bald companion. Happy December!

Also, earnings report for Amazon royalty is shared at every end of month, but you can start commenting on which book you want us to release bonus chapters. If there’s no comment, then we will be doing AOTDD since I’m its translator.

[Amazon] Cyber Monday Sale – Shop and Earn Bonus Chaps (Some ends in 12 hours)

This is a quick one because some deals ends in 12 hours. It’s almost Christmas so it’s always good to grab things on discount and then think about who to give it to after. You can also leave a comment below and ask us.

We earned a total of 16$ commission last time, mostly from some hommie that bought a Roomba with us so thank you so much, Roomba dude! Comment below and tell us which book you want your bonus chapter on!

If you want to shop on your own and give us the royalty, shop through this affiliate link: [CLICK ME]

And here are deals we found for Cyber Monday Sale:

[Product Link]

A drone for just 34$??? Woah, but it’s a mini one, but hey, whatever that can fly and has a camera is good. Even if it crashes or hits a bird, it’s just 34$, so you would only be crying for a few seconds before moving on to grab another one. Personally ordered one, will be using it to stalk squirrels.

[Product Link]

This is called, free your mom from doing tedious house chores.

A.K.A, free yourself if your mom always forces you to do it.

You don’t often see something being 52% off, and it has better rating than iRobot Roomba which is 279$ on sale and is only 27% off.

[Product Link]

Cheap work laptop, something to just get the work done without breaking your wallet.

But be careful, Chrome Book can be quite different to use than Mac or Windows PC, so do your research before buying.

[Product Link]

Add some romantic sparkles into your room.

[Product Link]

Remember the absurdly expensive  and high tier brand, Razor? Well, it was $100 but now 40% off. It’s got some buttons on the side too ayy, might be a good equipment to grab since it’s on such heavy discount.

And that’s all for today, we will disclose our earnings next time we post and announce which book’s getting the bonus chapters.

Enjoy the holidays, and good luck on exams if you are still in school.

Awesome Black Friday Deals on Amazon (Handpicked for our Awesome Readers)

Happy Black Friday Sale! Good chance to grab things on discount to prepare for Christmas gifts! So here we are, bringing you the best and only the best deals.

We will disclose our earnings monthly say how many bonus chapters it will be converted to! You can also leave a comment down below to say which book you want the bonus chapters on~

If you don’t like any of these products or shopping on Amazon from outside of US, you can also click this link [SHOP WITH AMAZON] and then do your shopping on Amazon, and I think those purchases count as well.

$800 OFF on ASUS ROG Zephyrus: [Link]

30% Off on Phone Accessories: [Link]

4 Months of Amazon Music for $0.99 [Link]

Iphone Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Link]

20% Off on Beats Studio 3 [Link]

5 Pack Iphone Charger 3-10 ft [Link]

SanDisk 64GB (No discount but good price) [Link]

TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender [Link]

Water Resistant Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port [Link]

Laptop Cooling Pad [Link]


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