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[AOTDD] Friday Release- Chapter 87

Hey everybody! We have finally gotten the chapters ready for the gold-tier Patreon Package for AOTDD. Subscribing to that tier will guarantee that you will be 4 chapters ahead of release, as well as have access to an additional 2 chapters every weekend. Furthermore, once the total donation pool from all our AOTDD patrons reaches certain levels, we will increase AOTDD’s base release speed for all readers!  If you join now, you will be able to read up to chapter 96, as well as have access to the bonus chapter packages of the same tier for HTK and our other books! Come check out our Patreon for more details at!

AOTDD Chapter 87

[AOTDD] Thursday Release – Chapter 86

Here is today’s chapter!

AOTDD Chapter 86

[AOTDD] Wednesday Release – Chapter 85

If you are enjoying this novel, you can consider supporting us on Patreon! Currently, the $5 folder is 6 chapters ahead and the $10 folder is 8 chapters ahead~~

AOTDD Chapter 85


[AOTDD] Tuesday Release – Chapter 84

Here’s another one for this week! Going back to work now!

AOTDD Chapter 84

[AOTDD] Monday Release – Chapter 83

We’re back again! Here’s this week’s first chapter!

AOTDD Chapter 83

[AOTDD] Friday Release – Chapter 82

Here’s the last release of this week!

AOTDD Chapter 82

[AOTDD] Thursday Release – Chapter 81

Here’s Thursday’s release, thank you to Bunnz for supporting us on Patreon!

AOTDD Chapter 81

[AOTDD] Wednesday Release – Chapter 80

I don’t think Jesus has that ability Xu Cheng 😛

AOTDD Chapter 80

[AOTDD] Tuesday Release – Chapter 79

Here’s today’s chapter! In case you missed yesterday’s announcement, we will be releasing on our website earlier in the day.

AOTDD Chapter 79

Side note for our Patrons: The packages will be updated later in the day in the evening

[AOTDD] Monday Release – Chapter 78

Hey everybody, we will be releasing the AOTDD Chapters earlier in the day from now on! Here is Chapter 78!

AOTDD Chapter 78

A side note to our patrons: our google drive packages will still be updated later in the evening

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