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[HTK] Wednesday Release (2/2) – Chapter 816

Hey guys, here is the second release for Wednesday! Will be back with 2 more tomorrow as well!

Hail the King Chapter 816.1

Hail the King Chapter 816.2

[AOTDD] Wednesday Release – Chapter 114

Here is today’s chapter! If you are enjoying the novel, please come give us a rating on Novelupdates! If we reach an overall rating of 4.5/5, we will release a bonus chapter!

AOTDD Chapter 114.1

AOTDD Chapter 114.2

Novelupdates Rating: 4.3/5

Next bonus chapter at 4.5/5

[HTK] Wednesday Release (1/2) – Chapter 815

Ay, here is the first release of the day! Sorry for being a bit late; forgot to schedule this post last night. The second release is coming in a few hours.

Hail the King Chapter 815.1

Hail the King Chapter 815.2

[AOTDD] Tuesday Release – Chapter 113

Here’s today’s chapter! Looks like our Novelupdates score went up to 4.3/5 and we are nearing 100 votes! Thank you, everybody, for following this book!

AOTDD Chapter 113.1

AOTDD Chapter 113.2

Novelupdates score: 4.3/5

Next Chapter at 4.5/5

[HTK] Tuesday Release – Chapter 814

Hey guys, here is the release for Tuesday! Enjoy! We will be back with 2 releases tomorrow!

Hail the King Chapter 814.1

Hail the King Chapter 814.2

[AOTDD] Monday Release – Chapter 112

Here’s the first chapter of this week! Enjoy reading!

AOTDD Chapter 112.1

AOTDD Chapter 112.2

Novelupdates rating: 4.3/5

Next Bonus Chapter at 4.5/5

[HTK] Monday Release – Chapter 813

Hey guys, we back! Here is the chapter for today! Enjoy!

Hail the King Chapter 813.1

Hail the King Chapter 813.2

[HTK] Friday Release (2/2) – Chapter 812

Hey guys, here is the second release of the day and the last release of the week! We will be back on Monday! Stay tuned!

P.S. A big shout out to Oskar T and Tirath! Thanks for the support on Patreon!

Hail the King Chapter 812.1

Hail the King Chapter 812.2



[AOTDD] Friday Release – Chapter 111

This is the last chapter for this week! If you are enjoying this novel, please consider supporting us on patreon! Patrons will get early-access to chapters (silver-tier patrons can read up to chapter 115!) and will also get 2 additional chapters over each weekend!

AOTDD Chapter 111.1

AOTDD Chapter 111.2

Novelupdates Rating: 4.2/5

Next Chapter at 4.5/5

Vote here!

[HTK] Friday Release (1/2) – Chapter 811

Hey guys, here is the first release of the day! Stay tuned for the second longer chapter!

Hail the King Chapter 811.1

Hail the King Chapter 811.2

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