Conquer the World [CTW]

Author & Chinese Title: 知白 Knowing White – 争霸天下

[Tag] Army-building / Cultivation / World-travel / Harem / Faceslap / Funny Characters

[Synopsis] There are only two best ways to deal with problems; one was money, and the other one was power. There were no shortcuts in climbing up; even if there were, they belonged to the people who were more prepared. Fang Jie wanted to be a wealthy person during the peaceful time, but he failed at it. Then, Fang Jie wanted to live a peaceful life during the chaotic time, but he failed again.

[TL Note] This is also a book that I read quite a few years ago, and I liked it quite a lot. Different from HTK, this world is almost like a paralleled universe of ancient China instead of western fantasy, but its plot is on a similar level even though the tone is different. Please give it a try!

On the side note, the initial setups in the book are similar to another book called [Jiang Ye] by Mao Ni. I believe that this author read [Jiang Ye] first and was greatly inspired by it, leading to a few similar scenes in the beginning. However, the movement and the direction of the plots are completely different later on, and this novel shines in its own ways.

I read this book first before I got to read a bit of [Jiang Ye], so my opinion is a little biased. I personally like the direction of this story more as it developed. So even if you read [Jiang Ye] already, I suggest you wait for a bit and let the chapters stack before giving this novel a try since this book stands out compared to [Jiang Ye] later.


In this book, the anti-protagonists seems to be Buddhism and Mongo-Yuan in the beginning. The author don’t have anything against Buddhism or Mongo-Yuan. Buddhism is very popular in China, and Mongo-Yuan is a dynasty of ancient China. You can say that this book is a little counterculture from the Chinese perspective.

In ancient China, regular men only lived to about 40-50 years old, so they got married a lot younger. Nobles and officials who had better lives would live a bit longer. Same thing with women. That is why the ages in this book are a little younger to represent ancient China.

The tone of the book is half-serious and half-joking. Sometimes, the correct tone couldn’t be conveyed due to cultural differences. Therefore, if you find some things odd, it is probably due to this.

Some concepts in the book are a bit rough since ancient China was way different compared to nowadays. Therefore, we will be doing some slight modification when necessary without affecting the flow and the story of the novel.]