Chapter 10: There Shouldn’t Be a Buddha (Part One)

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Although Fangu City was only a small border city to the northwest of Great Sui, it was built with care. It was sturdy since it was on the forefront of the northwest defense line, and the territory of Mongo-Yuan was across from Wolf Breast Mountain Range.

On the other side of the mountain range, there was the equally sturdy Nirvana City. It was made with stones and was as tough as a mountain.

Although Fangu City wasn’t built with stones, it might be tougher. Its building process was supervised by Yuwen Zhongshu, the Head of Ministry of Works at that time. It was heard that the building method was the same as the one used to build Chang’an, the Capital of Great Sui.

When the scouts of Mongo-Yuan saw this small city that was built with dirt and wrapped with bricks, they laughed and mocked. Mongo-Yuan only realized how ridiculous their mockery was dozens of years later.

Fangu City was as tough as a diamond.

When the previous emperor of Great Sui was still alive, there was a small war between Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan. However, its effect was big.

During that war, 40,000 wolf cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan traveled through a valley in Wolf Breast Mountain Range and went directly toward Fangu City. At that time, there were only 800 soldiers in the city, and the closest reinforcements were the soldiers of Left Reverent Guard stationed in Jibei State which was about 225 kilometers away. Since most of the soldiers in Left Reverent Guard were heavy infantrymen, they couldn’t get to Fangu City in a short time.

During the battle, the 40,000 wolf cavalrymen got off their mounts and attacked the city with hundreds of catapults and giant rocks that weighed hundreds of kilograms.

The two layers of cyan bricks on the exterior of the city wall of Fangu were taken off, and the soldiers on the city wall couldn’t even look up and had to hide behind battlements.

At that time, the Mandu Flag Master was named Mandu Lang, and he laughed and said, “Without sieging, we can break this dirt city wall in a day. Then, the wolf cavalrymen can charge in and kill everyone inside with ease.”

The shocking thing was that after a full day of bombarding Fangu City with the catapults, the seemingly fragile dirt wall was unmoved! Although Fangu City appeared like a cooked egg that got its shell broken, it wasn’t soft.

When the heavy rocks smashed onto the dirt wall, they only left white marks on it!

After a full day of attacks, all the cyan bricks on one side of the city walls were all knocked off, but the fragile-looking dirt wall was still as tough as a mountain.

Mandu Lang was enraged, and he ordered the catapults to attack aggressively on the second day as well.

The attacks only stopped when the team moving giant rocks to here from Wolf Breast Mountain Range couldn’t keep up, yet the weak-looking Fangu City still stood proudly.

Frustrated, Mandu Lang ordered the wolf cavalrymen to get off their warhorses and sieged. This was the first time that the soldiers of Mongo-Yuan sieged a city of Great Sui since the latter’s inception.

The First Emperor of Great Sui battled the Heavenly Khagan of Mongo-Yuan on a plain and broke the latter’s invincible legend. This time, the small Fangu City taught the soldiers of Mong-Yuan what indestructible meant.

The wolf cavalrymen’s combat strength differed greatly when they were on and off their mounts.

These soldiers in leather armor carried the siege ladders that were temporarily made and charged forward clumsily. They didn’t know how to dodge the arrows that were being shoot at them.

The most terrifying things at Fangu City were the heavy crossbows installed on the city walls. The big arrows that were as thick as people’s forearms could tear muscular warhorses into two when they were shot out by those crossbows.

With thousands of casualties, the wolf cavalrymen finally got close to one side of the city walls and put up the siege ladders clumsily before climbing up.

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