Chapter 100: Insignificant Soldiers from the Border and Young Masters in Fancy Clothes (Part Three)

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Fang Jie had no idea about these things. Since he came to the Capital, he had been extremely busy as he was involved in many things. Most of the information that he gathered was on the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, and he didn’t know much about other things. Unlike other border soldiers, Fang Jie was busy trying not to get killed in several situations, and he had to deal with many groups of hidden enemies.

“Where is Brother Mo?” Fang Jie asked.

“He is helping people to move liquor in the back. He will be back soon,” Zhang Kuang replied.

While speaking, a big group of border soldiers suddenly rushed into the grand hall from the back of the restaurant. They each held a big jug of liquor, and the person in the lead was tall and thin. His most eye-catching feature was a scar that ran from his forehead to his chin, and he lost one eye!

Seeing the surprise on Fang Jie’s face, Zhang Kuang sighed and said, “He is Mo Xidao. When he snuck into Eastern Chu, he killed hundreds of people, but he lost one eye. It was great that he made it back. If it were me, I would have died. Also, if he died in Eastern Chu, Great Sui wouldn’t recognize his merit.”

The sadness in Zhang Kuang’s tone could move people.

However, what he said was true. If Mo Xidao was captured by the soldiers of Eastern Chu, Great Sui wouldn’t admit that he was a soldier of Great Sui. Although Great Sui wasn’t afraid of Eastern Chu, wiping out an entire family would damp Great Sui’s reputation. In fact, the guarding general of Phoenix Terrace only sent Mo Xidao to investigate and gather information, and it was Mo Xidao who killed that general of Eastern Chu who tried to attack Great Sui.

“I heard that Brother Fang Jie is here. Which one is Brother Fang?” the tall man with only his left eye passed the liquor jug in his arms to someone else and asked.

“I am!” Fang Jie quickly stood up and greeted, “Nice to meet you, Lieutenant.”

Both Mo Xidao and Zhang Kuang earned a ton of military merit, but they were only promoted from corporals to lieutenants. It was clear that Great Sui owed them. If people from big families earned so much military merit, they would be rewarded much more. Even though Great Sui also wouldn’t promote what they did, they would have a much brighter future.

Now, Great Sui only gave Mo Xidao and Zhang Kuang the opportunity to participate in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy, and they were extremely thankful already.

“Damn!” Mo Xidao, who was thin but strong and taller than Fang Jie by about 15 centimeters, walked over and laughed, “I thought Brother Fang who earned 21 counts of military merit would be a muscular tough man, but you are a scholarly young man! Haha! You aren’t an imposter, right? If you are, you have to be careful of your *ss!”

This man seemed rude, but Fang Jie didn’t hate it.

This was how border soldiers were. They cursed all the time, but they were all kind toward each other.

“There are many people who want to kick my *ss, but they got beat instead! If I knew that you guys know my name already, I would have tried to get food and drink from you all earlier!” Fang Jie said while laughing.

“Haha!” Mo Xidao walked over and gave Fang Jie a bear hug. “Those who can kill hundreds of bandits are all heroes! I hate those who are hesitant! I will know if you lied by looking at your hand!”

After the bear hug, Mo Xidao grabbed Fang Jie’s right hand and looked.

“The calluses left by sabers are thick!” Mo Xidao raised Fang Jie’s right hand and shouted, “He is our little brother! He is the youngest border soldier participating in the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy! Take a good look at him! If he is bullied by anyone, none of us can be a coward and stay away!”

Everyone cheered.

At this moment, about seven young masters in fancy clothes walked into Guest-Prosper Dwell.

The person in the lead was handsome and imposing, but his face was overly pale as if he had powder on.

His nose was tall, and his lips were thin. Seeing the border soldiers, he frowned and cursed in a low voice, “A bunch of poor bums; how can you be this shameless?”

The receptionist was clever, and he instantly walked up and greeted, “Gongzi Wang, please come to the private room on the second floor.”

“Foul smell! Disgusting!” The people behind Gongzi Wang looked at Fang Jie and others with contempt in their eyes.

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