Chapter 101: The People with Different Interests in Guest-Prosper Dwell (Part One)

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The young masters in fancy clothes who walked into Guest-Prosper Dwell almost had the same expression; they all looked at the border soldiers with disdain.

Because of His Majesty’s decision, the border soldiers took half of the seats in the Martial Arts Academy from those from big families. The conflict between the two groups was unavoidable from the beginning.

Yangtze-South Wang Family was one of the few most famous families in the world. In the empire before Great Sui, the Wang Family had seven chancellors, four dukes of feudal states, and dozens of marquises. It was one of the most influential families around.

[TL Note: Chancellors were the highest-ranking officials in ancient China.]

Although the Wang Family gradually lost influence after Great Sui took over, this family that had hundreds of years of history couldn’t be overlooked.

The only family that could rival the Wang Family in the previous empire was Yangtze-South Xie Family. These two families’ fate was similar. Since Great Sui took over, the influence that these two families had in the central government continued to decline.

Under the current emperor, Heaven-Bless Emperor Yang Yi, none of the officials on and above rank 3 came from these two families. Not having influential officials in the central government was a sign of decay.

However, the Wang Family still had unparalleled influence in its local region.

Wang Ding was the most outstanding young man in the Wang Family. His father had been a deputy governor of a state, but he was hard stuck at that rank 4 position. In order to revitalize the Wang Family, Wang Ding’s father placed a ton of hope in Wang Ding. His father hired big scholars and martial arts masters to teach him, and Wang Ding didn’t let his father down.

Wang Ding was famous in Yangtze-South since he was young. Because of it, he was haughty and cold to others.

Wang Ding had two objectives during this trip to Chang’an. The first was ranking in the top-three during the entrance exam and getting into the Martial Arts Academy, and the second was to marry King of Xu State Yang Kai’s daughter, Yang Weixia. Although the King of Xu State hadn’t responded, Wang Ding knew that marrying the King of Xu State’s daughter would be a shortcut to having a better career.

The Wang Family also valued this potential connection. It got a reputable senior official to be the matchmaker, bringing the proposal to the King of Xu State. The family also wrote a memorial to the throne, asking the Emperor to approve this marriage as well.

With this background, Wang Ding was quite arrogant and didn’t like the border soldiers who gathered in Guest-Prosper Dwell today. In fact, he was here to see how poor these border soldiers were. In his view, it was shameless for these border soldiers who couldn’t afford to eat here to take advantage of the rules of the restaurant.

The receptionist of Guest-Prosper Dwell was clever, and he instantly saw the conflict and invited Wang Ding and others to go up to a private room on the second floor.

Wang Ding rolled his eyes at the border soldiers and said to the receptionist loudly, “If these honorable soldiers don’t have enough liquor to drink, just serve them. I will pay for everything.”

Although the words sounded kind, it was meant to embarrass others.

The receptionist nodded and thought to himself, “Gongzi Wang, why are you trying to cause trouble? These soldiers are drinking, but you just have to mock them. If something happens, our Guest-Prosper Dwell couldn’t handle it.”

Hearing Wang Ding’s comment, Mo Xidao’s expression changed, and he took a step forward with anger shooting out of his eyes.

Fang Jie pulled one of Mo Xidao’s sleeves and slightly shook his head. Then, Mo Xidao snorted and sat on a chair before opening the seal on a liquor jug and chugging it down.

At this moment, the last person in Wang Ding’s group walked into the restaurant and caught all the border soldiers’ attention.

This person was burly, and he had a thick beard, big eyes, and a square face. He wasn’t wearing fancy clothes but a lieutenant’s uniform.

“He is Wang Wei!” Zhang Kuang whispered into Fang Jie’s ear, “He is a lieutenant from White-Water City, and he is under Great General Luo Yao’s command. Although he is from a poor background, he has connections to big figures at least.”

“The Wang Wei who would wipe out several savage villages a year?” Fang Jie couldn’t help but ask.

“It is him!” Zhang Kuang snorted and said, “After he got to the Capital, he didn’t interact with other brothers from the borders. Instead, he stayed around these gongzi from big families. He is now like their henchman, and those gongzi use him like a dog, but he feels good about it. He brings shame to border soldiers! Yesterday, I asked a few brothers to invite him, but he said that he is busy today. Now, it is clear that he wants to get close to Yangtze-South Wang Family; no wonder he doesn’t want to drink with us.”

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