Chapter 101: The People with Different Interests in Guest-Prosper Dwell (Part Two)

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Mo Xidao shook his head and said, “People have different goals in life. We don’t have to force him. Come on, let’s drink!”

After saying that, he raised the liquor jug and chugged down a ton of liquor again.

“Brother Fang, you were really… summoned by His Majesty?” Zhang Kuang asked Fang Jie to switch the topic.

Fang Jie nodded and said, “Yeah, but I was too afraid to look up, so I still don’t know what His Majesty looks like.”

Zhang Kuang laughed, “If it were me, I would also be too afraid to look up.”

Mo Xidao didn’t say anything and only coldly looked at Wang Ding and others who were walking up the stairs.

As if he sensed the stare, Wang Ding who was half-way up the stairs stopped and looked down at Mo Xidao before snorting and whispering something to his peers.

Fang Jie pulled Mo Xidao a little and said with a smile, “Brother Mo, where do you live now?”

“The official inn.” Mo Xidao responded after a moment of silence. “Where else can poor people like us live? After reporting to the Ministry of War, the people who don’t have money could apply and live in the official inn. This is one of the benefits border soldiers like us have. The inn provides all three meals a day, so we wouldn’t go hungry.”

Fang Jie nodded, and many thoughts flashed in his mind.

When he reported to the Ministry of War, no one told him that he could apply to live in the official inn. Some people in the Ministry of War were probably conspiring against him already. After all, if he lived in the official inn, it would be much harder to kill him.

Fang Jie suddenly wanted to laugh; his treatment sure was unique.

The Capital that seemed fair and prosperous had many traps for him. If he wasn’t careful enough, he might fall into one and not be able to get out.

Wang Ding and others chose a private room next to the street on the second floor and ordered the dishes and liquor. Then, Wang Ding waved his hand impatiently and said, “Close to the door; I feel annoyed when I hear those bums’ noises.”

Wang Wei who was standing on the side instantly closed the door.

“Wang Wei, you are different from them.” Wang Ding looked at him and said with a smile, “You are under Great General Luo Yao’s command, and your ancestors were technically distant members of our Wang Family. In the future, you shouldn’t interact with those people; it will only lower your level.”

“Gongzi Wang, you are right,” Wang Wei replied humbly while bending his back.

“Sit down.” Wang Ding casually waved his hand and said, “Since I brought you along, I’m not treating you as an outsider. There is a reason for today’s gathering. Later, Great General Luo Yao’s only son, General Luo Wen who ranks no.1 among the graduates of the Martial Arts Academy this year, is going to come here. Wang Wei, you are a veteran under Senior General Luo’s command, so you should get close with Junior General Luo. I’m hosting this gathering to say farewell to Junior General Luo. He is already promoted to rank 4 colonel by His Majesty, and he is going to leave the Capital and head to Right Valiant Guard soon.”

“Brother Wang, we admire you!” a gongzi in fancy clothes said while clapping, “If you didn’t state the purpose of this gathering, we wouldn’t be able to guess it! You are actually able to invite Gongzi Luo Wen! Others wouldn’t be able to do so!”

Wang Ding waved his hand and smiled while saying, “You are exaggerating it. My father is an old acquaintance of Senior General Luo, and I played with Junior General Luo when we were kids. When he caused trouble, I used to take the blame for him. Others might not be able to get him, but he will come after I invite him.”

While speaking, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Wang Wei asked.

“Gongzi Wang, I’m here to pass on a message,” the receptionist of Guest-Prosper Dwell said in a low voice, “Junior General Luo just sent someone over to deliver a message. He said that he wouldn’t be able to make it today, and he apologizes for it.”

Although the words were polite, it was no different from slapping Wang Ding in the face. As a result, Wang Ding’s expression turned ugly.

Sensing the embarrassment, Wang Wei quickly commented, “Junior General Luo must be busy with his official work. He is going to the northwest soon, so the Ministry of War probably has many things to communicate with him…”

“Shut up!” Wang Ding glared at Wang Wei and felt his face burning. The sense of embarrassment intensified the annoyance that he got from the noises that the border soldiers made, and his mind turned cold upon recalling the man who had a scar on his face.

“Wang Wei, do you know who that single-eyed lieutenant is?”

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