Chapter 102: B*stard (Part One)

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Chiliarch Liu Duxiu arrived with 300 royal guards, and they surrounded Guest-Prosper Dwell from afar.

Liu Duxiu didn’t know what was happening in Guest-Prosper Dwell, but he knew that there were at least 100 experienced border soldiers. These border soldiers were all elites!

In his mind, if Hou Wenji was trying to deal with these border soldiers, these 300 royal guards weren’t enough. If these border soldiers started to cause trouble, it would be a huge headache. Although the royal guards were cultivation masters, they weren’t as good at killing people as these border soldiers.

Ordinary civilians weren’t familiar with border soldiers. In their eyes, the most elite soldiers were battle soldiers in the 16 Guards. However, everyone in the government knew that battle soldiers hadn’t experienced war in close to 15 years, but border soldiers fought small skirmishes every year.

While Liu Duxiu was worrying, he suddenly felt like the pressure was alleviated.

A horse-drawn carriage with the symbol of the Royal Guard suddenly stopped at one end of the street, and the person in it didn’t get off. Instead, the groom waved at Liu Duxiu.

Liu Duxiu was familiar with this horse-drawn carriage, so he instantly ran over, got into the compartment, and said, “Greetings, Mr. Zhuo.”

Zhuo Buyi nodded and said, “If anything happens in Guest-Prosper Dwell, don’t let the guards charge in. Tell them that if anything happens, lock down the street first and don’t let anyone get away. Without my order, don’t let anyone inside as well. I will watch over here, and you can go and issue the order.”

Liu Duxiu was waiting to throw this hot potato to someone else, so he got off the horse-drawn carriage and ordered the royal guards to hide well.

Inside the horse-drawn carriage, Zhuo Buyi slowly closed his eyes as if he fell asleep.

-In Smooth Spring Garden-

The Emperor got off the heatable brick bed and performed a set of movements. Those movements were shown by Fang Jie a few days earlier, and Su Buwei made some modifications before teaching them to the Emperor.

However, it looked a bit strange for the Emperor who was in the royal robe to do the radio calisthenics.

Luo Weiran wanted to laugh, but he held it back.

“Yu Donglai’s memorial to the throne is already here; he is resigning, and I permitted it. Even if Yu Donglai didn’t instruct the assassination, he couldn’t shift all the blame away. There must be someone who manages the Ministry of War. I already asked Huai Qiugong and others to create a name list, but none of the people they recommended can handle this task in my eyes. If we are in a peaceful time, these people could be the head and deputy of the Ministry of War. However, this isn’t the time. None of these people could handle big wars that last several years.”

The Emperor felt more relaxed after doing the radio calisthenics, and he asked Luo Weiran while shaking his arms, “Although you are from the martial arts circle, you have been working in the government for about ten years. You manage the Royal Guard, so your understanding of all the officials should be sharper than mine. Who do you think can handle this task and manage the Ministry of War?”

Luo Weiran bowed and said, “I heard that several big officials jointly nominated Royal King Yi…”

The Emperor cut him off with a wave of his hand and said, “Huai Qiugong and others made it sound simple. If I really promote Royal King Yi, another group of people would stand out and say that I’m favoring nepotism. Great Sui is vast with many talents. There is no need to drag Royal King Yi into this.”

Hearing this, Luo Weiran knew that the Emperor still didn’t want to use Royal King Yi.

The mistake that Royal King Yi made about ten years ago wasn’t big, but he would regret it for life. If Royal King Zhong was here, the Emperor wouldn’t have this headache.

“The person in my mind doesn’t seem to fit this task,” Luo Weiran said respectfully, “There hasn’t been a big war in close to 15 years. Once the war starts, the task would be heavy. Your Majesty just said that you don’t want to favor nepotism, so the person in my mind isn’t suitable.”


“The King of Xu State, Yang Kai.” After a pause, Luo Weiran said, “However, there isn’t the precedent where royal kings and kings of states were used as the head of the Ministry of War.”

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